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A slim Seth Rogen does Comic-Con like a gentleman

July 24, 2010 |  7:20 am

Seth-rogen-green-hornet-weight We've got to hand it to Seth Rogen -- not only is he looking like a leading man, he's carrying himself like one too.

The actor hit San Diego on Thursday in support of his Michel Gondry-directed flick, "The Green Hornet," showing off the dramatic weight loss he underwent to top-line the superhero adaptation. 

Popping into the Wired Cafe for an interview, Rogen was offered several spoils for free from high-end vendors in the joint.

"I try not to take as much free [stuff] as I can," Rogen was overheard saying, politely declining the swag. 

Classy, Rogen.

The "Knocked Up" star recently sat down with Geoff Boucher from our brother blog Hero Complex and touched on his torch for "Hornet."

"When I say it was a passion project, it wasn't passion for the Green Hornet as a character but a passion ... to make a movie about two guys trying to become superheroes, " Rogen said.

Rogen's been making rounds all over town, Thursday night popping in at the Marvel vs. Capcom 3 party to see Outkast's Big Boi perform. 

"Hornet" costars Cameron Diaz, Oscar winner Christoph Waltz and Jay Chou

-- Matt Donnelly

Photo: Seth Rogen, slim with a grin.

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