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Eminem's new video features Rihanna, Megan Fox and domestic violence -- what's not to love? [polls]


Eminem's new video featuring Rihanna debuted on Thursday night, and my my my, it's a talker. (Watch it here, but know before you hit "play" that the tune contains a couple of F-bombs.)

Megan Fox and Dominic Monaghan play a couple "whose passion turns violent as their relationship vacillates between ecstasy and agony," according to MTV. The concept of the "Love the Way You Lie" video, Monaghan says, is a look at the relationship between the rapper and Kim Mathers, the woman he divorced twice.

Among the lyrics sung by Rihanna:

Just gonna stand there and watch me burn
Well that's all right because I like the way it hurts
Just gonna stand there and hear me cry
Well that's all right because I love the way you lie

"I think we tried as hard as we could to not glorify the violence," Monaghan told MTV News, "to try and explain that this was a relationship that is by no means ideal."

Among the lyrics performed by Eminem:

I apologize, even though I know it's lies
I'm tired of the games, I just want her back, I know I'm a liar
If she ever tries to ... leave again I'ma tie her to the bed
And set this house on fire

Fox spit in Monaghan's face and got thrown against a wall for free, donating what would have been her performance fee to a shelter for abused women.

Do you love it or hate it? Does this video shine a light on domestic violence, or glorify it? And given her past with Chris Brown, should Rihanna have performed on the song and in the video? Let us know in comments, and in the polls below.

-- Christie D'Zurilla

Photo: A scene of Rihanna and Eminem from the "Love The Way You Lie" video. Credit: Interscope Records / PRNewsFoto

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I think the two of them do this song and video great together, they have both been through domestic violence, and it shows how hard it is to get out of it...for both parties involved and many times it does lead to violence that leads to someone gettin killed.

this does not glorify domestic violence! it's a realistic view on what an abusive relationship is and why they are so hard for the ones trapped in it to leave. they feel they love each other but warped and twisted with abuse. if anything this video shows these peoples hardships, their confusion, and their struggle. this is a touchy subject and i think people are reading it wrong because of that. plus because it's a touchy subject - no wonder eminem did a song on it! it wouldn't be right if he didn't.

Both the song and the video have a message. And have been explained by both artists and the actors in the video. The fact is domestic violence is a pattern and that is what the song is about, the pattern. It isn't about making domestic violence seem ok or cool or anything positive at all. Reading comments about the video many from young people, I have yet to see a comment that say after watching it they now think its ok to beat women. Quite the opposite most people who saw the video get it and the message. Rihanna's lyrics "I like the way it hurts" doesn't mean keep beating me please. These two were perfect for the song and the video because they have both been involved with it. Kudos to both of them.

I work in a domestic violence shelter and I would like to say that this is an incredibly honest and accurate portrayal of a domestic violence situation. At the end of the song Eminem reveals that he hasn't changed and is still violent, that's exactly what happens. If this is really about his relationship with Kim I hope he's working on those issues because the roots of abuse lie with deeply ingrained values and attitudes held by the abusive partner that they can own someone completly. This song clearly shows that he understands he has a problem on a conscious level, I hope someones helping him on a subconscious one.

That is an amazing and powerful video. Doesn't seem like it's so bad but in reality it is abuse. They all did an amzing job putting this silent killer on video with amazing music. You are all probably too young to remember that one of our famous sex symbols, Farrah Fawcett, actually won her first award in "The Burning Bed", a domestic violence film. Good job to you all.

Well, quite frankly, I do not care for the song (Another matter). Considering that both Rihanna and Megan Fox (Now married to perpetrator??) have experience in the subject matter, it's appropriate. However, there should have been a more constructive message - such as GET OUT - the losers (Chris Brown, et al) will have a reason to think twice before returning to such poor behavior. As for Mathers, clearly the boy needs help, it's too bad the people in his pointless angry filled life (Dre and like) are worthless and not positive role models.

It is my personal opinion that Rhianna sounds absolutely beautiful in this song. I think it is a much better choice for her considering her history with Chris Brown, than to have sung the lyrics of "Rude Boy." So I'm not sure why all the controversy with this collaboration with Eminem. I would have thought more people would have been offended by a victim of domestic violence singing about liking it "when you pull my hair".....among other things, in a practically pornographic song (as far as lyrics) about how she likes it in bed. "Love the way you lie" just seems more classy.

