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'Bones' extra sues David Boreanaz over alleged sexual harassment

David-boreanaz "Bones" actor David Boreanaz is facing a sexual harassment lawsuit filed on behalf of aspiring actress Kristina Hagan, attorney Gloria Allred announced Thursday. 

Hagan, who was an extra on "Bones," alleges that Boreanaz started harassing her in August 2009 via sexually inappropriate text messages and that there were sexual encounters in his car and trailer.

TMZ has details of the lawsuit, which alleges Boreanaz told Hagan repeatedly that he was trying to get an acting role for her; the role never panned out. 

Allred's statement characterized Hagan as "an actress who is working towards her goals" but "has not yet been able to achieve them. For that reason she is extremely vulnerable as many actresses are in Hollywood."

Boreanaz's reps told TMZ the allegations are "totally fabricated and absurd."

Allred's statement indicates her office represents another woman who has filed a charge of sexual harassment against Boreanaz and has asked the state to investigate. Another Allred client notable for her past with the actor: Rachel Uchitel, a.k.a. Tiger Woods mistress No. 1.

In May, Boreanaz went public about his infidelities after an alleged extortion threat from a woman -- not Uchitel -- with whom he had a short-term affair. Speaking about his marriage to Jaime Bergman, he told People, "We're working on repairing what has been damaged so badly."

— Christie D'Zurilla

Photo: David Boreanaz stars in "Bones." Credit: Eric Ogden / Fox.

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This seems to just scream being taken advantage of, and I don't mean that she was. Seems like this girl decided to higher this high-profile attorney and stab at a wound that Boreanaz had with having to come clean about his infidelities.

One mistake, one time, you can work things out. Repeated behavior of this magnitude indicates a deeper problem. Good luck to the Boreanaz family, this is a private issue.

i dont think he intended to..but she might have mistaken his way and had turned it to something that isnt even true.

When you read Gloria Allred's name the story loses its credibility.

what some people will do to break into show business

Gloria Allred already makes me suspicious! I think it's past time for her to retire.


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