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Sandra Bullock leads a star-studded PSA for Gulf Coast restoration

Sandra Bullock, who recently bought a home in New Orleans, and at the MTV Movie Awards gave a shout out to the region affected by the BP oil spill, has loaned her megastar status to a PSA calling for restoration and protection of the United States' Gulf Coast.

The video, filmed in New Orleans and other locations around the country, features people with various ties to the region -- the likes of chef Emeril Lagasse, author-actor Bryan Batt of "Mad Men" fame, a slimmed-down John Goodman and a gravelly voiced Dr. John. (Find a full list of participants, in order, on the video's YouTube page.)

Women of the Storm, a self-proclaimed nonpolitical, nonpartisan organization of women that grew out of the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, is gathering signatures on an online petition showing support for funding an implementation of coastal restoration. The group says it will deliver the petition to Congress and the Obama administration. 

The Restore the Gulf effort was launched Tuesday at a press conference in New Orleans.

-- Christie D'Zurilla

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Let's all get together to help clean up the Gulf! We as a Nation are strong as we have help with Kratrina and the Earth Quake in Hatia....Again it;s our turn again as human people. Let's all get with this.!!

If it has anyone from hollywood tied to it, I avoid it. Movies, causes or anything else. You wanted this child in the white house, you got it. He rolls around having the time of his life while the people in the gulf and the rest of the country, suffer because they are in red states. You all called bush out for katrina, but for the affirmative action president, all is quiet. Shame on all of you.

I am from South Louisiana and I have family that make their living in the Gulf of Mexico. I am all for cleaning up the gulf if it is NOT political. People in South Louisiana depend on the oil produced in the gulf for their living and producing that oil has been very safe for a very long time. BP had an accident or made a mistake here and it will be cleaned up but the goverment shutting down drilling in the gulf is criminal. It will distroy families and the economy in the region. But what else would you expect from this administration.


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