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Lindsay Lohan's middle finger tells the judge what she really thinks [poll]

Lindsay-lohan-middle-finger Hey, Lindsay Lohan -- passive aggressive much? A big deal was made of Lohan finally showing some respect to the court Tuesday by showing up on time, appropriately dressed, for the probation violation hearing that wound up pointing her toward a 90-day jail sentence followed by 90 days of in-patient rehab.

Upon further review, however, it seems the wayward starlet's respect might have been -- shock of all shocks -- merely skin deep. Or perhaps only topcoat deep, as the nail on the middle finger of her left hand sported a custom design: the eminently respectful sentiment " ... you" -- fill in the blank yourself, you know you can -- inscribed against a groovy psychedelic background, legible right-side-up to anyone that middle finger might be aimed at.

Sure, maybe that's just for telling off the paparazzi, but the only one it's facing toward in this picture taken from court (here's a closeup -- don't click if you can live without cuss words) is Judge Marsha Revel

Those who comment here regularly know that the Ministry doesn't do the profanity thing for publication, but we do know what such words are for -- and we acknowledge that LiLo's message was more respectful, relatively speaking, than "go ... yourself," or "I'm getting so ... by this whole proceeding, don't they know I'm a star?"

But maybe "I totally ... up, and I'm sorry" would've been more appropriate. 

-- Christie D'Zurilla

Photo: Lindsay Lohan hears she's been found in violation of her probation in a Beverly Hills courtroom on June 6, 2010. Credit: David McNew / Reuters / pool 

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This is her being repentant. No don't think so. She went in there thinking she was getting a slap on the wrist and wore the fingerpaint to give it to the judge and be talked about in the press. She is so desperate for publicity she will do anything. Now she can get publicity for being in jail. Long time coming. Now the streets will be somewhat safe. I say somewhat cause it seems celebrities are out in droves driving drunk. Case in point, girl from "Cry Baby", Chris Klein and others, there is no respect for laws or human life with them. they need to be put in jail the first time and maybe it will deter somebody.

is: c-l-e-a-r-l-y a disrespectful, contemptuous display which should warrant an additional 3 mos. behind bars, which is what any of us regulars would get...

This little actress really is a stupid adolescent.
One would expect that from a 13-year-old.
Does she really think that is cool and adult?
She is going to have a lot more problems in life than just this short jail visit.
Adult body, yes. Little child mind.

There's not really any reason to think her nail polish is aimed at the judge. Particularly with a stylized nails job like that, it was obviously a manicure and will probably be changed for some other flashy design at the next manicure. I know I can't be bothered to keep up on weekly or even monthly manicures, so why should I expect anyone else to do so? I have even worn chipped nail polish to a wedding. The horror! That (some-call-it-"ghetto") manicure is hardly the epitome of nor the worst thing she's done. Way to miss the forest for a little tree, though.

Hopefully the judge sees the photo and the story, gets evidence at the jail house, then slaps some additional time onto the sentence for contempt of court.

Give her another 90 days

It's easy to scorn people who have advantages and waste them all, but if people here ever faced the same legal problems Lindsay Lohan faces, they would want the same breaks (which they would probably get). And that's the hypocrisy, isn't it?

Ms. Lohan is immensely talented and had a great screen presence, as anyone who has seen her pre-troubles work can attest (including fellow actors and execs). I wish her well, she's a human being and I hope her life doesn't follow the usual tragedy.

Perhaps Robert Downey, Jr. can counsel her on how to recover your life.

@Gary -- Christie D'Zurilla here from the blog. Good to see you back! Sorry about that grammar mess the other day -- glad it didn't scare you away permanently.

~~ she blushes ~~



oh Gary, "Ms. Lohan is immensely talented", huh? Ms. Lohan's talent lies in her innate ability to garner press wherever she goes. Immensely talented should be reserved for people who have honed their craft - not little idiots who make a few films and think they will live on in history...

Nobody would care if she pulled a Anna Nicole.

She's worthless.

What a great PR move!

This girl is trash. She was raised by trash and associates w/it on a daily basis. What else do you expect from trash?

Her little fingernail stunt gives her that much more publicity. Her career is over except for the controversy. How much do you think an article like this in the LA Times is worth to someone like Lohan?

I wish the media would stop covering this idiot. She's no different than all the other drug addict child actors Hollywood used up and spit out. Her going to jail is the most exciting thing she's done in a long while.

I am so tired of hearing that Lindsay got a harsh punishment. That's a bunch of bull. I work in the court system and see people everday who violate judge's order to comply with terms of sentencing such as attend AA meetings,
pay fines, and etc. When people do not comply, get jail time. That is a normal pratice in California. What happened to Lindsay is what she and everyone else gets & deserves when violating a court order. She needs to get over it and deal with it. It's that celebrity status that they are being treated unfairly. Wrong. The public who does the same does not get treated as the celebrities do, such as Paris, etc.

I'm not a lawyer but isn't this contempt of court?

free lindsay! Defineately a victim of celebrity victimization by the media and the Court system...Who can
respect eitgh LA Law or TMZ? They reward true criminals like
Kobe Bryant and punish the Paris Hiltons and Lindsay Lohans of the LA world.

Oh Lindsay...you're such a rebel!
Guess you really gave it to the judge didn't you.
Now you'll have time while sitting in jail to think of some other cool ways to express yourself...obviously acting isn't working for you.

Good . Please increase her jail time up to 2 years. Go in jail just like normal citizen when you're break the law.

I don't see it! I think you people have been hitting the Purple Drank! She's just a beautiful disaster!

Aside from the remark on her nail, the nail polish is not very appropriate to wear to court. The court seems to be making an example of this case . Why isn't her lawyer telling her the rules of court or for that matter her family & friends ?

Aside from the message , the nail polish alone is inappropriate for court. The court seems to be making an example of this case . There is a thing called courtroom attire. Clearly her lawyer should be advising her what to wear and not. As well to take her case very serious or she is never going to get out of the system. The girl needs a lot of guidance right now .

Passive Aggressive is too nice of a term for her action. Even if it was placed earlier "with friends" don't you think that a normal person would have removed it for a SENTENCING HEARING??? I hope that she is forced to serve the full 90. But if not, don't worry---she'll be back, probably with a similar tatoo in an unseen body part.


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