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Jennifer Lopez threatened with $40-million lawsuit over Cyprus cancellation


Jennifer Lopez is being threatened with a $40-million lawsuit by the owners of a north Cyprus luxury hotel where she recently backed out of a performance, with a statement on her website -- since removed -- citing "sensitivity to the political realities of the region" in conjunction with the cancellation of the July 24 show. 

Lopez on Monday posted a note of apology, stating that she has a "personal policy not to comment on political issues between countries," blaming her representatives for the cancellation statement and apologizing to any fans who might have been "hurt or offended in any way." The direct link to the reps' statement is no longer working.

Speaking from Istanbul on Sunday, the chief executive of the new Cratos Premium Hotel and Casino, which had hired Lopez as the headliner for its official opening night, said the contract "has not been terminated" from the hotel's point of view.

"The cancellation ... is not covered by any clause in the contract she signed with us," Murat Bozoglu said, according to the Cyprus Mail. He said that if Lopez doesn't show July 24, his company will file suit, seeking damages because of what it sees as the politically motivated nature of the singer's decision.

Online protesters had launched various campaigns urging Lopez not to perform in the disputed region.

-- Christie D'Zurilla

Photo: Jennifer Lopez on VH1's "Behind the Music." Credit: VH1

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Jennifer Lopez cancels concert at northern Cyprus hotel

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This is a Cultural Event, she should not look at it as anything else. Turkish Cypriots voted YES to a United Nations Peace Proposal in 2004 whereas Greeks voted NO. Since then, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus has been visited by numerous Public Celebrities from all around the world. Examples: German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder, Singer Shaggy, Singer Sean Paul and many more.

The European Office has opened an office in North Cyprus and started injecting millions of Euros to 'Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus'

Lopez's biased team chose to upset a Turkish Population of over 100 Million Globally with another 100 Million Turkic Population in Asia. And, they pleased a Greek Population of 11 Million. What is more, Turkish Cypriots are the right party.

What a wrong business decision. What an unfair decision ....


Fact : When Obama Administration came into the Office, Ms.Clinton accepted the President of 'Turkish Republic of Cyprus' first. Mr.Talat was invited to Washington for a face-to-face meeting. Greek Cypriots showed the same exact reaction and wanted their leader to be the first.

Result ? A huge rejection !! Greek Cypriots are so rich, they love crushing the Turkish Cypriots any chance they get. However, the World has noticed who the right party was. Turkish Cypriots who managed to save their lives and prevented the Island to be connected to Greece.

Jennifer ! If US politicians are rewarding Turkish Cypriots for their peace efforts, you may very well visit and sing your lovely songs. This is music, if anyone has a problem with it, they cannot be good :-)


JENNIFER LOPEZ has shown she is a SUPPORTER of the (EOKA GREEK TERRORISTS) The EOKA GREEK TERRORISTS MASSACRED over 400 British Men, Women & their families from 1955-1959 & then commited GENOCIDE on OVER 12,000 Turkish Cypriot Men, Women & Children from 1963-1974. When the Army of Turkey came to INTERVENE in Cyprus to END the GENOCIDE! The Island was split into 2, since the EOKA GREEK TERRORISTS still refused to let the co-founders of Cyprus return back to thier Government, the Turkish Cypriots were forced to create THEIR OWN GOVERNMENT! Just like when the U.S. & NATO came to Bosnia & Kosovo to END the GENOCIDE of Bosnians & Kosovans by the SERBIAN TERRORISTS (EOKA'S TERRORIST ALLY) The Eoka Greek Terrorists DESTROYED the shared Island in 1963, they now occupy the South & the victims, the innocent Turkish Cypriots have ended up in the North. END of story. THEIR IS NO OCCUPATION!

