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Ed Westwick ain't Team Bella; he's not attracted to Kristen Stewart

July 2, 2010 |  4:37 pm

Ed Westwick of Gossip GirlGood thing Kristen Stewart has both Edward and Jacob fawning over her -- she won't have to hold her breath waiting for Ed Westwick's call.

The "Gossip Girl" star made some comments at a recent Virgin Mobile event, declaring that Stewart and her starlet counterparts don't do it for him.

"I like the older ones, the ones around my age; the Kristen Stewarts of the world don't really do it for me," Westwick said to Popsugar about his celebrity crushes, which include taken ladies like Scarlett Johansson and Miranda Kerr.

"I'm a man with the eye on the older girl, I'm afraid," he said. 

Westwick, who plays bad boy Chuck Bass on the CW series, just ended a long courtship with costar Jessica Szohr

We doubt Stewart is bummed by his lack of affections. She's got her own heartthrob, no? 

-- Matt Donnelly

Photo: Umm ... Kristen Stewart, eat your heart out? Credit: WireImage

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