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Vienna Girardi and Jake Pavelka get ugly -- and he gets a new TV gig

Vienna Girardi and Jake Pavelka That wasn't a lingering Roman candle exploding Monday night on ABC -- it was Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi going at it on national television in an interview that aired during an episode of "The Bachelorette."

Discussing their big breakup with host Chris Harrison, the two addressed fun issues like fame-seeking, betrayal, loneliness and lies. Ain't love grand?

"I'm so mad at you. I'm so disgusted with you. You sold me out to a magazine," Pavelka told Girardi.

"I've tried to give him the ring back twice," Girardi said in defense of herself. "It was a breakup, and I was leaving." 

Not so fast! He used to love her!

"She was, at that point, supportive and loving and very trustworthy," Pavelka said of their brief engagement, "and witty and interesting and entertaining."

We dare say she still is entertaining, at least in a prime-time, near-tears capacity. And Pavelka will be returning to the small screen, it was announced Tuesday, to appear on a "Bachelor" spin-off series, "Bachelor Pad." 

Harrison told "Entertainment Tonight" that Pavelka will stop by a mansion packed with 19 of the most memorable players from seasons past.

To witness every detail of the present ugliness between Pavelka and Girardi, click here for the full episode of "The Bachelorette." Never fear if you want to see only their interview -- it's in the fourth segment of the show, and you can click ahead to that dot in the episode's time line.

-- Matt Donnelly

Photo: Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi at the April premiere of "The Back-up Plan." Credit: Matt Sayles / Associated Press

We won't go on national television to talk about your fascination with reality TV stars -- just click that link and scroll down, and your secret is safe with us.

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I think last nights show with Jake and the Vienna was so tasteless. I thought she was pretty honest but I now think that Jake is a flamer and nasty and a liar.

His attitude towards everyone was tasteless and demanding and I will not watch this show again.

Since our little friend Alli was so upset about something I suspect she will choose none of the guys that she has been kissing and will somehow get to be with Jake.....last night was to make sure that Vienna and Jake were officially off so jake could move in......that will not work either because Jake is not mature and not elegant of Spirit. And terribly below average not only in height but in social and humane behavior........he is no gentleman.

Jake is a butthead. I think he is a lost little boy. Im sure the fellas on the bachelor pad will throw him to the curb.

jake is so easy to read. i think he is boring to watch. go away boring boy.

i think that Vienna is still immature and was used. She is a victim. She did not know what was going on even until the end. And she thought it was true love??? That's sad how men can toy with people's feelings. And blame it on them.

could it be fake? possibly. But, even though Vienna came off as a drama queen I believe her. To me those were real tears and real emotions. Only a women who has gone through what she was talking about knows that Vienna was telling the truth. Jake was hiding something, perhaps he's gay who knows but he is phoney. He came off as aloof and too perfect. On the other hand they both could be good actors.

Vienna said it best when she said: "Jake in a fame-whore" You go girl! Isn't Jake's 15 minutes of fame up yet??? He's been riding that horse too long. Get off, give it up & go home.

Vienna is a manipulator. She has known from the start what was going on. She has had her own agenda of gold digging and fame. When she didn't get her plan fulfilled according to her own temper tantrum throwing time frame then she sold Jake down the river for the big bucks. Vienna is not a victim....she was in this to win this....she just happened to not be able to hang in the game without cheating.

I have met guys like Jake, controlling, fake and complete liars.Vienna is no prize but he is as phony as they come. He is looking for someone to control and mentally abuse!!
Jake, you are such a looser!!!! and extremely rude with absoluetely NO class.
Go home to mommy!!

I never liked that Vienna. I could never understand why he chose her. She is NOT good looking and repulsive, BUT!!!!! I don't think she was lying last night,. I understand as a women what she was saying. He is an absolute low life. Totally into himself. What a jerk. He might as well forget his "hollywood future", who gives a damn about him OR HER!!!
That program was disgusting last night!!!

Are you kidding me? Jake a Jerk.... come on we all know that Vienna is trash. Why can't she go back to her home town? People wake up, she was looking for someone like Jake. People saw her as the gold digger, and Jake woke up to the spoiled brat she is. Jake couldn't give her what she wants and thats "Fame". She may get her 2min. now, but she soon will be yesterdays recyclable trash. Bravo Jake, its about time you kicked the garbage to where it belongs, THE CURB!!

Jake is a putz! I hope no one actually encourages that jerk to ever be on TV again.

Jake is such a douche... a total drama queen.

Okay, Jake is a loser. He has no clue about how to treat a lady. But, Vienna is no lady. She was right, Jake is a fame whore. Vienna said she hates Hollywood, but she's staying there. She could start acting in Porn flicks. She's bought the bod for that. Hooters might hire her back, although she's probably too fake for them. Jake and Vienna are both losers. They should stay together........They are perfect for each other. Shame on the Bachelor/Bachelorette for airing that crap last night. I'll not watch that program again.

