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Mel Gibson, Lindsay Lohan get send-ups with signature cocktails

Mel-and-lindsayHas that Sunday Funday imbibing followed you to work this fine morning? Mel Gibson and Lindsay Lohan certainly saw their fair share of cocktails this past weekend -- in the form of signature drinks named after the controversial kiddos, that is.

At Birds Cafe in Hollywood, occasionally the site of a Ministry sighting and always a stone's throw from the Scientology Celebrity Center, the creative proprietors have invented cocktail recipes in honor of the controversial Gibson and Lohan.

For the ranting star of "Braveheart," they served: "The Mel Gibson Martini: Vodka martini with a very white onion. Warning: offensive smell. May leave a bad taste in your mouth."

For the jail-bound starlet, "The Lohan: Vodka and olive juice. Not at all sweet. Careful: two drinks can land you in jail and kill your career."

And what cocktail menu would be complete without the option of a shooter? Birds concocted the Mad Max Meltdown, made with Rumplemintz and Irish Cream, served over ice, for $6.95.

Do the star-powered sips sound appealing? Any ideas for your own celeb-themed mixed drink? Tell us in comments below.

-- Matt Donnelly

Photo credits: How Hwee Young / EPA , left; Lawrence K. Ho / Los Angeles Times, right

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Just nice Neil Fifer is looking out for Mel!

The Chris Brown: Kahlua, Vodka, and Bailey's Irish Cream. Looks and Tastes sweet, but beware - it packs a punch!

I would like to order a drink please! Well I really can't drink so i'll just Mel it.


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