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Sandra Bullock asks to be pulled from Gulf Coast PSA

Sandra-bullock-psaSandra Bullock doesn't want to be "the one" anymore.

The actress and new mom made headlines Friday by asking that her image be removed from a recent celebrity PSA promoting restoration of the Gulf Coast.

Did she stumble into some bad lighting? No. Is the organization responsible for the PSA in bed with major oil companies? Well ...

What we know: Women of the Storm, billed as a nonpartisan collection of women assisting relief efforts in the wake of the BP oil-spill disaster, counts the America's Wetlands Foundation as a partner. The America's Wetlands group lists BP as a sponsor (along with many others).

"Ms. Bullock was originally contacted through her attorney to be a part of the PSA in order to promote awareness of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico," a rep for Bullock said.

"At no time was she made aware that any organization, oil company or otherwise had influence over Women of the Storm or its message. We have immediately asked for her participation in the PSA be removed until the facts can be determined."

A spokeswoman for Women of the Storm told People magazine that no money from BP or other oil sponsors was used to produce the celeb spot, which also includes Blake Lively and Lenny Kravitz.

Is Bullock making the right choice, or making something out of nothing? Tell us in the comments section below.

-- Matt Donnelly

Photo: Sandra Bullock in February 2010. Credit: Kirk McCoy / Los Angeles Times

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I agree with her decision and am proud of her for standing up for what she believes in. Most of us just go along, contuing to support many companies by purchasing their products, not knowing how much they pollute, what legislation they are lobbying for or against, which candidates they support, or much of anything else. How many of us have sent a disapproval message to BP by refusing to buy their products?

Her choice, right? At least she seems to have made a choice for herself.

If you are asking if it is wrong to wait on something until you can do more research and gather more information to be properly informed...the answer is no. Ask Shirley Sherrod.

I agree you have to know all the facts. It' like CITGO pretending that they have nothing to do with Venezuela which, the national oil company of Venezuela owns CITGO.

Considering the amount of oil spilled vs. the amount of oil NOT on the beaches and other landfalls such as was the case with EVERY single major oil spill in the last 30 years, it wouldn't surprise me if she's pulled her name from the PSA due to the mind numbing disingenuousness and abject intellectual dishonesty coming out of the All Shining and Seeing Leader, Chairman MAObama's, administration regarding this "disaster".

Grant it, no one wants to see oil spilled, but lets be honest here: Chairman MAObama's moritorium on drilling and other related oil industry work is nothing more than a punishment against the "evil", "racist", "homophobic" (add your favorite uber-leftist epithet here) capitalists and this was proven by the worker who asked Chairman MAObama to explain himself as to where the money those workers needed to feed their families was to come from.

Chairman MAObama's retort? "Get if from BP." When told it wasn't BP's problem, Chairman MAObama's second retort? "Get from unemployment."

Chairman MAObama could care less about the worker and is strictly using this psuedo-disaster as a way to extort money from big business and capitalism - the same way he's extorting money from the American people who OVERWHELMINGLY was against his socialist medicine scam - the poison of the uber-leftist, Hugo Chavez-esque Democrat Party.

"Think of the press as a great keyboard on which the government can play." - Joseph Goebbels - Chief Propaganda Minister, SOCIALIST Nazi Party; 1939

"A man who reads nothing is far smarter than a man who reads nothing but newspapers." - Thomas Jefferson - Third President of The United States of America; 1789

I think we all know which ideology that Chairman MAObama and his sycophantic lapdogs subscribe to.

Like Noah said, gee I am so glad this is gonna be over this year. Nothing totally wipes out former pollution, his descendent sons built a new Larsa on the foundations of preFlood Larsa. So too the Dubai tower will indeed come back up out of the water again; perhaps broken in half but the tower of Babel it is will have postArmageddon foundations exposed. (hehehe) And here Deep Impact implies it would have been the Trade Center. People rush back too soon to a diaster (New Orleans) to get wiped out again by the greater total destruction. (sad) (and the children in their arms die with them)

She made the right decision. Not only on the PSA but her career. All these groups that appear one thing and when the truth comes out are backed by private interest over public well being. Imagine if she found out months later after doing the PSA. A PR nightmare. Just clean it up BP and stop trying to win over the public.

