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Report: Lindsay Lohan's lawyer Shawn Chapman Holley calls it quits


Shawn Chapman Holley
has resigned as attorney for Lindsay Lohan, according to a Thursday report.

Holley has been beside Lohan through her recent ordeals, and on Tuesday provided a pastel shoulder to cry on when the starlet was sentenced to 90 days in jail after violating her probation from a 2007 plea deal.

Not anymore.

Holley resigned Thursday morning, TMZ says, and has been replaced by newly minted counselor Tiffany Feder-Cohen.

E-mails to Holley's office were not returned. Feder-Cohen's office had no comment in regard to joining Team Lindsay.

We dare say Holley has no ill will toward her troubled former charge, as Thursday morning she also released a statement condemning Judge Marsha Revel's Tuesday decision.

"The reality is that Ms. Lohan, like most defendants, had to balance work commitments with court requirements. To be punished so severely for doing so, particularly in light of the fact that she substantially complied with each of her probationary conditions, is harsh and unfair," Holley said

What do you think about Holley's move? Does Feder-Cohen have her work cut out for her? Tell us in the comments section below.

-- Matt Donnelly

Photo: Shawn Chapman Holley, right, listens July 6, 2010, to a decision from Judge Marsha Revel, with her then-client Lindsay Lohan. Credit: David McNew / Reuters / pool

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I think Holley did the right thing. Lindsay is in denial and was probably a very difficult client to deal with. Holley probably got fed up with her behavior and the way she ran her mouth outside of court.

so the court order was messing up her work routine. if it was me or you we would have been in jail already. she is the one who messed up and should have put her "career" on hold until she had her life straightened out. Poor little rich girl. Well I have more important things on my mind like how to get job now that my unemployment ran out. Poor little rich girl. Say hi to Paris!

The judge was a bit over the top in terms of her sentencing. Her "singing" or mimicking Lohan's voice when referring to her now infamous "favorite" pants is most telling. Yes, Lindsay lied 3 years ago, yes, she blamed others, 3 years ago, and yes, she is in denial today. But she is an addict, that is what they do. She shouldn't get preferential treatment because she is a spoiled star, but she shouldn't get worse treatment either. The prosecutor asked for 30 days, and prosecutor's are never lenient, always trending towards the more severe. To triple that evidences an agenda, and a judge should not have any agenda other than simple justice. Thirty days would have been appropriate.

Take a look at the video of the judge admonishing Lindsey. She looks like she was playing up for the camera like a D list actress. What she did to Lindsey is wrong and way over the top. This is clearly an abuse of authority running amuck. It doesn't matter if it was Joe Shmoe or an actor or actress it is wrong. What really burns me up is that she ordered the place where Lindsey went for meetings, therapy to divulge the sign in sheet. These things are meant to be private. No one period should have access to this information. What she did was damage the safety of these places for people to go and get help causing them to be afraid of getting help. She should be thrown off the bench. Wrong just plain wrong!!!

Not buying her sympathy for Lohan's punishment.
I think she's simply placating her as she bails from the drama.

Oh, so sorry . . . see ya!

Oh Please don't pee on my leg and tell me it's raining. Lohan never figured that with her so called status she would have to do any time in jail. when it comes to court and cases for alcohol, drugs and car wrecks she is just another joe like the rest of us.

I guess I will be harsh isnt it time for Lindsay to get her act together. Quite frankly I am sick of hearing all the drama. I know from the trouble my son has been in the courts are really quite patient with missed hearing and missed classes they give you many chance. But they do finally get fed up with wasting their time. Just get your sentence out of the way maybe dry up a bit you will feel much better Lindsay!

For people that feel 3 months was too severe when the prosecution asked for just one month, remember that L.A. county jails have a major overcrowding problem and an early release policy for nonviolent offenders. They only serve a fraction of the original sentence. So in the end Lohan may actually end up serving just under what the prosecution actually requested in the first place. I feel the judge did the right thing and was understandably sick of Lohan's behavior and inability to take the court seriously. I hope someday Lohan can accept responsibility for herself. It would save not just her career, but her life as well.

The Judge gave her 90 days becasue she knows she will only serve 25% of it, so don't feel so bad for poor little Lilo. I do feel sorry for the girl, but hopefully this will wake her up and she can get her life back on track, although, I don't think she will.

When you break the law your career now comes second after you fulfill your obligation to society. This child is an insolent little spoiled princess. What makes her so special just because she can read a bunch of lines that somebody else writes? Oh, and she's pretty. That's worth a lot! Enjoy the strong arm of the law girl. See ya' on the outside!

I think this is a good thing for Lindsay. I thought her attorney wasn't really doing the best she could for her. Plus Ms. Holley always seemed to have a smirk on her face and was constantly grinning. Seems like she is thinking of the limelight more than her client's best interest.

