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Whoopi Goldberg defends herself for defending Mel Gibson

Before we discuss Whoopi Goldberg any further, let's get one thing straight -- she didn't defend Mel Gibson's alleged rants, she says, but rather on Monday made a personal observation, based on her time with him, that he's not a racist

An important point, and one she made again Wednesday on "The View" as she went after the "cowardly piece of dog mess" and others like Mr. Dog Mess who have come after her on blogs, in comments and in anonymous phone calls to her office.

"Being a black woman, you think you would give me a little bit of leeway to have some feel if I was around a racist," she said.

"OK, I understand that, but that people called my office and went off on the young lady that works there -- you're gonna call cause you think that I'm doing something wrong, and you do the same thing to this young lady, that you don't even know, that Mel Gibson supposedly did?"

Watch the whole thing for the full effect -- including the end where, with humor, she self-identifies as a racist. Then vote in our nonscientific online poll.

-- Christie D'Zurilla

Click here for more Mel Gibson news -- in case you are having a hard time finding any lately. Or hit the link below for an interview with the actor conducted in early January.

Mel Gibson: The shadow in his smile

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Mel Gibson is an ACTOR which means he is skilled at the presenting the persona he wishes to present.

I applaud Whoppie for telling her truth. Everyone in this country is so busy discussing rasism and discrimination and pointing fingers. We can be prejudice about anything or anyone we want. Thats our right. We don't all believe the same things. Im predjudice against anyone who won't learn the English language. Does that make me right or wrong. Or does it make it wrong for those who refuse to learn it.
Mel is set up by these phone conversations and the wife did the set up. She didn't have to stay on the phone she could have hung up like any other woman would do. So what was her point?
Whoppie thanks for being yourself and true to yourself. We have all said things in anger and the words and things he said probably offended his wife and he knows this so he chose to hurt her with the remarks.
The wife acts like 3 years is a history for a marriage. Spare me.

Thanks Whoopi!

People are making excuses for Mel Gibson because he is a man. If a female celebrity, like Britney Spears, make the same threats against an ex-spouse or lover, I bet these same people would be condemning her.

Mel Gibson is slime. Whoopi Goldberg, and The View, by their employment and connection to her, have just taken on the ire and contempt of hundreds of thousands of people. There is no redemption for Mel Gibson. You reap what you sow in this life. The only redemption is karma and Mr. Gibson will soon find out about that in spades! I will never watch any show again that Whoopi Goldberg hosts, co-hosts or has any regular appearance on, and if she appears on a talk-show or as a guest on a show, I will not watch that episode of that program. Nor will anyone I know or anyone in my family. And unless ABC does something about this FAST, I will be removing from my DVR cue any and all shows on the ABC Network. Even a heartfelt apology will not suffice. The way she spoke to the viewers of 'The View' on national television, Whoopi should be fired immediately. Opinions are one thing. Insulting viewers is another. They are going to drastically lose viewership if they do not quickly and effectively patch this up, and that includes removing Whoopi from her post. I hope she is reading this, because her standing by the side of an unequivocal hate-monger like Mr. Mel Gibson, in the middle of a tornado of awful hateful things he has done and said in the past few years, is completely and totally unacceptable to many many many people. Good riddance Whoopi! You will not be missed by me!!

I did not believe my ears listening to Whoopi spew out her warped opinion on this subject. I will NOT be watching "The View" anymore as long as Whoopi is still a co-host. It's really a sad day when the co-host who usually makes no sense at all (Sherri) made MORE sense that Whoopi did.

I'll be happy to continue watching "The View" again once Whoopi is gone.

The issue I have with Whoopi's comment is that...even though she is African American, being that she is a celeb, does she really identify with the struggles of a regular "black folks" ??? Does she or can she relate to what is really going on to regular black folks in America? I have a hard time believing that she really understands what it is like to be a regular, no special treatment having, main street living minority...she will certainly refer back to her pre-stardom days if confronted with this argument but I seriously doubt she feels or understands the struggles that a minority faces daily...even with her skin color.