I'd hit it.

If she is ever asked again to do something like this, she needs to have the researchers at the Rachel Maddow show investigate-- they can get to the bottom of these "groups" and who contributes!

Gee, thirteenburn, you may have said something sensible in there, but your insistence of pushing your overriding political agenda in such a juvenile manner ("Chairman MAObama"? Really? No... seriously?) made it impossible for me to get beyond your first paragraph. Want to try again without all the snarky political crap? Or is that all you've got?

Wish there was more information with this story. Say, more on the extent of BP's sponsorship of America's Wetlands Foundation, who the AWF is and how long they've been around, and how involved they are with Women of the Storm. But, hey, it's just a blog...

As a resident of the Gulf Coast, I would like to thank Sandra for her courage. Please note that she is not resigning forever - just until she can make certain that she has not been tricked into working for BP in any capacity. Those of us who live here know how deeply those fangs have been sunk into the throat of the media - so we are always careful to double check a few layers down ourselves.

We agree that Ms. Bullock not let her good name be sullied by more oil-encrusted sham organizations such as Wetlands Foundation.

It's the same scam from when the Big Tobacco companies formed fake "associations" of restaurant corporations, to falsely claim smoke-free laws would cripple American food businesses -- not true and proven by economic and business taxation records. But people, and legislators fell for it, until a few heroic doctors and researchers proved it untrue and unmasked the "made for TV" campaigns by the greedy corrupt Big Tobacco. Same for Big Oily Mess BP corporation here in the Gulf of Mexico: "Oh look at us, we're doing everything we can!" Not true again!

But Big Corporations will always create "front" organizations to polish up their public relations images. Ms. Bullock is very smart and ethical to withdraw her influence and keep her well-respected name from being hijacked by BP. Thanks to Sandra Bullock for always doing the right thing!

Sandra has to think of the 'potential' damage to her reputation; no matter whether BP has actual influence, it's safer for her to distance herself from the current scapegoat;

It could be said that 1000 deepwater horizons would be a trivial price for saving the world from 1 ahmedinajad of course, particularly in view of his supposed WWIII intentions

Chairman Maobama...we get it. Another lame attempt to package hateful propaganda in a catchy phrase. Before you criticize, get your own house in order. Let the record show that more jobs disappeared during Bush's 2 terms than at any time in history. And many of those who kept their jobs were given deep pay cuts and forced to pay for medical coverage. Bush seized the opportunity to claim credit for increased jobs in fast-food. Our "atrophied" capitalist system relies on CEOs to create "value" by cutbacks and downsizing. If they provided real leadership, created real value and forward momentum, there would be no threat from" the evil socialism.

Well, I'm not sure what her point is. It seems like this type of "protest" would go over well with her Hollywood friends but not with the people who actually depend on the Gulf for their livelihood. The later are the ones who actually pay to see her work. But, then again, the Hollywood friends vote for academy awards. Maybe that's it.

Thirteenburn, you are a moron.
A wordy post does not compute to an intelligent stance. Yours just shows that you have way too much time on your hands to go looking up the history of the Nazi Party and their quotes. If you truly feel that PODUS is some left wing commie, pinko, then perhaps you should jump the border quickly so you don’t get picked up in one of his pogroms.

Instead of wasting time on gossip and rumors, why don't we get active about actually getting the mess cleaned up and hold those responsible to bear for their decisions which put profits above safety or environmental concerns? We know that there's a mess, and we know that BP is responsible. We know that Bullock is for the cleanup efforts and anti-BP; what more is there to worry about. Let's direct energy to where it matters. Volunteer on the Gulf Coast or write/petition/demonstrate/boycott until BP has paid the bill and oil companies are unable to have a disaster like this again.


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