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Whoopi Goldberg: Mel Gibson is not a racist

Comedian and "The View" co-host Whoopi Goldberg declared that Mel Gibson is not a racist, as she and the rest of the daytime panel on Monday discussed recently released tapes allegedly featuring the actor -- including one in which a racial slur is used.

Whoopi-goldberg "I know Mel, and I know he's not a racist," Goldberg said. "He may be a bonehead."

Joy Behar was not of the same mind (check out their debate by clicking on the video above).

"Give me a break, you're an anti-Semite, you're a misogynist, and you're a racist!" Behar said of Gibson, referencing the audio tapes and the remarks Gibson made during a 2006 arrest for DUI.

"I can't sit and say that he's a racist," Goldberg said, "having spent time with him in my house with my kids."

What do you think Whoopi's remarks mean for Mel? Tell us in the comments section below.

-- Matt Donnelly

Photo: Whoopi Goldberg on May 19, 2010, at the White House. Credit: Joshua Roberts / Reuters

We've got the all the latest on the Mel Gibson saga, and don't miss more drama from 'The View.'.

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Her comments are offensive to her own race and gender. He certainly is a racist and a woman hater and she looks stupid for defending him!

I agree. Imagine what the world would be like if we overheard everything everyone ever said or thought during any time ? Even Solomon wrote about this very idea. Do we want a world where the thought police are at the door ? Do you want to live in that world ? Let's spin the wheel and transplant a few people to Nazi Germany, or under Communist, totalitarian, or other like dictatorships. Didn't people live in fear and begin behaving like they'de turn in their parents, children, neighbors, because the fear and mob mentality drove them to behave like that. I don't want to live in that world, and if we're going to, then we need everyone's 'secret tapes' and DNA for the thought police archive. No thanks.

It's like her defense of Roman Polanski all over again.

I guess Mel threatened to kill, but not to kill-kill.

I think it speaks truth to his character and the person he is. Someone as talented and intelligent as Mel Gibson, doesn't become so successful by being a racist. If this were true, it would have been called out a long time ago and he never would've been able to do anything in Hollywood. He's human he's not perfect and a lot of things have fallen apart in his life the last couple of years. Give the guy a break! So what if he has anger management issues and makes some offensive remarks. I still love Mel Gibson as an actor, which is what he is to most people anyways! I will continue to watch his movies, regardless of what anyone else says, and all of his true fans will too.

If a white person who was not a friend of Whoopi had made these remarks, she would call him a racist.

I listened to the tapes today after hearing Whoopi's opinion on The View. Mel's language was absolutely insulting and disgusting and did not represent a man who loves the Lord like I hear Mel does. One observation: He sounded like he was in a tremendous amount of emotional pain, like an emotionally betrayed lover.Maybe, in his pain, he was reaching for the most hurtful words he could find. Not knowing him it certainly may be possible that he is not a racist although his choice of ethnic references sadly sends the message that he is to those that don't know him personally. It is a very sad situation all the way around. I hope they both find some peace. If his behavior was further fueled by alcohol or another substance he needs to be honest with himself and accept help. He also needs to apologize to those he insulted with his ethnic references, his family, his church, his public and yes, his child's mother.

That Mel girlfriend is a gold digger; she set Mel up . She either edited the tape (since she is suppose to be in the music business that would not be hard) or she spent the day with Mel which it sounded like it on the tape getting him drunk. Than called him up and pushed all his buttons, than pushed another button play ! Mel has to many friends in hollywood of all nationalities race & sexual orientation to be anything but who he is; an addict who has a drinking problem and probably slight manic when drunk. No one is slamming this girlfriend who is using her baby to make money off the father. If she was abused why did she travel with Mel weeks later around the world? If she was so afraid of him why not put a restraining order on him before Monday? She broke the law and I think in the end the only one who will be hurt is that baby; because on mother will trash the father of their child in public and she leaked the tape to do just that. She makes heather mc look like a saint. Mel will be back & I hope that baby is raised by someone like Mel first wife Robin; who has sense enough to raise health kids who are not tainted by what ever happen in their marriage. Mel apologized for what he said to the policeman minutes after he said it; it is on the report.

SURPRISE .. This is the same person who explained away M. Vick's participation in dog fighting , the mutilation and slow death of dogs as a result of "the deep south culture and R. Polanski's feeding alcohol and drugs to a 13 year child and then raping her as not really " rape rape" and now Mel isn"t a racist .. why because "he's been to my house "... defending dog fighting , rape , racism and assault in a public forum is disgusting , stupid and arrogant. How does she keep her job ?

His only downfall is being recorded saying things that most people say behind closed doors.

Just because Whoopie feels the few moments she spent with Mel Gibson makes her an authority on his personal beliefs is ridiculous. Just because Mel deigned to spend time with Whoopie doesn't he did not think she was equal to him. She's woman and black so she's got two strikes according to Mel's logic. And what of that pack of marauding black men looking to rape scantily clad white women? That reminds me to ask my son if he has raped any white women lately while away at college.