I am proud that Whoopi stood up for what she felt and believed in. If you don't stand up for something, you will fall for anything. What Mel Gibson did was unexcusable and he will truely get his day but Whoopi had every right to stand up for herself and to make clarifications. @ ANONYMOUS JEWISH READER, I truely think you are taking what Whoopi said on the View to a whole new level. In no way was she yelling or saying any hurtful words to the viewers. I believe her comments were directed to the bloggers and the people who called her place of work and used such ill language to her assistant. You're looking everywhere but at the truth...please stop reaching for something that didn't happen. If you choose not to watch Whoopi on the View or on any other show, then that's your God given right, but don't twist people's words around. That's not nice nor fair.

What a bunch of idiots! Are Americans really incapable of comprehending a simple point? All Ms Goldberg said is that, based on his behavior in her home, she does not believe Gibson to be a racist. Haven't any of you people said things in the heat of an argument with your spouse that you wouldn't normally say? How would you like it if all of your irrational ravings during a fight with your lover were recorded and posted for everyone to hear? You don't think you'd have some explaining to do?

I can't even stand to read most of your moronic posts!

@Sheri, it doesn't necessarily make you wrong, but it does make you ignorant. We all have definitely said things we regret, but sorry, not all of us have said things like that. Yes, everyone has a right to their own opininon, however ignorant, but people conveniently forget that so to those who disagree with them. I have every right to say, "cats are horrible creatures", but does that mean I am right? We are always subject to criticism from people who disagree with us, because it is their right to express their own opinions as well. Nobody is forgetting that we have the freedoms to say what we want, you just seem to be forgetting that those same rights apply to everyone. So don't invoke our freedoms just to use them to stymie what others have the right to say, because criticism truly is a big part of our right to express ourselves freely.

let somebody punch her face around and see what she says then she is a bonehead

Whoppi is a decent comic not and not an intellectual; I never thought she was ever that smart. She appears to have the habit of defending the racist statements or actions of white men like her ex-boyfriend Ted Dansion appearing in black face at the Friars' Club (1993); even Ted, after some thought, did not think his black face routine was appropriate. I am no prude, my favorite talented comics are Lenny Bruce, Richard Pryor, Red Foxx and Moms Mabley.

Ms.Whoopi. Now that I'm am out of work I watch the Vieiw every once in awhile, and when I do I seem to catch certain things that stick with me awhile. For one, I remember hearing months ago you said on the show that you rarely watch T.V. and I believe it was said when you girls where talking about Dancing WIth the Stars. Funny you would say that when you also say during discussions things like, "I saw that" or when your interveiwing a quest and talking to them about the series. I know you watched the show, Lost. Remember talking to Burley. Just admit it. Its ok. Now for the Mel Gibson thing. All I can say is, "he's a big is a jerk". Ofcourse he wouldn't act like a racist when he was at your home. Why would he? He was a star, (key word), was.. and you are star and money loves money and fame. He probably was thinking all kinds a rotten things that he really wanted to say. He makes my skin crawl. Know you can kiss my you know what. I agree,that was disqusting for you to talk to your veiwers like that. I want to know why Elizabeth didn't jump all over you when you went on defending that jerk. I can't stand her. Who is she, just a reality nobody who's 15 minutes has seem to last way to long. Get ride of her. If that was Rosie who was defending that idot, Elizabeth would have been all over her. Get ride of her. And I think you should go too. I love Joy Behar. I watch her nightly show all the time. There I feel better now.

I can't believe the View let Whoopi put her foot in her mouth again. I am an African American woman, and I'm offended by her comments. I won't be watching the View anymore. Come on Whoopi!!!

@sheri cooley

how are you going to be mad at anyone who won't learn the English language when you don't know how to spell i.e. rasism--um no stupid, it's spelled racism jerky. Why don't you perfect yourself when it comes to the language known as English and then think about broadening your horizons and learn a second language.