@ In L.A.

This is Mathers' first album since being released from re-hab. It's about Mathers' redemption journey. I disagree with your statement that he "needs help." He's gotten help and if you listen to the other tracks on this CD, it's painfully clear Mathers is on the road to recovery. His lyrics are haunting but carry a message of hope. His life is hardly pointless as you suggest. The man is a genius with lyrics even if he struggles with personal demons. He's learned a hard lesson; cut him some slack why don't you?

The video with Rhianna will hopefully engage people about the seriousness of domestic abuse. I applaud both artists for combining their talents on this very tragic subject. If this prevents one incident of domestic violence it will be a success.

@In L.A., agree with everything you said. This video made people feel depressed and helpless. No positive energy at all. The boy really needs some help.


Agree wholeheartedly with you. Eminem (Marshall Mathers) is an award winning artist who's successfully trying to get his life back together. Kudos to him. I don't understand why anyone would post disparaging comments when all Eminem is trying to do is draw much needed attention to a national crisis: domestic violence.

Didn't look good for Rihanna to be enjoying the words. Considering her past. please understand that this is just what "I" saw. I am not looking to spar with someone over my personal view of the video. The video did express his pain over a relationship which I believe a mass amount of people deal with. Pretty powerful

Christie D'Zurilla here from the blog with a reminder that we do not publish comments that include profanity, acronyms for profanity, or screen names made up of profanity or profane acronyms.

If you have submitted a comment or multiple comments and don't see them going live, this is almost certainly why. Make your argument without that language and it will be published.

The rules haven't changed from other posts where I've advised the same commenters of the same standards.


Eminem is glorifying his assault on his wife and this video makes it appear to be her fault. I'm sure this will not be placed on your site because I am not supporting Eminem. He has a long history of DV against his wife and I find the glamorous and acceptable way that this video is being accepted to be nauseating!


I would have thought more people would have been offended by a true perpetrator of domestic violence, Eminem would have the nerve to make this song once again glorifying his abuse of his wife. This is not the first song or video he has made against his wife

@ Amanda

The question at the end of the article that I was responding to was "Given her past with Chris Brown, should Rihanna have performed in this song and in the video?"

Again - I think participating in "Love the Way You Lie" was totally appropriate for Rhianna given her past with Chris Brown, and I don't understand why anyone would question her participation in this collaboration. And she sounded fantastic. The point I was trying to make is that (in my opinion), some of her other recent songs, (such as 'Rude Boy') ought to have raised more eyebrows - given her past.

As for Eminem, I did not address him at all. The question was not about him.

I think this is a brilliant song and video! It does NOT portray that domestic violence is ok, but it does give people a peak into the reality of what domestic violence is all about...a roller coaster ride that only gets worse and worse and worse. So many people can relate to exactly what is happening in this video...which is what makes it so great! Eminem is AWESOME!!!!

This video sent shivers down my back as it tore open some freshly healing wounds for me. I totally agree so much more needs to be done on this issue. However, people need to start speaking out just like Rihanna and Eminem. The more the public hears about the seriousness of the issue, the better chance to change the laws. I understand that this is not a subject that victims, especially, want to talk about. Who wants to admit there is trouble in “paradise”? Fortunately my abuser is dead, but not the case for many others. I was told I needed a protective order. So I spent thousands of dollars to obtain one only to have it discounted by the police each and every time he violated the order despite having video surveillance proving his violations. So what happened? Since the police never enforced the order, he thought he was invincible and could do anything...I mean anything...earlier this year he violated the order yet again by breaking into my home and trying to kill me with a shot gun. When he didn’t succeed, he set my house on fire burning it to the ground and shot himself. Not only did he burn my house down, but he also killed my pets in the process. So I’m grateful to Rihanna and Eminem for taking this step to increase awareness on this very serious issue. This has the potential to go a long way toward raising awareness, but the Hollywood video only scratched the surface about the very real pain of domestic violence. I’m also trying to take steps to improve the rights for victims by reaching out to members of the Texas Legislature. I am pushing for changes in laws especially dealing with protective orders and the possible need for increased sensitivity training to this matter for police. I encourage others to get involved and help make a difference for other victims of DV.


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