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Jennifer Lopez cancels concert at northern Cyprus hotel

Jennifer Lopez Jennifer Lopez has canceled a concert planned for the July 24 opening of the Cratos Premium Hotel and Casino, responding to online pressure against the performance in the breakaway north of the island Cyprus.

"Jennifer Lopez would never knowingly support any state, country, institution or regime that was associated with any form of human rights abuse," says a statement posted Thursday on her website.

"After a full review of the relevant circumstances in Cyprus, it was the decision of her advisors to withdraw from the appearance. This was a team decision that reflects our sensitivity to the political realities of the region."

The island split violently into a Greek-speaking south and Turkish-speaking north after a 1974 invasion by Turkey; Turkish Cypriots in 1983 declared independence in the north, recognized only by Turkey. The rest of the island joined the European Union in 2004. Some saw Lopez's planned performance as an endorsement of the breakaway state.

The gig, scheduled for J.Lo's 41st birthday, reportedly would've come with a $3-million paycheck. Apparently, as Beyoncé may have learned after playing a little New Year's Eve gig in St. Barth's for a son of Moammar Kadafi, not every multimillion-dollar paycheck is worth it the hassle.

-- Christie D'Zurilla

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

Photo: Jennifer Lopez in Madrid on April 27 for the Spanish opening of "The Back-up Plan." Credit: Victor R. Caivano / Associated Press

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No it was not split in 1974 it was spilt by UN peace keepers in 1963 in response to a Greek terrorist organisation and civilians murdering TUrkish Cypriots, and in 1974 Turkey acted on its guarantor rights and intervened to stop the murder of Turkish Cypriots and to stop an illegal military coup sponsored by athens to illegally unite Cyprus with Greece, stop being so ignorant

Brava to Ms. Lopez for recognizing injustice and theft of a county's identity.

This is how they explained it to Jen-Jen: "Greeks GOOD. Turks BAD. Turks always bad because Euros are pure and white and always good. Don't worry about the actual history and situation." Thus her decision was made.

Thank you JLo for choosing not to support the breakaway/occupied zone of Cyprus! We hope to see you perform in a peaceful, unified Cyprus where all can attend in the future! Bravo!

I congratulate Jennifer Lopez for canceling this concert. To provide a some background information to the readers of this post Cyprus was invaded by
Turkey in 1974 with 3000 civilians killed 1000 women raped by the Turkish soldiers using as an excuse to restore the constitution and Government of Cyprus that was overthrown by the backers of the Greek Junta.Since 1974 Turkey with 40,000 soldiers and 600 Tanks occupies 37% of the Northern part of the Island. In 1974 Turkish troops forced 200,000 Greek Cypriots to leave their properties and move to the Southern part of the island ,During this brutal 36 year occupation with 40,000Turkish soldiers stationed in North Cyprus hundreds of churches and cemeteries were destroyed and the Greek Cypriots are not allowed to return back and use their properties.UNESCO as well as other international organizations criticized the destruction of thousand years historical monuments. The Cratos Premium Hotel is built on Greek Cypriot owned land and Ms Lopez did the right thing for not participating in the hotel's opening celebrations on the stolen land in the occupied North Cyprus,

TYPICAL TURK, LOOK AT UR HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATIONS AGAINST THE, Armenians, Bulgarians, Cypriots, Greeks, Romanians and the Serbs

What a load of rubbish. Just the lousy GC lobbyists. If it wasn't for the peace operation in 1974 and the ethnic partitioning of the island, the Turkish Cypriots who have lived there since the 1500s would have been wiped out by the Greek Cypriots - just as they attempted in 1963.

Turkey's invasion of Cyprus in 1974 was characterised by the ethnic cleansing of 200,000 Greeks from the north of the island, the rape of hundreds of women and the massacre of 6,000 innocent men, women and children. Since then, Turkey has set up a puppet state in the north, which it has been trying, with no success, to achieve international recognition for. They even tried to pay Jennifer Lopez $3m to get their pariah state some legitimacy; but fortunately J-Lo saw through their lies – lies like Erden's about Turkish Cypriots being killed and Turkey coming to protect them. Turkey invaded Cyprus to partition the island, steal the land and try to make a profit out of it – by building casinos and hotels, like the one J-Lo was supposed to perform at. Human rights and the rule of law matter. Even Jennifer Lopez can see this.