Robin in the comment section:
Whoopie should be applauded for telling the truth. She didn't condone what Mel Gibson did, but only gave her point of view as to whether he was a racist or not. Robin, you are acting like Mel Gibson in a way by getting angry for someone having the courage to stand up and say what they think. I was married for 20 years to an raging alcoholic and verbal abuser, and I know how impossible it is to reason with someone in a rage. You have no opinion of your own that is independent of the control. You walk on eggshells not knowing when the next flare-up will be. My ears would ring for a long time after sitting (and crying) and having him rage over and over in my face. If I protested when he was sober for his insults and teases, he would start with, "The problem with you is..... followed with something like...you don't have a sense of humor, etc.,"
But for fear and indecision, I had to keep my own anger and hopelessness inside. Even after many years, I still sometimes have a problem with taking up for my own beliefs and decisions. But living is learning, and I know that you have to stand up for your beliefs.
But I have also learned that getting into a rage yourself (allowing yourself to be insulted by someone's opinion) is just what Mel Gibson is doing. With all that he has, he has low self-esteem, probably from his own inner condemnation of his own behavior. He probably doesn't even realize this. He even gets angry over what he imagined Oksana was going to say. You can't reason with a raging alcoholic--it's impossible.
As I tell my students and clients--no one makes you mad. You make yourself mad at what they say or do or for some perceived insult to yourself. Hear that? I have to remind myself of that all the time. You make yourself mad!
So go ahead and act like Mel, Robin, maybe have a glass of alcohol so you can get really mad, and sit and NOT watch any show that Whoopie in on. Go ahead and rage at her.

Robin, I'm truly not trying to "make" you mad--just illustrate how easy it is to get caught up in the same stuff. We all do.
Thank you Whoopie for having the courage to say what you believe, and to Mel, get some help for alcoholism, anger, and low self-esteem. Mel, perhaps get another therapist, too. Get a hypnotist to help go inside of yourself and release all that rage.

I don't care for Goldberg or Gibson. But I think it's pretty cool that Goldberg had the balls to speak her mind. What happened to freedom of speech? She actually has known the guy, she has an opinion whether he's a racist, and she wasn't afraid to say it. Gibson seems to be a psycho, and I hope he goes back to selling shoes. But there should be more people who live in the public spotlight and still keep it real the way Whoopi Goldberg did.

Not enough attention to the misogynistic aspects of Mel Gibson's rant. What a woman hating piece of human garbage.
I loved the part where he rants that she's not sensitive to his needs. OY

You Go Girl! State your mind Lady... it is our God Given Right & since we live in the good ole USA it is FREE SPEECH as well. I Luv ya Girl, keep on keeping on...

I applaud Whoppie for telling her truth

So Whoopi "Rape-Rape" Goldberg now has to be an apologist for Mel, just like she was an apologist for Roman Polanski. Her comments today are deflecting the issue she brought up, she made an evaluation based on some face time with a guy acting on his best behavior at her home. Honestly, I knew a guy at USC who murdered his family. Chopped them up with an axe and burned the house down before running into the San Jacinto hills and taking his own life. But he was nice to me when I knew him at USC, so does that mean he's not a Psycho? No! It means he was good and keeping his dark side in check in public and that's what Mel did when he was around Whoopi. So Ms. Goldberg, you don't have to defend the man when the evidence shows that he is nothing like the man you met.

Mel's got an anxiety disorder of which I am personally familiar.
I also foigured out how to fix it in my head.
Mel, contact me via email and I'll give you some personal insight.

What I can't believe is that there are people (including children) who go hungry every day and/or have no health insurance coverage, families losing their homes and so many other "real" issues, but here we are wasting TV time and blog time on Mel Gibson. Come one! Who cares about Mel?! He's a has been. I respect Whoopi and understand her opinion, but again, who cares whether he's a racist or not? There are more important things going on in our nation. Let's focus our energy and efforts on the issues that really matter. Forget Mel! You all think he really cares what anyone else thinks of him, if he cared, he wouldn't be in the news for all this BS.

I agree with Whoppi. I don't know Mel of course, but something is very wrong. He's spun out of control and we have all had our moments. I don't condone violence of any sort and am not making excuses for him. He has lost his way. His girlfriend Oksana sounded just too cool on the phone while he is ranting which indicates to me that she definitely set him up then publicized this. Being safe should be her priority if she is so scared of him and by publicizing their conversations...knowing that he will be even more enraged was not a smart thing... if she was so afraid of him. I hope Mel finds peace and his g/f moves on.

Christie D'Zurilla here from the blog with a gentle reminder that despite the content of the post, discussing racial slurs, we don't publish comments that include those slurs, even if your comment is well-informed and thoughtful, or if you put dashes or other symbols into the words to obscure them.

No profanity either. (Ironic, eh?)

If you're not seeing your comment go live, it's probably for one of those reasons, or because you put a link in your submission. I'll be OKing comments later than usual tonight because of the high turnout, so feel free to resubmit clean and I'll do my best to publish.

Thanks to all for reading and taking time to comment. It's sincerely appreciated.


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