I am writing to you to express my deep sadness and dissatisfaction on how the Turkish Cypriots have been sucked into this dirty Greek properganda war. The fact that a continued injustice is being applied to Turkish Cypriots, both at home and abroad, on every level – political, economic and therefore in social terms also. By way of (brief!) background, you may or may not be aware that this abuse of basic Turkish Cypriot Human Rights started less than 3 years after Cyprus achieved its independence in 1960 when their Greek Cypriot compatriots ceased to recognise the power sharing terms agreed between the two communities (and Greece, Turkey and the UK, who acted as the island’s ‘guarantors’). Countless and relentless abuses of Turkish Cypriot rights continued for over 10 years (despite a UN presence since 1964) reaching a stage whereby many Turkish Cypriots felt the need to flee the island, never to return, whilst the remaining 18% of the population had taken refuge from Greek Cypriot attacks on 3% of the island’s area . Events on the island culminated with a Greek Cypriot coup aimed at uniting Cyprus with Greece in 1974, forcing Turkey into the position of intervening under its powers of guarantee to safeguard the Turkish Cypriot minority. Without raking over the details of the long and sorry history between the two communities, the ‘political stalemate’ on the island means that Turkish Cypriot people continue to be held under the embargo of the Greek Cypriots. Their right to freely trade, travel, communicate and, in general, to deal and integrate with the rest of the world has been denied to them by the Greek Cypriot authorities. On this point it is important to note that the internationally recognised ‘Republic of Cyprus’ does not speak for or represent the interests of Turkish Cypriots. Enforcing the silence of Turkish Cypriots by failing to accept their freely and democratically elected representatives serves only to compound their plight further. In practical terms the Turkish Cypriot people have been turned into the hostages of the Greek Cypriots. Turkish Cypriots are forbidden to export their goods direct from Northern Cyprus. A proposed EU Commission Regulation for this purpose is currently blocked by the Greek Cypriot authorities. Nor is there direct access by flight from the UK to Northern Cyprus – another obstacle to undermine the development of North Cyprus and its tourism industry. Currently, airlines have to fly to and from North Cyprus via Turkish airports at very considerable additional costs. The most ‘recent’ development for Turkish Cypriots was in April 2004 when they had the opportunity to voice their support for the UN Annan Plan to unify Cyprus, which was put together after lengthy and detailed discussion of, and considerable compromise on, all aspects of the Cyprus issue following a process agreed by all parties. It’s rejection by 76% of the Greek Cypriot community unfortunately demonstrated their unwillingness to compromise and embrace a settlement. However, 65% of Turkish Cypriots voted in favour of the Plan, even though this would have resulted in considerable risks and sacrifices on their part. Whilst the international community, including the European Union (EU), the United States of America and the UN, pledged to reward the Turkish Cypriots’ brave and positive vote by ending their isolation, Turkish Cypriots are still waiting for the world to make good on these promises. To date, not one single embargo has been lifted, leaving the Turkish Cypriots still suffering as second-class citizens in their own country. They are still unable to trade, travel or communicate directly with the rest of the world, nor can they represent themselves socially and politically.

There is a Turkish population living in northern Cyprus and they deserve nothing less than what everybody else deserves. Greeks' trying to block an event doesn't seem peaceful to me. Even from something like music which should be peacemaking they can create a sceen. Don't come to the trap. JLo you make your music for peace donot be involved in stupid games. Turkish people suffered a lot in Cyprus and still suffering. Do not add to this pain.

Good She should be sued, art should be just that art, she has no right to make plotical statements to take hostage music, if the Hotel suffers a set back bcz of her they have every right to sue her,
just imagine you open a$ 230.000.000 business and you count on her to come and promote and she doesn't show up would you not be pissed off?
if she did that in Vegas she would be answering the?? you know who?

actually she doesn't worth the $3 mil, Turks should call on Shakira she is 100 times better than her she is washed up unhappy women whom merried a second choice after Ban Affleck, she was dumped by him and for a good reason , she has no talent or she has no great looks have you guys seen her behind lately, bye bye J LO

I'm sorry to intrude, however. No one on this Page hasn't a clue what they are talking about.
For 36 years my homeland has been held hostage by the Turkish Army who in 1974 forced 200,000 people from their lives and homes. Killing Innocent men and raping innocent women along the way. Resulting in the death of more than 3000 people, 2 of those people being 2 of my Great Grand Fathers. Who were great men. They spoke fluent Turkish and were friends with all the turkish Cypriots in their villages. Those Turkish Cypriots mourned for my Great Grand Fathers as much as my family did. I know this because his Turkish next door neighbour who still lives next door to my Great Grand Fathers house, told us. He had to bury his body in the back garden after the Turkish Troops shot him, he was 92 years old. All the Turkish people in the village attended his funeral, while my family weren't allowed or weren't even informed of his murder.There are still more than 1000 people still missing to this day. Men who were most likely taken to the concentration camps in Turkey and murdered. So to claim that the Turkish men and woman are victims of the Cypriots is ridiculous. We Cypriots are the ones who suffered and we have fought for 36 years for justice and we continue to fight for another 36 years and more.

Well now the world is wating to see if Jennifer Lopez will go with MORALITY AND HUMAN RIGHTS or because of the threats for a $40-million lawsuit over Cyprus cancellation will give in and cancel the cancelation.


