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Lindsay Lohan sentenced to 90 days in jail, 90 days in rehab

Lindsay Lohan sentenced to 90 days in jail Lindsay Lohan was sentenced Tuesday to 90 days in jail, breaking down in tears once after Judge Marsha Revel found that she had violated her probation, and once again after sentencing and probation details were determined. 

"I wasn't expecting any special treatment except I have to provide for myself, I have to work," the actress said, addressing the judge directly before the sentence was handed down.

Lindsay argued to the judge that she had been confused by instructions she received, saying she'd believed herself to be in compliance with the judge's order to go to once-a-week classes because the education program had given her permission to skip and reschedule some appointments along the way.

"I'm not taking this as a joke, it's my life, and it's my career ... I've learned from my experiences, I take responsibility for my actions."

It wasn't enough to sway the judge, who ran down the history of the case -- detailing what Lohan had done in the two DUI arrest incidents, and noting that Lohan had initially tagged others as the drivers both times, and had lied about being sober and drug-free both times. 

The 90-day sentence includes three sentences of 30 days each, to run consecutively, for her reckless driving and two DUI charges from 2007.

Lohan will surrender in two weeks, and the SCRAM bracelet will remain in place until then, despite ...

... Lohan attorney Shawn Chapman Holley's request that it be taken off between now and then in exchange for blood tests.

After serving her jail time, Lohan must attend a 90-day in-patient substance abuse program, and must refrain from consuming alcohol.

Lohan will be given credit for the time served in November 2007 -- the details of which will be worked out upon her surrender, the judge said.

The decision came after a day of detailed and roundabout testimony, primarily from Cheryl Marshall of the Right On alcohol education center that was administering Lohan's program, about whether the actress had or had not attended classes in a manner that was fully compliant with the judge's orders.

-- Christie D'Zurilla

Photo: Lindsay Lohan in Beverly Hills Municipal Court on July 6, 2010, before being sentenced to 90 days in jail for violating probation related to charges from 2007. Credit: David McNew / Reuters / Pool

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she needs to do time in prison,like anyone else,any other person whould get the full extent of the law,let there be no difference,pat in missouri,,,,,

I am so happy the judge sentenced her to do some jail time it is what she needs.... these actresses think that they are above the law and that their criminal actions should not carry any consequences! I hope she does every bit of her time and gets no special treatment. If you break the law and don't follow the rules you should go to JAIL period no matter if your joe blow or Lindsey Lohan !! Good Riddance!

This is actually a very positive outcome for Lohan. She needs to start taking all this seriously, and re-evaluate her life and her place in this world. I wouldn't be surprised if eventually ended up turning into a decent and kind young woman instead of the spoiled, self-indulgent Diva she currently is. Embrace the pain, Lindsay, and welcome the change.

I hope she takes these next 6 months as an opportunity to stop the avalanche of nonsense and stupidity her life, actions, opportunistic friends, and overblown EGO as brought on herself. SHE has hit "A" bottom she never thought she would...but there are other bottoms...OH YEAH!!!!.... I think this woman is at a cross roads from here she either becomes a very wise SUPERSTAR or it gets much, much worse... Its up to her. I wish her the best.

Oh maybe she'll meet a nice girl in there.

Jail cells and fake weaves probably do not go well together.

I'm impressed with the system in this case: it's for the best, Lindsey, you need a wakeup call.

Its the 90day in-patient thing that'll get to her....she only do 2-3 weeks in the jail.

Tough luck love. About time you paid the price, this girl has gotten away with too much. Her little crying act didn't work on the judge, actions to consequences. She should have been put in jail at the end of proceedings. She needs to know the lesson of the law, not an anklet bracelet. Where were her parents? Signing the next reality tv series. If it were any of us we'd be in the slammer before the door shut.


After months of speculation and tabloid fodder, Lindsay Lohan gets what she deserves.

It is so sad. A once perky, clean, beautiful child star becomes a grown up screwed up mentally ill drug abuser. Sad.

Hopefully, Lindsay will take life seriously now - particularly after 6 months sobriety. Hopefully.

Free Linds!

Yeah, she'll get what she deserves all right, like Robert Downey, Jr., Martha Stewart and everyone else who has gotten into trouble before her: increased publicity, interviews, book deals and movie bios. Face it, people, most of the time, celebrities ARE above the law. I don't know about you, but I'd gladly give up 90 days of my life to come out much wealthier and more powerful when it's over.

I have been reading this in the local news down here in New Zealand and what can I say? Well, here it is: 'suck it in Ms Lohan!' You did the crime, you do the time! The problem here is as others have stated, this will do you better in publicity - just like Martha Stewart and co, but sorry to say, the 'press' in general should stay away from things like your case and others. Who really cares? It just puts you in the limelight and as seen on the news, you put on a show for the TV - all part of the act one assumes?

I have always felt badly for her, she's no Paris Hilton, she has talent and she is on a tragic, oft-traveled road with no real friends or family, just hangers-on, amid alcohol abuse.

She is a joke. Of all the important issues facing our country, why do we give her so much attention and contribute to her omnipotence? If this was "average joe", prison and/or rehab would be without question.

Professional obligations?? If I had the threat of jail hanging over my head I wouldn't be doing photo shoots and promoting films in France. Sure, it would be the thrill of a lifetime for me to have those opportunities, but I wouldn't go to jail for them. I also find it insulting when her lawyer tries to compare Lindsay to the rest of us working folk. I find it terribly difficult to believe that she couldn't schedule her work around the classes. Perhaps there would be one or two occassions that would conflict with her obligations. But she could have made arrangements with the court or her employers. She didn't even try. It seems as though she thinks that she can get away with anything. Does she honestly think that she can shed a few tears and that the judge would feel sorry for her. She's not that good of an actress.

I am in the Army and have to listen to this type of BS from new Privates all of the time. Some of them come in thinking that they got some new line of B.S. that no one has heard before and that I am obligated to believe them. At that point, we put boot to butt. We take away their free time and any other privileges. Sooner or later they come around or get put out of the Army. The ones that make it often turn out to be very good soldiers.

I have been a great admirer of this postmodern star a few years ago, but now I am desilusionated to much with her.
I hope she can find her way. It's a great shame.


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