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The sixth alleged Mel Gibson tape: 'monster' and child — while his attorney makes his case to the sheriff


On the same day Mel Gibson's attorney is reportedly presenting evidence to authorities that Oksana Grigorieva fabricated her claims of violence against the actor, a sixth audio tape in a series alleged to be the actor ranting at his ex was made public Tuesday by Radar Online.

It's the first tape in which Grigorieva raises her voice significantly, shouting that she doesn't care about him pulling the plug on her career: "I'm just saving my child's life, because you are a monster. That's all! You're a monster!"

Her volume elicits a sarcastic, low-key response: "OK, you're yelling now, good."

(If you're a tough-minded adult who's OK with profanity, you can listen to the tape here. The Times has not independently verified the authenticity of the tapes, but nobody from Gibson's side has questioned them.)

This is the first tape released since a source told TMZ that Grigorieva sent text messages to Gibson, stating she made the tapes not to capture an admission of a felony — which might make them admissible in a California court — but specifically because he'd not come through on promises to support her. 

In the sixth tape, Grigorieva states that she'd signed papers preventing her from coming after him for money in the future;  that could refer to a preliminary version of an alleged agreement that ...

6a00d8341c630a53ef0133f254e509970b-pi[1] ... TMZ reported on Monday.

Sources told the website that the couple had made a deal in May — $15 million, including a house, child support and more, in exchange for  confidentiality about certain "evidence" — but that she'd walked away from it without signing the detailed final version. They also said her team had played some but not all of the tapes for his team during the negotiation process.

Timing on all these reported agreements and events is key, and unfortunately it's unclear whether this newest release is a prequel or sequel to other similar arguments — about money, her breasts and her clothing, and whether he hit her while she was holding their child — or perhaps a slice of something argued in between.

But the rage, profanity and misogyny are consistent, and Grigorieva suggests that nobody around him will ever tell him the straight scoop.

"You were born this way, and you yell and scream and threaten everybody around you, and everybody is pussyfooting around you because they're all scared ... of you," she says.

"They will never tell you the truth, who you are, because you're paying them money, inclusive of your psychiatrist, who should send you to a neurologist because you are imbalanced and you need medication, and he's just taking your money."

(Forget that one typically would get psycho-active drugs from a psychiatrist or an internist, and that neurologists treat diseases of the nerves, brain and spine, not of of the mind. "What are you," he says, "a ... expert?")

His prescription for her?

"You need a ... kick up the ... for being a [not-nice lady, with a not-masculine son], and I want my child and no one will believe you ... and I'm not giving you my house, and you can rot, unless you crawl back, [perform oral sex] and say you're sorry, in that order. Do you understand me? You ... offend my ... masculinity, my maleness, my being, my soul. And you call me a sinner? You're a ... moving violation. If you get raped, it's your fault for showing off your fake [breasts] like they're some special deal. How much did they cost, those fakers? You complain about mastitis — they're fake baby, come on, you got little bladders in there. You think I'm an idiot?"

He also reportedly says he won't let her keep their child and that no one will believe her story.

The Gibson attorney talking to sheriff's investigators Tuesday is Blair Berk, whom TMZ reports successfully represented Kiefer Sutherland and Kanye West in cases in which violence was alleged. Berk will reportedly be asking authorities to pursue Grigorieva on allegations of extortion and falsifying evidence.

Meanwhile, a representative for Dr. Ross Sheldon told TMZ on Monday that Grigorieva's dentist is going on record as saying she was struck in the temple and in the mouth, despite private word last week that he saw no evidence of damage to her mouth. 

— Christie D'Zurilla

Top photo: Mel Gibson, top, on Jan. 16. Photo credit: Kirk McKoy / Los Angeles Times.

Bottom photo: Oksana Grigorieva on Feb. 1. Photo credit: Juan Medina / Reuters.

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i liked mel gibson before this nonsense.

now i love him.

Look people. This worthless tramp obviously went to the Russian college of how to get permanent residency in the U.S. before coming here.

ALL OF THE WOMEN in Russia know, and this has been proven time and time again through the mail-order-bride crap coming from that country, that all they have to do once they get here is either beat the crap out of themselves, (like bouncing her head off of the floor to create the trauma that the moron dentist said he see's signs of, or getting someone else to beat the hell out of them, then call the law and claim domestic violence, and then, to become eligible for the U-Visa program, the "victim" has to cooperate with the local D.A. in prosecuting the poor bastard, basically ruining the man's life for something that he never did, and she gets off scott-free with permanent residency.

I think every one of the Russian women that come here and even TRY that BS should be beat within an inch of their sorry lives, and then sent back for the rest of the women in Russia to see what happens when you deliberately attempt to ruin the lives of good men here.

Screw them!

I hope she goes to jail.

She might be an undercover spy for Putin and those Russkies. I think the NSA should arrest and deport her.

If Roman Polanski can rape a young girl, sodomize her and still get major studio backing, and Woody Allen can take nude pictures of his wife's adopted daughter and then marry her... Well, I guess you can just about get away with anything in Hollywood.

People who support that vile man Mel Gibson are the same people who did not want to interfere when Nazis built concentration camps in Europe in which 6 million people were killed. "She is a Russian gold-digger, ergo, she deserved it" ...They are Jews, who cares, Europe is not our problem"...etc. We heard that before. BTW, I don't like tea and i don't go to "Tea party." YKWIM.

Where to begin?

Is there an audio expert who does not agree that her side of the audio tapes were not studio recorded on professional grade equipment and dubbed in later--fabricating the context for Mel's remarks?

Anyone with 20-20 vision can see that in the photos taken the day Mel allegedly hit her in the mouth "twice" hard enough to break teeth that she has zero visible damage to her lips--no swelling, no cuts, no bruses.

Some references in the the tapes that date them suggest that she was taping Gibson from the start of their relationship.

She comes from nothing and meets and immediately gets pregnant by one rich celebrity (Dalton), maybe it is not a scam. But a second one (Gibson)?

Since she has already gone nuculear with the tapes, Gibson has zero to lose by taking the $15,000,000 that he was going to pay to her in the deal she walked away from, and using all or part of it to prove in a court of law that she is a scam artist who had his portifolio in her sights from the begining, and that her evidence is all faked.

She has texted mel stating that the only reason she made the tapes was that Mel backed out of a promise to pay her support. Those text messages remove any doubt that none of the exceptions to Penal Code Section 632 apply, and she is exposes to up to three years in State Prision for each and every illegal recording that she made. That's for starters.

Could not happen to a nicer person.

What a scum. I feel sorry for his family.

But you know -- rage addicts often end up dying alone.

Once a rage addict gets old and weak and nobody is afraid of him any more, his friends and family all flee the scene and the guy ends up with nobody at all.

I guess Mel will always have his money and his fans.

He'll never have love, though. It's the one thing he craves and the one thing he is destined to frighten away.

This is madness.

I don't trust this dentist. First he says he saw no evidence of an injury, then he says he did.

Second, what is a dentist doing looking at the temple area of her head and how is that related to the porcelain veneers put over her really bad front teeth?

Scratch the dentist as a reliable source.



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