Jennifer, It was very wise of you to cancel your visit to te occupied area of Cyprus
I am one of those refuges who lost my house my land my relatives during the Turkish invation in 1974. I been waitting for a solution since then but Turkey
seems to forgot about us SHAME . Kyriacos

what a big loss for northern cryprus!

What a load of rubbish. As someone already said, the UN split Cyprus in 63 against the Greek terrorist organasation EOKA. In 1974 the greeks tried the same stunt again eith the EOKA stuff over threw the greek government (Arch Bishop Makarios) then started attacking the Truskish minority there like in 19656 and 1963.

The Turkish Government in Turkey sent Peace Keepers who then saved the Turkish minority. But before the Turkish minority was saved the EOKA still managed to commit a few crimes against humanity (Check History).

So how do I know all this stuff? Because my dad was stationed in Cyprus as a Brittish Peace Keeper...and I took the time to study the history instead of acting on "Hear Say".

I will not be buying J'Lo's "Music" anymore.

This I find totally funny..

"Brava to Ms. Lopez for recognizing injustice and theft of a county's identity".

Posted by: Dena spanos hawkey | Jul 09, 2010 at 11:37 PM


Lets see...

Greek Coffee?? (Turksih Coffee)
Dolmades (Dolma - Meaning stuffed - a Turkish dish)
Greek Yogurt - Yogurt comes from the Turkish word Yogurtma (meaning kneeded).
Greek Kebab (Turkish Kebab actually).

The list s actually endless and wait for it... recently the Greeks tried to "patent" Turksih Delight and Greek Delight..

Sorry error on last post..


The list s actually endless and wait for it... recently the Greeks tried to "patent" Turksih Delight AS Greek Delight..

What a disgrace, yet again Greek propaganda wins the day. If you really want to have an idea of the appalling abuse of human rights read the book The Genocide Files, written by a British journalist, Harry Scott Gibbons. He was present when the Greek Cypriots decided to literally wipe Turkish Cypriots off the face of the earth in their attempt to have what they call enosis, illegal unity with Greece.

Had not Turkey intervened, in their so called invasion, then the Greek Cypriots may well have succeeded in their genocide attempt. It is long overdue that the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus was given recognition and the world ignores the lies and propaganda of Greeks everywhere and actually look at the facts. Shame on you Jennifer Lopez!!!

I am British and have no issue with either side other than the unveiling of the facts, what a shame the majority of the world sticks it's head in the sand and bows to the pressure of these murderers.

Can Sophie and Erden please study history objectively before posting their subjective comments. To understand any element of history one must read not just what is taught to them
As one of the people that campaigned against this silliness I am very happy to see that our petition worked.
There is no contesting that it is a de facto and illegal state.

Heeyy Jenifer, Greeks are good only killing a oldery ladys and kits, and, when they have slaps on they had, then starting screeming for help, They are sooo cihiken they worry sooo much from 250.000 cypriots turkish will take them ower.
You are singer not a political Mp jut do you job, and dont take a notice from greeks, they still living in before BC,

Today the news erupted on the Greek South Cyprus who convinced Jennifer Lopes to cancel the contract, That The Primary Manager Of Lopez was offered one million dollars top convince Jennifer in cancelling her contract.
These are gossips on The South yprus and Therse are now causes for the hotel who is suing Lopes for 100 millin USd for braking contract. Teh lawyer will be The ex-president Denktas from Northern Cyprus

You made the right decision, Jen!!

Get the facts straight.

The truth is ... if Lopez fells this strongly about the situation too cancel her show she should be cancelling a lot more shows around the world and even in America. Take the Arizona issue as a prime example.

Freedom House, a human rights organization, has classified Northern Cyprus as "free" since 2000.

