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PREACH IT! Dina Lohan’s word o’ the day: 'hardball.' Or maybe it’s 'overboard.' [poll]


Dina Lohan is back on the job. And by job, we mean telling the world how unfair it is.

Lohan appeared on the "Today” show Friday morning to speak to Matt Lauer, presumably about how Lohan’s daughter, Lindsay, is, you know, holding up.

But Lauer had his little cue cards all wrong. The real subject was that mean world and its unfair people. And Dina Lohan knew that, even if it remained a mystery to the clueless anchorman with a pointy, shiny egg for a head.

See the video below if you want to, but a typical exchange went like this: Lauer would ask Dina how Lindsay is doing in rehab.

Lohan: "She's great. She's been through a lot. The judge played hardball. Lindsay was in prison with alleged murderers, and she's become friends with a lot of them. Lindsay's rolled with the punches, and she's doing wonderfully. The judge was fired."

Lauer also asked whether the actress should have been jailed.

Lilo-fingernail Lohan: "I think [the judge] went overboard and played serious hardball with Lindsay. ... [She didn't deserve jail] for this particular offense. She violated ... actually, didn't violate ... she was in for missing a couple of classes that she made up, and she was working at the time. The judge went overboard and put her in serious lockdown for two weeks with murderers."

OK, then, how about the actress’ unfortunate choice of manicure during her trip to court?

"No, actually, that wasn't a choice," Lohan replied. "We thought, when she was going to court that day, we thought she was going to be let off and everything was over. We were blindsided. Now that's not the judge on the case anymore. She went overboard."

OK, so someone tied Lindsay down and made her put a cuss word on her fingertip. Gosh, maybe this whole hardball world has gone way overboard!

And just in case it isn’t totally clear how terribly hardball the whole court system is, here’s another fact. When Lohan went to see her daughter in prison, “I actually visited her behind glass.”

Glass? Glass?! Has the world gone mad?

Maybe not. But it’s definitely gone overboard.

For the record, Lohan announced that she expects her daughter to leave rehab earlier than expected -- now that the hardball judge has stepped down.

-- Leslie Gornstein


Upper photo: Matt Lauer talks with Dina Lohan, on NBC's "Today" show on Friday. Credit: Peter Kramer / NBC / Associated Press

Lower photo: Lindsay Lohan in court with her no-choice manicure. Credit: David McNew / EPA.

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I watched both segments of the Matt Lauer/ Dina Lohan interview and finally - finally! - I completely understand why Lindsay Lohan takes no responsibility for her bad behavior including criminal behavior. The real word for the day was "recuse." But I think Dina may be called on to defend her statement that the mean hardballin' judge was "fired." Lindsay will come out of jail and rehab exactly the same way she went in which seems to be just fine with her mom/manager.

Saddest part is - she seems to believe her own spin. Talk about delusional.

Needs to return Home, Tabloids want another MJ to'Mourn'
I believe LiLo is a decent person (she doesn't gossip:) and that it's the tabloids that cause hate for $$$. Her circumstances are a nightmare. She had always said she had trouble being so far from home - then she sort of gave up. LA is very bad for her- she cant sit on a toilet without first checking for poparazzi in scuba gear looking for a candid shot. Her parents help is negated by their domestic squabbling. Her lawyer did show she had substantially satisfied 3 years Probation and ALL drug tests were passed (TMZ made each an event- praying she would fail so they could profit from it)!


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