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Jimmy Fallon's 'Glee'-Springsteen mashup opens the Emmys

Properly accessorized by Tim Gunn, host Jimmy Fallon and his own star-studded glee club launched the Emmy Awards broadcast Sunday with a version of "Born to Run" that featured a booty-shaking Jon Hamm, coached by Betty White; "great dancer" Kate Gosselin begging unsuccessfully to join the group; and a solo by Jorge Garcia of "Lost" performed while riding an escalator.

Missed it? Waste no time hitting "play," above, and tell us your opinion in comments below.

-- Christie D'Zurilla





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one of the best openers in emmy history! i'm normally not a fallon fan, but this time his over the top songs/excitement killed at the emmy's!

It was much better than most of the openings in the past. A lot of fun, he just needed to pull Courtney Cox out of the audience and onto the stage! (She started her career in one of Bruce's videos)

jimmy is just an impersonator. He copied conan's idea a few years ago. type conan o'brien emmy opening 2006 in youtube. fallon sucks

Very well done! Love the Betty White-John Hamm dance scene. Love the self-deprecating humor of all the actors.

Best. Opening. EVER. Really...EVER!

When it was announced that Boy George Clooney was going to get the Bob Hope award for milking the situation in Dafur for all the PR he can (opps, sorry, starting a "charitable organization" with his fellow multi-millionaire buddies) the Emmys officially jumped the shark! That whirring sound you hear is Old Ski Nose spinning in his grave!

My wife and I really love Jimmy Fallon. Both on his regular show and at the Emmys he sings just a little too much. He is a great comedian and impersonator. He is a so so singer. The Bruce , Elton, Green Day singing impersonations and the Glee gag were great. He should have left out the wondering minstrel. I know he really loves to sing but ”a man needs to know his limitations”.

ModernFamily sucks - not sure what the similarities are between O'Brien's hysterical Emmy intro in 2006 and Fallon's 2010 opening. Besides the fact that they were both terrific.

I am a big Springsteen fan and I loved their rendition of his signature song.

Actually you could accuse Fallon of copying another hysterical hosting intro that he did at the 2008 VMA's. Love Fallon and thought he did a good job - not perfect - I could have done without the strumming minstrel bits, the tweeting and Kate Gosselin. Please make her go away. Please?


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