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Andrew Morton dishes on his unauthorized Angelina Jolie biography [polls]

Andrew-morton Andrew Morton, a sort of male version of Kitty Kelley when it comes to unauthorized celebrity biographies, is doing the rather abbreviated publicity rounds with his new Angelina Jolie tell-all -- abbreviated because, as he told "Fox & Friends" on Monday, "Brad and Angelina are the uncrowned king and queen of Hollywood," and many networks and entertainment shows are "ignoring it because they’re being courteous."

Now, few have accused the Ministry of being courteous, though we did recently refer to Jolie and Brad Pitt as Hollywood royalty. So here goes.

Morton takes a psychological approach to his take on the actress, hanging blame for much of her alleged scandalous behavior on Angelina's early abandonment, real or perceived, by mom Marcheline Bertrand and dad Jon Voight.

Of course, the Jolie-Pitt-Jennifer Aniston triangle is of interest -- and Morton alleges Angie used her son Maddox as bait to lure Pitt. However, he said Monday, although Jolie may ...

... have targeted "great caregiver" Pitt before even meeting him, "the friends of Angelina, in fairness to her, have all said to me it's Brad who made the running in that relationship."

Jolie is, Morton said, "so disenchanted with men ... she makes men almost compromise themselves to cheat on their girlfriends or cheat on their wives just in order to be with her, so that enables her psychologically then to reject them.

"The only man that’s never rejected her is Maddox."

Also on the table: cutting, flings with high-profile Hollywood names and the book's legion of unnamed sources.

"There are more sources in this book than Heinz [ketchup]. This book is people that have known her for 30 years -- her surrogate father, her drug dealer.”

Morton's previous unauthorized biography subjects include Tom Cruise, Madonna and David and Victoria Beckham. Also among his works: "Diana: In Her Own Words," which Morton said after Princess Diana's death had in fact been sourced and edited by its subject, and "Monica's Story," a tell-all in which Monica Lewinsky did the telling.

-- Christie D'Zurilla

Photo: Author Andrew Morton is interviewed about his new book, "Angelina: An Unauthorized Biography," on "Fox & Friends" on Monday. Credit: Richard Drew / Associated Press.

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Christie D'Zurilla here from the blog with a reminder that we don't publish comments that include profanity or vulgarity.


I know for sure people will be buying this book...ROTFLMAO I don't believe that he's lying in his book...I know for a fact everything in his book is true and Angeloonie knows it as well....I don't understand why people are pissed off they should be happy....LMAO

I won't buy the book because I have the magazine interviews where AJ has talked about cutting herself, sleeping with woman , using drugs of all types, getting married to JLM with blood on her clothes, hiring a hitman to kill herself, spending time in a psych ward...Something shocking would be her doing the laundry and attending church services.

AM - you get a life! You probably running out money and you need person like angie to do for you - slime baster!
#26.00 wasted on book when Angelina continuly open to the public.
What do people do in depression? They try to kill themselves and some people have done it all the way and its ashamed that nobody was there to help them but thank God Angie came to her senses.
We should be celebrating a person life that was able to turn into something beautiful and here this slime baster and Xfans wants exposes the dark times of Angelina for thier hate cause thier wet dream of Brad is gone.
Get a life AM - Xfans and be ashamed of yourself if your goal is to destory Angelina which is sad to say she still & will continue to stand strong cause Angie is love by the millions with the great love of her life Brad and beautiful kids.
Just the word "unauthorized" makes my decesion not to waste my $26.00 for stories that was done 15 years ago. Move on people and be grateful what Angelina & Brad are doing now . Helping people !!!!!

She makes men almost compromise themselves to cheat on their wives or girlfriends? so how about Antonio Banderas when they did the movie Original Sin that movie was 80% love scenes? and how about Johnny Depp huh? what a rubbbish!

Mr Morton can't compare Angelina to Princess Diana because they both have different personalities. Angie is outspoken and her life is already an open book. He must be making money out of making up stories about people without really knowing them personally knowing who they really are. So desperate for media attention. Can't make a decent living?

Christie D'Zurilla here from the blog with a gentle reminder that we don't publish comments that include profanity, even if you put asterisks or dashes into the words as a clever disguise.


If the Morton quotes above are accurate then he doesn't sound very bright. The man was a tabloid reporter for a very disreputable tabloid in Britain. It doens't seem as if he has gained any journalistic skills or ethics along the way.
From just some of the excerpts I've read he makes glaring factual errors which are inexcusable - didn't they give this guy a fact checker or editor?
What's with all the obessession with Angelina anyway? When a respected biographer or journalist does a book on her let me know. I'd be interested in that.

@Elizabeth -- Christie D'Zurilla here from the blog. Watch the video of Andrew Morton embedded in this post if you'd like to hear those quotes out of his own mouth.


Christie D'Zurilla here from the blog with a reminder that typically we do not post comments that include links.


I don't know, I'm kind of inclined to at least consider some of the things he's saying. I recall meeting her briefly and she was not at all like what she presented herself to be in magazines; she seemed very quiet, very high-strung and soft-spoken and detached. I have met quite a few actors in passing (oddly enough), but no one was stranger than Angie, who looked very fragile and very out of it. When we shook hands, I felt like I was going to break her (though I think she could've beat the crap out of me with one hand).She admits to vulnerabilities in interviews, yet emphasizes all of her wildness and eccentricities. It's hard to get a read on someone in such a short time; however, that she was nothing at all like the sexy, dynamic, forceful, person she presents herself to be -- in every TV interview, in every magazine -- is very curious.

Please!!! Let Angelina and Brad live happy!!!!Don´t destroy their lives....

It's always been obvious that Agelina Jolie is a homewrecking tramp with emotional problems. She must be great in bed and even better at manipulation to get these men to buy into any type of relationship with her. Brad Pitt is an idiot to dump someone as nice and normal as Jennifer Aniston for Jolie and then worse, to have kids with her? Angelina is selfish and damaging her kids horribly as she brings them in to quickly and then drags them all over the globe with no friends or routine - both of which are important for kids. I'll buy the book in paperwork or on the clearance wrack but I'm in no rush - I expect the negative when it comes to the horrible Angelina Jolie.

Angelina has nothing to worry about with this book - I don't believe half of what he said about her mother! the sad part about that is that her mother isn't alive to defend herself. Everyone already knows about the drugs, sex, cutting and etc... I think Angelina told Brad a lot of it was a lie however Brad will still stay. No man walks away from Angelina she walks away from them. (the sad part is Brad looks more foolish then ever - Angelina stalked him before meeting him - so for her it isn't love - it is about moving up and security for the children and pr) However, I hope Angelina has been getting help and hopefully having Jane Pitt in her life will help her.


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