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Lady Gaga debuts new song, 'You and I,' on the 'Today' show

Lady Gaga on the Today show

Lady Gaga loves her little monsters.

After tweeting a promise Thursday of pizza, water and "a suprise 2moro!" to her fans camped out at New York's Rockefeller Center, the singer delivered on that surprise Friday, performing the new tune "You and I" in front of a crowd estimated at more than 18,000.

Lady Gaga's half-hour live "Today" show performance -- which started in the heat and continued through the rain -- opened with the Gershwin classic "Someone to Watch Over Me" and included "Bad Romance," "Alejandro" and the new song, embedded below.

(The tune starts around the 2:30 mark in the video, for those of you on a time budget.)

Quizzed by host Meredith Viera, Gaga said yes, there are down sides to fame, but added that, "the kind of fame that I cherish is the relationship that I have with my fans, which is so pure and so wonderful....

... You know, I don't go out very much, I stay in my hotel room and I write music, and I wrote a brand new album, and actually the big surprise today is I'm going to play a brand-new song from the new album."

The singer, who last week became the first living person to hit 10 million followers on Facebook as measured by number of followers, wraps her Madison Square Garden concerts Friday night, then moves on to play cities including Toronto, Cleveland and more.

She's scheduled to hit Los Angeles' Staples Center on Aug. 11 and 12.

-- Christie D'Zurilla

Photo: Lady Gaga performs on NBC's "Today" show in New York. Lucas Jackson / Reuters

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This chick has no talent or charisma WHATSOEVER! This performance is the beginning of Lady GaGa's 15 minute clock winding down.

ICYNDICY you must be smokin' crack....Lady Gaga has amazing talent....singer, song writer, composer, stage performer, designer......etc. Only when you can exceed such talent will you be qualified to discredit her!

and what do u know about talent icyindicy.....i dont see you playing and instrument or singing in front of millions of people making millions of dollars...maybe its because your bitter or jealous of her FAME?..its ok icyndicy i have some pity leftover....you can have it.....hahaha

Sorry but ICYNDICY is right when he says there is no talent or charisma to her. Guess what? That is an OPINION and people are free to express that. If someone doesn't like GaGa or points out she and her songs are retreads of Madonna are free to say that. Why? It is an opinion. That doesn't make us haters, or jealous or no talents. It just mean we have a different opinion that the others of you who worship at the feet of GaGa. In 20 years, hell in ten years, if the world is still singing GaGa songs we can still dislike her music and call her a hack. To this day, after 30 years, I know a lot of older people who don't get Madonna, yet there are millions, apparently including Lady GaGa, who feel she is a cultural icon to follow and imitate. Those that don't like her are just people that don't like her; that's all.

Some one said Lady Ga Ga has no talent.
What is that, sad envy? She was a talented Piano Player and singer BEFORE she took on the Lady GaGa persona. Do a search on the internet and you will find clips of her before she took on the Lady GaGa persona.

I'm not particularly a fan, but I know talent when I see it. She's doing an Elton John, and doing it well.

I think ICYNDICY is Xtina Aguilera. lol

The show this morning that Gaga gave on the Today Show was absolutely brilliant. She sounded fantastic, looked like a dream and sung her little booty off...LIVE!!!! The best performance of the day was no doubt 'Teeth' which Gaga sung drenched by the rain.

@jim, lol I wont be surprised if it is her. Anway people can say a lot about Gaga but calling her untalented is definitely not one of them. Da girl is an extremely talented. N if after u watched her perform you n I at da today show and her old youtube videos n still think she is untalented then ur definition of talent is questionable. Gaga pulled da biggest crowd in da today show concert history! n thousands of her fans camped outside da day before just 2 see her perform, anyone who can get huge crowds like those to come out 2 see them are definitely not suffering from lack of charisma. Gaga's detractors r just beyond pathetic.

@jim, lol. I won't be surprised.

People can say a lot of things about Gaga but calling her untalented is definitely not one of them.

If after you watched her perform You n I at the today show and her old youtube videos n still think she is untalented then clearly ur definition of talent is rather questionable.

Gaga pulled the biggest crowd in the today show concert history! and thousands of her fans camped out the day before for 20 hrs just to get to see her perform. Anyone you can pull those huge crowds out on a very humid and rainy day just to come see her perform for a mere half an hr is definitely not suffering from lack of charisma.

Some Gaga detractors are just beyond pathetic with their clear straw sucking arguments.

I like what she's TRYING to do in her new "You and I" song, which is to bring back some classic rock. But in my opinion, its an extremely bland song when lined up against the classic rock hits of the amazing 70's and 80's. Her voice and obscure meaningless lyrics suit untz electro pop, she should just stick with that. You can get away with a lot more in pop than you can in rock. In rock there is no escape, you're either good or bad. You can't just wear a birds nest on your head while wearing a bikini drenched in blood and sing lyrics most people can't relate to with a bunch of over exaggerated back up dancers as a distraction from the truth and get away with it.

seeing her in on wed. at the q in cleveland, second row seats very excited

my mom loves you gaga!!!

ICYNDICY- sorry, but two years is longer then fifteen minutes.

Lady Gaga is just soooo talented and sweet! Who, in this day and age, still writes their own songs?! LADY GAGA!!! Nothing compares!!! "Don't cry, angels, it's a beautiful day!" LOL!!!!

ALMOST EVERYONE SIMPLY ADORES GAGA!! Oh man, could a person be loved that way? She's a diva!!

I'm agaga fan myself but to be honest this song dosent fit her it dosent go with her style. If shes gonna change from pop to rock then she better give up cuz with just listening to this song it sounds to me as if it's gonna suck and I had a bit of a feeling that born this way was gonna suck but we never know... Maybe its the only song that sucks...? She has AWSOME songs but not everyone is gonna like every song one of em is bound to fail... Heck maybe two?. Allthough... We never know maybe in the actually album it'll be more electro and pop-ish not so bland as how we heard it. Thats my opinion tho... I'm not much of a slow song fan.

Gaga CAN do rock. Not the best, not at all (in fact FAR from the best rock), but she can. She was full-blown Ziggy Stardust glam-rock before hitting mainstream. This particular performance of this particular song isn't particularly the best; it's okay, but the song has been done better so many times before. However, the route she's going isn't complete full-blown rock, only a bit. She's still sticking with pop; but pop with a much darker and political tone.


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