Jake is a big loser and I have thought that since he was on the Bachlorette and got sent home. Last night, if he was mine, I would have kicked his high and mighty butt to the curb. I can't even stand to look at him. He is a smug sob. Vienna I feel for her, and maybe she did talk too much, but who cares, if he did it would have shown, and telling her to quit interrupting??? never in my life has anyone I have loved said that to me. Lets forget all this, and forget about Jake...who cares, he is a loser, let him figure that out for himself

Jake is such a jerk and a looser!! He chose Vienna because he knew he was going to dump her later on, all he cares about is becoming famous. Remember how he made a second appearance with Jillian? Obviously he was not ready to completely vanish when Jillian sent his ass home! He co-hosted "Good morning Texas" twice already. I believe Vienna as well as i believe Jake's ex-girlfriend. I can't believe that he will be in the new show!!! Definitely will not be watching, i hope they kick his ass to the curb!!!!!!

"I'm so mad at you. I'm so disgusted with you. You sold me out to a magazine,"

1. that had me cracking up so hard. The tone he had was sooooooo homo!
2. he said you 'sold me out' which means he knew she was right. That was just a backfire on himself!

Vienna looked pretty damn good last night! I felt sorry for her when she was describing how jake treated her...he sounds entirely controlling and inflexible. The guy is twisted to say she was trying to undermine him if she was merely making a suggestion as to how the furniture should be arranged. What a case!

Jake, you better hold on to flying as I doubt your acting career will be doing any take offs, nor will any decent girl be running to your side to date you (maybe you should try the other side of the aisle). You're a coward, a twit and extremely insecure...use the money wisely for those shrink appointments. You're going to need them!

I was a big Jake fan, but did have my doubts... C'mon, sexy, pilot, but 31 and single?? What gives? Well now we know. He is a jerk, with a temper. I also was not a Vienna fan throughout the show, but now I feel sorry for her. I dont think Jake will ever find anyone who will put up with his Jekyll & Hyde. What was up with him yelling at her like a jack ass then looks at Chris and smiles then calmly keeps talking... um can anyone say Bi-Polar??

At first I didn't really like Vienna.. I THOUGHT JAKE WAS A NICE GUY.. But CLEARLY he is a jerk.. I have been through some jerks and He takes the cake. I am sorry Vienna you did not deserve to go through what you did.. I can see clearly he was lying on the interview... JAKE GOOD LIKE FINDING SOMEONE... You are a looser, and I really feel sorry that you have little man syndrome...

Just wondering where we sign up for the poll that will keep the jake a** off of my tv screen. I hope Hollywood doesn't put this guy in a movie. I'm already disappointed that they put him in an episode of Drop Dead Diva. I love that show, now I'll be skipping that episode. jake reminds me of the girls in high school that would do anything and hurt anyone and make total idiots of themselves to be popular. Get him back on da' plane and back away from the camera.

I think both are immature and handled it wrong. Jake should have been upfront with Vienna and tell her he was interested in tv and acting and not just going back to Texas to fly. What you represent on a show and to others should be real when it comes to your job. It was misleading and he was wrong and needs to admit it.
Vienna should not have gone to tabloids to tell the dirt. She did though and although she was hurt, there are other ways to leave a broken relationship. All in all, this is what happens when you try for love on reality tv show. both are very very immature, and I beleive the Bachelor show has some to blame in this also. Editing for ratings, and bringing on Bachelor who has a different agenda than what was presented is a total no no. Maybe they can all learn something from this.

I agree, the whole idea of the interview was tasteless. Let's put two people who just broke up and have them talk about it. To anybody who has broken up imagine how you'd sound?

Having said that, it seems like Vienna is playing the victim again. As I recall from the show none of the other contestants liked her, they all warned Jake about picking her. Now she goes from complaining about not moving back to Florida, to she's staying in L.A. because she doesn't like people in her hometown? Is there a group of people she hasn't alienated?

It takes two to tangle, but it looks to me like Vienna was on the Bachelor to win, not to find a spouse (in fairness I would agree that both seem to have had motives other than marriage for being there). In the end, chalk up another failed relationship, this time to an incredibly stupid way to pick a spouse - it seems difficult to believe all their contestants don't end up this way.

this is just too great! It is clear that Vienna is so needy that she cannot deal with someone who has a life of his own. No one holds a gun to her head keeping her anywhere, preventing her from getting a job, etc. but she is more comfortable being a victim. Sounds like all of her old baggage is coming back and will prevent her from ever having a happy relationship.

told ya so - shoulda picked Tenley

Come on people. Jake is hot. He has always stated what he wanted. I could not believe that he chose her if the first plce. She is un-educated, ugly, crosseyed and for the mose part just looking for the first dollar thrown t her. Jake deserves more! What a phony show last night. Tears, I, don't think so> They were just as fack as she is

Jake was letting her talk most of the time. Whenever he tried to say something: she interrupted him. That is a big reason why he didn't want her anymore. She cannot listen - she doesn't want to hear what he has to say. She can only have her own view.

She truly does not respect him as a male. And I do understand that he withdrew himself from her. If she can't respect her male: Why would he want to be intimate with her?

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