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Hillary dons a dramatic dress for Chelsea Clinton's wedding rehearsal dinner [poll]

Chelsea Clinton wedding rehearsal dinner Bill and Hillary arrive

Chelsea Clinton's wedding day is finally here -- and mother Hillary looks as if she's loving every minute.

The secretary of State had a show-stopping moment Friday night in Rhinebeck, N.Y., as she and her husband, former President Clinton, arrived at the rehearsal dinner.

Preparations have been underway all week long for the buzzed-about nuptials, leading up to Saturday, when Chelsea will say "I do" to longtime beau Marc Mezvinsky.

Hillary Clinton took a major departure from her usual pantsuit-and-pearls uniform, getting glam in a flowing green number with a statement necklace and dramatic makeup.

What do you think about Hillary's rehearsal look? Vote in our poll, after the break.

(You'll also find an updated gallery of pictures related to Chelsea Clinton's wedding.)

-- Matt Donnelly

Chelsea Clinton wedding pictures

Upper photos: Former President Clinton and Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton arrive at the Beekman Arms Inn in Rhinebeck, N.Y. the night before their daughter's wedding. Credit: Andrew Gombert / EPA

Lower photo: Passers-by check out a sign of congratulations in the window of Pete's Famous Restaurant in Rhinebeck. Credit: Getty Images 

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Hillary looks FAB because not only is this dress so ocean-fresh breezy and matching her eyes..

don't let the dress fool you, it is form-fitting and flatters her figure. the camera angles and the side flow makes to look too flowy.. but the bodice still makes this a 'tough dress' to wear right. and wear right, she did!

more important is that she is smiling and true smile is priceless !!

fashionistas will be GREEN with envy over this green dress.. because she is having more fun.

the dress doesn't photograph well, but it's well constructed and flatters / obscures Hillary's silhouette as needed.

Congratulations to the bride and groom. I wish them well. One would hope that this event makes Mrs. Clinton kick up her overall wardrobe a few notches. While I can't stand Mrs. Pelosi, she dresses very well. I'd like to see Mrs. Clinton put Mrs. Pelosi to shame in the clothes department. Come on Hillary, you can do it, yes you can!!

Why not poll what Bill is wearing?
Sexist crap...

I say this 15 minutes after reading a story on Sarah Palin's endorsement in Georgia, while noticing the link under the headline to "check out Sarah Palin's wardrobe."

Hillary Clinton is our Secretary of State and Sarah Palin may be our President one day. I don't care what they wear.. These women are not clothing models, therefore STOP talking about their clothes..

I don't care what your political beliefs are, sexism is sexism.

lovely dress but really bad choice of shoes. she should have chosen a silver or gold sandal

I like the dress but the -shoes- don't work with it.

The shoes permit Hillary to give the former president a good swift kick in the backside as he cranes his neck to check out all of the cute young females in attendance. Peace through strength! Go Hillary!

Would've been quite nice without those wings.

Love the dress on Hilary. It's nice to see the Sec'y of State don something a little less--how to put this?--bureaucratic. Although I would like to have seen her wearing an open-toed instead of a closed-toe pump, it's a lovely ensemble all the same.


In the 1970's this dress would have been called a "Kaftan" and worn around the home instead of a robe or today's choice of sweatpants and a t-shirt. I think I still have the pattern to make one.

It's a great color on her and it looks comfortable for all the standing, moving, and schmoozing that she was expecting to do.

Plus as hot as it's been back here, something that has flowing movement lets every little breeze be caught.

I'm sure it looked better on the couch it came with.

I don't care for gossip, celebrity or otherwise. But as a person whose job puts her in the eyes of other people who judge by appearance --- I say to Hillary -- You go, girl!!!! You spend so much time in the public eye as part of your work. This is your daughter's wedding -- a family occasion -- and if you want media involved that is your choice. However, that doesn't mean you shouldn't wear feminine and celebratory clothing! I for one think it looks awesome and should be done more often. Why do women STILL have to dress like men to be considered credible (sorry about the digression into a work issue on this occasion!) Happy Mother of the Bride!!!

well, the dress has black elements in the design pattern. That's probably how she came to choose the black shoes. Overall, I think it works. She looks happy, invigorated and ready to celebrate.

She looks like my grandmother in 1948

Black patent leather pumps that you wear to the office do not work with this type of flowing dress. Also, the necklace should have been a special one chosen to accompany this dress -- not the one Hillary seemingly threw on. Her hair looks flat. This woman doesn't have fashion sense and, for this special occasion, should have used a stylist.

Millie, you have it exactly right. This is a'kaftan' worn by my friends and peers as a robe around the house....

Hillary's dress looks more like something to sleep in than a going out dress. I am really suprised she was not advised on what she should wear and what looks good on her. She looks like a bat with wings, also makes her look like she is twice as wide - 2 bodies with one head. A spaghetti strap dress with a little jacket would have been more flattering.

I like the dress. Mrs. Clinton looks radiant, happier than I've seen her look in a long time. She doesn't look worn out..the color suits her, and I hope we see an upswing in her style now.

Great to Hillary step out of her pants suits and into something that brings out her good looks. She is absolutely glamorous in her free as an ocean breeze green dress. Love it.


Just like Bill my favorite president of all time, Our Secretary of State / Queen looks absolutly stunning . She makes our country proud . She is a Beautiful Woman , Hillary we are so proud of you.You make us look damn good,and congratulations to Chelsea and Marc. Kevin Ray Marble NC

The dress is great but the smile on her face is a million times better.

The reason it does not say anything about Bill's clothes is because men don't matter. Women rule the world.

She could use better shoes. I wish I could become her stylist. Why doesn't anyone help this woman look good???///!!!!!

If you cut Bill out of the picture, she looks much better. I would've liked to have seen her in a different color though but she still looks good.

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