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Third alleged Mel Gibson tape goes public [poll]

Mel-gibson-on-set A third tape allegedly of Mel Gibson talking on the phone to ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva was made public Tuesday courtesy of Radar Online, providing us with the plot points for today's episode of "The Rantings of an Angry Man."

No threats of violence in this one -- rather, there are threats to fire a household employee if she dares to work in the home of the lady rather than the gentleman. And yes, there's a different racial slur in this tape, referring to that employee.

"I will fire her and I will do it fast," the male voice says.

Through the bulk of the six minutes, the two argue about money and the woman's music career, with him saying all the money she has is his money, and her saying she has nothing and isn't a gold digger.

"You've made me moneyless," she says. "I used to have $100,000 a year when you met me. You took me, you possessed me, everything I am you [unclear: owe or own] me with my liver and my kidneys and my thoughts and my soul, everything, and my career, whatever it is, pathetic career, whatever it is, is yours. You control me like marionette. I don't belong to myself, only to you. I can't do anything and I walk on eggshells always with you."

The response is succinct: "That's because you're a ... using whore."

She goes on to say she's not any of the things he's calling her -- and it's quite a litany ...

... of nasty things, we might add -- and makes the argument that nobody asked him to spend so much money on her music career, which he apparently doesn't think much of anymore. 

He doesn't buy her argument: "Your logic sucks, because you're a ... mentally deprived idiot."

Signing off from the Ministry, where we're listening to every stinkin' word of these tirades, repeatedly, so you don't have to. (Though if you desire and are a tough-minded adult prepared for over-the-top profanity and anger, click here.)

-- Christie D'Zurilla

Photo: Mel Gibson, between takes on June 9, 2010, in Brownsville, Texas, while shooting the upcoming movie "How I Spent My Summer Vacation." Credit: Yvette Vela / The Brownsville Herald / Associated Press

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He's the monkey who sees all evil, hears all evil, and speaks all evil.

I have from day one felt that she is a using u know what, she is in no way actractive, mel was obviousley just lookin for somthing to fill a gap, you could have somthing beautiful on your arm but i guess it was there, even just seeing you two in photos at events shes way out of your league as in not good enough ,best of luck to you in the future , and yuck! you can do much better!

Mel Gibson is a repressed Catholic.

Your poll is set up incorrectly.

People can listen to the mel rant without believing the assumptions being examined about it via the media.

It is clear she set him up.... the proof is in the intensity of his responses and her controlled remarks. She knows what she is doing. He doesn't.

That doesn't mean he should have allowed himself to be jerked around, but it does explain what was happening...thus, no one but God, and Mel and the "mother" of their child knows the manipulative speech she used before the taping began.....to set him up for his explosion.....


First of all, she lost all credibility with me from the moment she released the first tape. And who did she release it to? Not the police, a 'journalist' site. (I scoff at that, as I rank it along size TMZ somewhere down in the gutter).

If she was really scared, if she was really hurting and upset then the only people who needed to hear those tapes were the Police. The fact that those tapes were made public, right there, calls her very person into question. In all of those tapes, she is aware they are being recorded, and Mel is not.

Next, yeah this is the land of free speech . . . sometimes. But are you saying that you can't say or feel a certain way in private between another person whom you are in a relationship with? Are the calls scary, mean, and hurtful? Yes. But they also didn't need to be made public.

I don't know either of them. I am not a fly on their wall. I don't know what went on, or what is going on between them behind closed doors. To be honest, it isn't my business or anyone elses.

But I will say, that there is a lot of suspicious things about how she did this and what she did in general. The whole thing seems like it was set up a long time ago, as a 'just in case' sort of deal. Not to mention, if you listen to the tapes, you can actually hear her pushing buttons to make him fly further off the deep end. I mean it's really obvious when she does it.

My sister was the victim of real domestic violence and abuse and so far I see no similarities between her real case and Oksana's.

It's all very wrong, and whats more, its NONE of our business. It should have simply gone from the home, to the police. It didn't need to make international headlines.

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