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PREACH IT! The Mel Gibson mess: Could it get any worse? [Updated]

Oksana Grigorieva and Mel Gibson

Before we go any further into the world of Mel Gibson and Oksana Grigorieva, let's answer the question posed in the headline: Yes, it can get worse, as Radar Online on Friday afternoon posted audio it says is the taped rant we've been hearing about since the beginning of the month.

Just more evidence that the breakup story grows more complicated by the hour. If the stories that are emerging are even a tiny bit accurate, they make Gibson look more violent and out of control that ever. The latest, per TMZ:

  • Grigorieva told the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department that Gibson hit her and knocked out a tooth. Through his attorneys, Gibson has denied the allegation.
  • Grigorieva, the mother of the couple’s baby daughter, also alleges that Mel threatened her with a handgun, though there’s no additional evidence to back up her claim at this time.
  • Gibson also may have hit Grigorieva while she was holding their baby, but again, no additional details.

[Updated at 3:45 p.m.: One more thing just in -- Mel's agency has dropped him. Gibson's team was informed earlier this week by William Morris Endeavor Entertainment that the company will no longer represent the actor, the Hollywood Reporter says. Gibson's agent of 32 years, Ed Limato, died July 3.]

As for any potential criminal charges headed Gibson’s way, it’s too soon to tell. The Los Angeles County district attorney’s office recently told E! that the investigation is, in essence, still ongoing.

"We have no case. They have not handed it over to us," spokeswoman Jane Robison told E! News. "Once they complete their investigation it would be routine if they handed it over to us, but we have no comment because nothing has been turned over yet."

Hollywood, which is loath to abandon even the nuttiest of talent if it means a few extra bucks ... 

... seems to be taking advantage of the delay by lying low and seeing how things shake out. Gibson recently wrapped shooting on the prison picture "How I Spent My Summer Vacation," and there’s no official word on the project’s release being shelved or pushed. Meanwhile, casting agents have told the Ministry that Gibson is pretty much poison right now, but -- amazingly, some may say -- he likely won’t stay that way forever. Hollywood essentially forgave him once, and, we’re told, we shouldn’t be shocked if they do it again. There’s simply too much money to be made, and America loves to forgive wayward celebrities.

If, that is, they apologize -- which, in this particular instance, Gibson has yet to do. Then again, it’s still not really clear whether Grigorieva’s accusations hold any serious legal weight.

Officially, there’s no comment yet out of Mel Gibson’s camp, but we’ll keep you posted.

-- Leslie Gornstein

Photo: Oksana Grigorieva and Mel Gibson at the Spanish premiere of his film "Edge of Darkness" in Madrid on Feb. 1, 2010. Credit: Juan Medina/ Reuters

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Mel you did not have to punch her, plus now you look bad, your agency drop you, your being investagated by fuss,( good thing they are your friends bro), and this, that, and all the rest , where will it end ? Unreal Genius

Stories. Not journalism.

there was talk of their breakup about two months after the child was born so the subsequent rant and raving appears to be his frustration about that breakup and maybe he has a hard time thinking he was made a fool of especially after leaving an established lifestyle with a wife of 27 years. yeah, i guess mentally that's tough for some people.

some age-difference coupls appear to be almost well suited but each time i see pics of mel with this lady it just looks pathetic. he looks like her granddad. it's just glaringly obvious. 'sorry but it's what i get with every single pic i have ever seen of them.

Their child was born October 30th, on January 6th the baby was 9 weeks old. A very young,delicate infant to be around all of this nonsense. At the January 29th "Edge of Darkness" event Gibson comments to a reporter that the baby "looks like her mother,but with Blue eyes" and that the resembelence is "interesting". Sounds like a smart A**remark in light of this tape.Poor little baby,I think Robyn should care for it or maybe a nun. These two are inappropriate material.

To Oksana, in no way do deserved this, but this is what happens when you hook-up with a known sociopath for Money and Limelight. You had it coming and you know you will be paid well for taking it.


Edge of Darkness (2010) Wow! Best movie of 2010

Marlon Brando dejavu ? in all fairness to Mel......people say things in the heat of anger that sound racist but does that make you a racist ? really ? the anti-semitic stuff is now in addition to anti-hispanic , anti-black.....really who cares....a priest molests boys , a rabbi molests girls on an airliner.....jews cant stand when their daufgters & sons date/marry christians....no one screaming about that

Mel, take your medication as prescribed, go back to rehab & anger management and for Chrissakes CALM DOWN!

