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Report: Lindsay Lohan's lawyer Shawn Chapman Holley calls it quits


Shawn Chapman Holley
has resigned as attorney for Lindsay Lohan, according to a Thursday report.

Holley has been beside Lohan through her recent ordeals, and on Tuesday provided a pastel shoulder to cry on when the starlet was sentenced to 90 days in jail after violating her probation from a 2007 plea deal.

Not anymore.

Holley resigned Thursday morning, TMZ says, and has been replaced by newly minted counselor Tiffany Feder-Cohen.

E-mails to Holley's office were not returned. Feder-Cohen's office had no comment in regard to joining Team Lindsay.

We dare say Holley has no ill will toward her troubled former charge, as Thursday morning she also released a statement condemning Judge Marsha Revel's Tuesday decision.

"The reality is that Ms. Lohan, like most defendants, had to balance work commitments with court requirements. To be punished so severely for doing so, particularly in light of the fact that she substantially complied with each of her probationary conditions, is harsh and unfair," Holley said

What do you think about Holley's move? Does Feder-Cohen have her work cut out for her? Tell us in the comments section below.

-- Matt Donnelly

Photo: Shawn Chapman Holley, right, listens July 6, 2010, to a decision from Judge Marsha Revel, with her then-client Lindsay Lohan. Credit: David McNew / Reuters / pool

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Do your time ? Smell the coffee you,ll be out...Probably already out !!!

Notice how when LynnZ got handed down her time and reacted with pulling on attoney sleeve, and the shoulder boo-hoo and did anyone notice that attorney was biting her lip, like, really, see where that saying comes from, and turning away from Lilo, not even a little pat on the hand, not even ONE little, "There, there, princess. We'll fix this."
Interesting that Holley said what she did, infering little Lilo was treated harshly. Looks to me that the attorney probably really QUIT before she lost control of herself, as if she knew she was about to slam little Lilo right over her knee and paddle her arrogant, high-society entilement buttocks to utter, unquestionable, abuse.
And that wouldn't look good for Ms. Holley profesional repuation, so she left.
Yeah, I bet that's what really happened.
Lilo needs a butt-kicking into reality. And it's coming, isn't it.
Bummer, it's gonna hurt real bad. And no drugs in jail, right?
Good Luck, LynnZ.. I mean it..
Good thing you bailed Ms. Holley. You seem pretty smart to me.

When i first saw Linsay in the movie 'Parent Trap', i felt at the time that some day she would be famous.

Turns out she has become famous, but for all the wrong reasons.

Lindsay: what ever became of the girl with so much promise?

Maybe this sentance will be what she needs to get her life back on track: 'tough love'.

Here's hoping she comes out of this with her life turned around, as she hasn't purposly harmed anyone but herself.

I know deep down she's a caring, loving and kind person.

Wishing her all the very best for the future.

@ George
Worst treatment? Come on the court already gave her 3 years to change. She was caught in DUI not once but 3 times. How can you say that she got the worst treatment? In my opinion 90 days is not even enough, she could have killed someone during those times.

...hey girl if you can't do the time...don't do the crime..!!!...we must admitt we have a problem before we can get into the solution. i am powerless over my drug addiction too...and I admitt it....so what now what...well i have stepped my way out of it.....with help....!!...just a suggestion...if you have to do the time do it...if you can get rehab go for it.....it is just a temporary situation... if you are willing you too can change for the better...girl i understand...and my hand go's out to you....there is a way out powerless situation's...anyway nuff said.....oh..i would rather kick rock's than smoke-em....ha ha ha ha !!!......Gary C. In Recovery........9/12/94

I think that the judgement was very fair even though it's obvious that the girl need plenty of help as well. I mean, she didn't take the probation seriously. I think all stars need to go in front of this very same judge and mabe just maybe there would a lot of celebrities wakeup calls. I surely wish all of the ones that takes the laws for a joke would step into this courtroom. Anyway, that is all I have to say on this matter, but maybe she will definitely learn her lesson after this jail time being served. Thanks!

I believe she did the right thing is to resign as her attorney because to much heat over the Judge's decision to incarcirate Lohan, the attorney probably felt that Lohan or her father has decided that her attorney is probably responsible for the Judge's decision to incarcirate her daughter.. In the legal term, it's called "rush to judgement" by her attorney as the Lohan's may think, but it's not, it's Lindsay Lohan herself has create this problem for herself, not her attorney, she there to represent her in any legal matter that the State may accused her of improper justice, the attorney's are there to see that she is treated fairly according to state laws.. Period, Case Closed!!!

Legal Expert

Susan, I agree totally. Hopefully Lindsay will have to serve at the very least the minimum ofin the end she has to want to heal and be alcohol and drug free.

I guess Shawn is fed up with Lidsay's crap too.

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