Turkish barbarians uncivilized brutes you are on stolen land GET OUT OF CYPRUS NOW

Jennifer was mislead by the Greek diaspora. I wonder if she received any threats? Greeks in Cyprus attempted ethnic cleansing of Turks in the 60s and 70s (very similar to how Bosniaks were slaughtered in Bosnia) and Turkey only invaded 30% of the island to protect the Turks from being killed by the Greeks. Greeks are spinning the story to show it as if the Turks were the bad guys. They are trying to convince using the religion card - as if they have the upper hand just for being Christians. Please do not fall into that trap. There is PEACE in Cyprus since 1974 (36 years) and no security issues in the North. There is an open border between the North and South and thousands go back and forth every day. Greeks in Cyprus do not want a solution which will give equal rights to Turks - the world will need to soon accept that there are two countries in Cyprus. Maybe Jennifer will go then..

To read of Turks accusing others of genocide and ethnic cleansing seems like one of the greatest ironies of all time. Funny how people gain a new perspective on things when they believe they have been wronged!!!

To all angry Turkish people flooding the net with threats and derogatory comments; when you recognize the wrongs you have done to Armenians, Kurds, Greeks and so many other ethnic groups, you can begin to criticize. Unlike to what you think, all people are the same; greeks, turks, armenians, americans. Turks ARE NOT above anyone else.

it will be interesting to see in which court of law the people who built this hotel plan to take Ms Lopez. It has been built on land not owned by them, whose legitimate owners were ethnically cleansed (or might have even been raped and killed) by the invading turkish army in 1974. Whole families were shot and burried in their gardens by the invading turkish troops.

Furthermore the have no building permit by the government of Cyprus. Ms Lopez should sue them for getting her involved in such an illegal mess in which she opted out as soon as she found out what was happening.

"Politically motivated nature of her cancellation?" It became political the moment the deal was made. Face the facts though she is not allowed to land in an illegal state and perform there. Can't happen. What all good people should be asking is why in a hotel called Cratos (state in Greek) and why on the anniversary of the invasion?

I think the Turks are a little too proud of what they did to Cyprus and not ashamed one bit.

Way to many Turkish comments and destorted ones, where are the Greek responses. The truth here is that an army of 40,000 Turks from Turkey invaded and took over 37% of the island, killed 6,000 Greek Cypriots, raped approx 1,000 women, robbed and looted wherever they went. Over 2,000 missing GC. Many were taken to Turkey and were murdered in prison camps. This illegal state has taken over GC land, homes and business. The Hotel resort JLO was to have performed at is most likely
GC land. Turkish Troops continue to occupy Cyprus' most popular resort town of Varoshia once thriving tourist destination which is now called a ghost town. Empty run down hotel resorts are decaying throughout the beautiful beaches. Cyprus legitimate Government is an EU Country recognized throughout the world. Turkish State is only recognized by Turkey and it's brutal Turkish occupying forces. Time to make some changes and get those troops out of Cyprus, pursuant to UN resolutions.

Reassuring that Lopez back off from the initial official statement.

It is worth reminding ourselves why the tragedy of Cyprus happened -

“Had Turkey not intervened, I would not only have proclaimed Enosis [Greek annexation of Cyprus), I would have annihilated the Turks in Cyprus as well.”

Firstly, the ONLY reason why J-Lo was asked to appear at this event was because her birthday fell on the same day of the celebrations for the invasion of Cyprus by Turkey. She obviously wasn't given the full facts by the organisers of the concert and when eventually she found them out she decided that she didn't want to be used as a political tool by the Turks.

Secondly, some of the comments I've been reading here are beyond pathetic, had various countries in Europe still been arguing and pointing the finger 36 years after World War 2 there wouldn't be a European Union.

Lastly, the invasion of Cyprus by Turkey has been declared by the UN in various resolutions to be illegal, fact. The continued occupation by Turkish troops in Cyprus is illegal, fact. The 'TRNC' has been called by the UN 'invalid' and formal recognition of this so-called 'Republic' is illegal, fact.

No amount on finger pointing and dredging up events that occured over half a century ago will change these facts.

I completely agree with Stephen, it comes as no coincidence that Miss Lopez's birthday falls on the exactly the same day as Turkey's illegal invasion is celebrated in north Cyprus. This was NOT a cultural event as many pro-Turkish supporters claim, this was yet another attempt by the illegal regime in north Cyprus to publicise and legitimise their cause, this time it would have been on the back of an A-list celebrity.

Miss Lopez simply chose not to be used as a propaganda tool for a regime that the United Nations regards as illegal.

How can J.Low be sued by an illegal state or illegal landowner?


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