People say the N word all the time and it doesn't mean they are racist. People say all sorts of things in the heat of arguments and int his case she was just baiting him so she could tape it and blackmail him. She's just a gold digger hoe is all. She has no talent. She gets all her identity and money from the rich and famous men she has dated.
It's just a word and he has a right to use it just like the thousands of rap stars who use it in all their songs to make money. Who cares?
If its such a terrible word then why is it used in every rap song?
Why do they call themselves the N word?
Why do they call other blacks the N word? Saying the J word is nothing either.
People say Jew all the time. Big deal.

I like Mel

does Bible preach christians to beat their wives?!

Seems to me that Alec Baldwin went through something similar with a tirade of obscenties with his daughter a few years back - looked like his career was done but hey...he garnered awards for his role on his show.

Cool story bro

"There’s simply too much money to be made, and America loves to forgive wayward celebrities. If, that is, they apologize -- which, in this particular instance, Gibson has yet to do."

Did Kobe Bryant apologize? No.

Like you said: "There’s simply too much money to be made"

Gibson is reaping the consequences of abandoning his wife an children.

Entertainers (Actors, Athletes, Singers, etc..) make millions from the public buying their products. So they can take the negative that comes with their antisocial actions even though this happens everyday with people that aren't in the public few... that is us lowly commoners.

Personally, I extend my power to not watch and put money in Mel Gibson's pockets to not only Movies at theaters but while I watch TV; I haven't watched a Mel Gibson movie on TV for years (and I actually liked many of his movies).

Glad that his agency dropped him and hope that others will have the smarts to not waste their time on picking him up.

Even though the bigoted, anti-semitic, anti-social "actions from Mel" unfortunately happen all over the world everyday by "normal folk", as a society, Mel Gibson doing it allows us to to have a common voice that won't validate those actions as normal and right.

Make money off your celebrity and also suffer more scrutiny when you screw-up. That works for me.

There are alternatives you know:
1) Just don't be a bigoted, anti-semitic, anti-social A-hole,
2) Just don't be a celebrity making millions off of the rest of us,
3) Just don't be an "A-hole Celebrity",
4) All of the above

How long until he goes into rehab?

As horrendous as it is; people say and do unconscionable things, no one can claim they haven't. I have to agree somewhat with the person's posting below: 'maybe he has a hard time thinking he was made a fool of especially after leaving an established lifestyle with a wife of 27 years.' The grass isn't any greener on the other side of the fence. Mel should get help (God and counselling/therapy), make genuine apologies and amends to everyone he's hurt, and do whatever it takes to get back with Robyn, be a father to his daughter with Oksana,and stay out of the public eye and be given privacy for a long time (for himself and his family to heal).....

What do you expect from someone who was raised by a father who is a fascist religious freak? Gibson should just do the honorable thing, put a gun into his mouth and end it all. That way everyone will be happy.

All you have to do is do a little research on the Catholic Church of Mel Gibson to realize this guy is nutz.

I think the website that was responsible for releasing the tape should be charged and sued for slandering Mel Gibson's name. The ex girlfriend is after money obviously, this is why men with money are usually cautious of who they involve themselves with. Getting pregnant by a prominent man has always been the known and easiest way to riches for a nobody woman. I hope he's made sure the baby is his and not from a previous relationship she had. This was an emotionally heated private telephone conversation that never should have been allowed to be released over the airwaves and laws and lawsuits need to be put in place about such a thing from ever happening again.
If everyones private telephone conversations were all taped we'd end up despising our neighbors and friends, because we all say things privately we'd never say in public or to someone's face. Besides, Black people call each other the N word, and Mexican's call each other wetbacks if they're not here legally all the time. I'm on Gibson's side, the woman is wrong for what she did and is trying to do in blackmailing, back-stabbing to get her life financially secured for life because she had his child, typical ploy.

Nana, 'the girl friend is after money', yeah right! So is the moron Gibson. This will do him well in publicity, just like Cohen, Stewart etc. The more the press not report on these 'celebrity goings on' the less they get in the press and the less publicity they get. All this does is give them free publicity.

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