As you read the comments attached to this article. The hate comments are not coming from the Turkish Cypriots.

guys calm down! its okay jennifer lopez

people jennifer lopez is not performing in cyprus (turkey) or cyprus so why are you fighting it was jennifers choice to not perform because she new it will become into something bed what ever you say will not change her mind so get over it !!!!!!

bravo for J LO its good to see that money doesnt come first in situations like this.This clearly shows that even Hollywood stars wouldnt risk associating themselves with the illegal state as no good would come out.I mean its clear that the land the hotel is on land that belongs to refugees who were forced to give up their land to the ATTILA in 1974 but no we get the Turkish moaning about the few years that for once they were forced to suffer. Am sorry but am not claiming that during the problems the Greek side didnt do wrong but it was time to fight back after a lifetime of rapes and murders and bullying from Turkey. The turks sit and claim that they were mistreated but they forget to mention obviously about the Armenian genocide which funnily enough they are the only ones which deny it ever occurred, or how about the mistreating of the Kurds with the kidnapping of Ocalan a scary picture of how the Turks deal with situations and not forgetting the slaughterings of the many Greeks down the years. But do we get after all the killings and rapes they have committed? We get them still trying to seek some compassion from other countries but its good that the Turks are well known by now for being barbaric and no one listens to their problems. Me being GreekCypriot obviously people reading this will think it is a biased analysis of things but any rightminded human being can see that Turkey has been and will for ever be a cruel and barbaric country whoever is leader and no matter how much they try to improve the human rights in their own country. BRAVO J LO.

I won't say shame on you because there is an old saying in Turkish, something like that : It is not a shameful thing to be unaware, but it is shameful to ignore the knowledge. I assume that you have no clue about the situation on this island. But please don't get your info only from one side (Greek lobbiest). You are an artist and you shouldn't be so shallow when you make a comment on a nation. I would suggest to you, please talk with a few Turkish people as soon as possible and just use your own gut and reconsider your decisicion. It is not too late to make this right....

No, the Turks are not "always" bad. They are just fine when they are in Turkmenestan where they belong. When they invade Asia Minor, slaughtering and displacing the native Greeks and Armenians along the way to steal their lands, then they're BAD. In fact, they're evil. Genocide, genocide, genocide. Yes, you hate the world and you like to pretend it never happened. Why don't you follow the example of the Germans, admit the sins of your fathers, and go back to your own borders.

Illegally unite Cyprus? No, the Turks feared two Greek states. In any case, what gives you the right to invade another country just because you don't like what they're doing? The Turks raped and invaded and pillaged for centuries and stole from Greece and the rest of the region as the Ottoman Empire. Sorry that the world refuses to forget such evil.

Maybe pick up a history book that's not written by Osama Bin Laden. I dunno. Just a thought.

Way to go, JLo!

I am neither Turkish nor Greek but I recently lived in Cyprus for seven years and am very disappointed that M/s Lopez has fallen victim to the efficient Greek Cypriot propaganda machinery. Turkey is not the aggressor in Cyprus they acted in 1974 because it was their internationally agreed duty to end the genocide being perpetuated by Greek Cypriot.

The Turkish half is unfairly treated by the international community. Greek Cypriot propaganda has turned world opinion upside down since they illegally seized control of the island, disenfranchised the Turks and then set about an ethnic cleansing programme similar to that of The Balkans which recently outraged the world. The Greek Cypriot government is in reality an illegal institution but was admitted to the European Union in contradiction of an international protocol that prevented Cyprus from entering into treaties and associations that did not already include both Turkey and Greece.

During a recent referendum for reunification of the island, the Greeks voted an overwhelming NO. The European Union promised the Turks – who voted unanimously YES - that they would at least be allowed to trade with the rest of the world, but this has been blocked by Greek Cypriots abusing the EU’s right of veto. Greek Cypriots claim to be hoping for a reunification of the island, but whenever something beneficial happens for the North the propaganda machinery cranks into action again. Their ambition is to revert to their version of apartheid as practised before 1974.

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