After hearing the tapes, it is obvious the girlfiend set him up on that call. She was deliberately calm & taping it for a purpose -- to try & publicly embarass him & perhaps even ruin his career now that she has decided to leave him. She said things to get him all riled up, then tapes the conversation. WHY? Only to use it against him somehow. If someone betrayed me, I'd be capable of spurting out a lot of stupid things said in anger, too.
Perhaps the girlfriend has found herself another wealthy guy to sleep with, and later suck the life (MONEY) out of him?

I think before everyone 'crucifies' Mel Gibson, they should think about WHY she is doing this, and ask the question What are her true motives?

Trust "Aunt Thomasina" Whoopi Goldberg to defend indefensible men! Did one of her ex-lovers, Ted Danson,once show up at an awards show in blackface? As far as I'm concerned, she has no credibility whatsoever.

Whoopi is about as black as Vanilla Ice at this point. The black community does not accept Whoopi as their spokesperson on this because she is irrelevant.

Mel Gibson is a racist to the core and he MUST be shunned by everyone.

I feel sorry for Mel Gibson. I don't know anyone of any race or gender who hasn't used some sort of slur at one time or another when they were angry. . . and he DID think that was a private conversation. We need to remember that we have no idea what Oksana may or may not have said when she wasn't being recorded - remember she knew the conversation was being recorded. Maybe she had previously used the same racial slur and he was using it against her. In my opinion it seems that he's really fallen apart ever since he made the Passion of the Christ. I don't know whether that should be attributed to midlife crises or if maybe there is a Satan and he's coming after Mel Gibson - as I understand Mel was once a devout Catholic. He's lost his good reputation, his family, his girlfriend and maybe his lovechild and probably now his career. It's sad. It isn't like he's going to start up a Klan and take over Hollywood. He's rendered himself powerless to spur anything, let alone a racist uprising. We should pity him, not hate him. He's really ruined his life.

It's not like he belonged to KKK, like Senator Byrd. Look he's made mistakes, he needs psychotherapy, medication, anger management, and AA. BUT Who in Hollywood doesn't? He's still talented. Mel please get some help and a different perspective- you are a prisoner of your own making. MAN YOU NEED TO CHILL,spend sometime helping poor black and latino people and become a good guy again.


There is no anglo person that Whoopi won't defend. Shame on her.

I think Whoopi has lived in the real world and knows that you don't judge someone based on something they said on a secretly recorded tape.

I agree. I think if someone took the awful moments of any of our lives and declared them as "who we are" instead of weighing them against our overall life - we would all be ashamed. I think Mel Gibson is incredibly gifted, even if he isn't p.c. and speaks sometimes before he thinks. I will continue to support him in whatever he chooses to do. Thank you for printing this.


I don't think you see the issue around this. The point is that anger is no excuse for a person's behavior. In fact, I would even go and say that anger is a window to the soul of that person. If the person goes to using racial slurs and other forms of profanity, you are seeing how that individual views the world and the people around them without their filter. Filter being, "Say what is socially acceptable and not what you feel. "

Another suggestion- Seeing as he is super Catholic- He should spend some time in a Zen Catholic monastery in Japan, belive me, it will only help.

Chrsitie D'Zurilla here from the blog with a couple of reminders of how things go at the Ministry of Gossip -- no profanity in comments, even if you try to hide it with dashes or symbols; no racial slurs; no out-and-out attacks on other commenters (think, attacks of the name-calling variety). If your comment isn't going live, it's probably one of those things.

And yes, given the subject of the day's news, I do see tremendous irony in the need for me to post this reminder.


I was a huge, huge fan of Mel Gibson's. Not any more. I know this is his personal life. But I've lost all my respect for him. This just affirms peoples beliefs that you can pretend to be religious all you want. The truth shows in how you behave. Talk about a double standard and hypocrite. He was married for a long time and it appears he had numerous affairs all the while being a devoted catholic. What a sorry human being he turned out to be. I don't plan on seeing any of his movies in the future.

It means she Whoopi Goldberg has known him, and heard his latest outburst - but thinks that is not reflective of his overall personality.
Some people are better at controlling their emotions. Apparently Mel Gibson is not one of them. It is nice to have friends like Whoopi Goldberg though. So give him credit for that.

If any one of us was recorded under duress, the world would easily judge us. How many wear a facade all day long that their deepest thoughts and feelings not be seen by others?

I don't pretend to know what is in Mel Gibson's heart, but from the sounds of things he is a man who is suffering, as we all do at various times in our lives. It's called humanity. Simply the fact that he is a celebrity doesn't bode well; and when does it for anyone in the limelight? But hey, gotta make the news somehow, right? And if that means dragging people through the dirt, then who's gonna complain since they are receiving their daily intake of slanderous gossip.

Let me ask: who is any one of us to judge another person at all? For anything? We are all human. Even Hitler and Stalin were simply men. They did absolutely terrible, unforgettable things, as did many of their followers. But when it comes down to it, we are all simply human, and all susceptible to failure in the world's - in society's - eyes.

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