Although, I am not sure how good this new atty is or what kind of experience she brings to the table. But I've been thinking all along, Lindsay needs a better attorney than Ms. Holley and with the kind of money Lindsay has she should really be getting THE BEST attorney out there; and at the risk of sounding chavonstic, I think she should go for a high powered male criminal attorney with lots of trial and courtroom experience. She's definately getting railroaded by the Judge, who obviously has it in for her. They should have gotten rid of that Judge a long time ago. Her sentence is especially harsh and smells of vindictivness. Come on, first an alcohol monitor now 3 months jail time, 3 months rehab and a probation officer to report to just for missing a couple of alcohol classes? Oh yeah and let's not forget the Judge also ordered two doctors to look into her prescriptions and to see if she can take them with alcohol. Duh!!! She's not drinking alcohol and not supposed to and already has a monitor on. Also, even if she was to mix her prescriptions with alcohol, that is really between her and her physician to determine her need to continue with or change her medication. Not up to the Judge, she is abusing her judicial power. I think that is extreme. Especially when that is not the normal sentence for that kind of violation (missing a few alcohol classes) and in light of the fact Lindsay has passed several alcohol and drug tests and came up clean.

Look how many real criminals are being let back on the street left and right and countless probation/parole violations much worse than missing an alcohol class are and they don't even have to go back to jail, let alone have the kind of sentence Lindsay has.

Lindsay do some research and find the best criminal attorney (male as they tend to be very aggressive in winning cases in my opinion) with a lot of trial/courtroom experience, especially in alcohol/drug cases and get this cleared up. You have the kind of resources to hire the best. So, hire the best.

Give it a break ... she broke the law ... not once but ???? 12 times over the last 2 years, did not obey her confinement ankle brace, left the country ... said she didn't have a passport ... did a lousy job in court ... easy to see through in the first attempt and then displayed the real thing when she realized that she wasn't getting away with it!

Good for the lawyer. This girl needs to wake up. She's quickly being forgotten. But that's also what's probably going to save her.

Lindsay, I know this is hard for you, you already have to work,deal with drug & alcohol addiction, depression and plainly just LIFE.., hear this. You are not alone, they are millions of people in the world with the same and even worst problems. But after a rainy day their is always a rainbow. Take this experience and make it into a positive future. Where I work everyone speaks of you and all they can say is "what a waste" the thing is, that everyone can see what a great person you can be, you need to believe in yourself and decide is this the life that you want? I know it is not, believe it when I say it is in your hands to make it happen, change your life, before its too late. This 90 day sentence might just be the best thing that could have happen to you, if you really change your life around. Good Luck.

Whatever I just think the whole society is not fair with this little girl and the way things are going they may push her into something tragic soon. She needs to have someone very matured as a friend since from what I hear and see her parents are not there to fill that gap. i also abserved that Shawn Chapman was a kind of taking such place in her life and now she is gone. That girl is not bad rather the society is exploiting and abusing her for money. She is not different from other teens been traficked all over the world for sex, drug etc. Please she needs prayer.

I dont think celebrities get preferential treatment. I think they buy very good lawyers who get them very good deals. The average person simply can't afford that. Also, the judge didnt take into consideration that Lohan was given permission by the organization to take sessions at different times of the week in order to work with her work schedule. So she didnt break any rules there; rather she was given permission to change them. Having said that, she is being tried for a number of things that occurred over the last three years showing total disrespect to the law and the court system, not to mention causing danger to the public by driving drunk.. twice. It is not hard to see how a judge can be offended by Lohan's lack of respect to rules that everyone in the country has to abide by. Whether or not she got a fair sentence is hard to say. But, like every other case, there are good points raised on both sides.

No upside to representing this troubled child.

What work does she have currently tha hindered her from going to court?? If I have to go to court, I take a day off like everyone else around. IF she had a job at the time, she could tell them she had to go to court. They would have "allowed" it. Just another lie from her.

Lindsay should consider herself lucky that she's no longer a resident of Long Island where DUI is taken very, very seriously. Her sentence would have been at least six times that of the Los Angeles sentence (plus, perhaps, time in an upstate penitentiary - not a good experience). Actually, when you think about it, maybe it's Long Islanders who should consider THEMSELVES lucky that she's not here anymore!

She doesn't know she doesn't know.

I think this whole thing is ridiculous, had it been a regular civilian and NOT a celebrity, I am sure the punishment would have been harsher and I can guarantee that there would be no possible reduction in stay time. I mean really? she couldn't make a court date because she had work commitments? Yeah, well WELCOME to the MAJORITY of the working class and guess what? WE MAKE COURT DATES, I think Lindsay got what she deserved and actually I don't think the time given was harsh enough. Unfortunately, this is what happens when Celebrities think they are invincible and think they are above the laws, same with Pro Athletes, just like commoners DO THE CRIME, PAY THE PRICE. In regard to Holley as everything else in life I am sure there is more to the whole resignation, you don't stand by your client all this time and then resign because you didn't win the case. Oh, and by the way Lindsay show some respect next time you go out in public and REDO your Manicure and next time refrain from the vulgarities on your nails, then you wonder why you are where you are now.

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Tiffany? She hired a newly admitted attorney named Tiffany? Great move, Lindsay! Keep showing that great judgment.

lohen is an example of "self will run riot". If you dodn't take the beans out of your ears its gonna get worse. You better be glad for what you got. Don;t be so proud. You can die just like all of us. Do your time and quit your bitchin. Stop looking like an absolut idiot begging for time you don't deserve.
Get a Grip! Your just another drunk that belongs in treatment.


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