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New 'Glee' star Charice used Botox for pain, not wrinkles, rep says

Charice-botox-gleeCharice, the 18-year-old singing phenom and new recurring star of "Glee," recently received a round Botox cosmetic -- but it wasn't cosmetic, as far as her rep says.

At a recently held press conference in Charice's native Philippines, the young star admitted to a skin-tightening treatment and Botox "to look fresh on camera" for the Fox hit.

It's a questionable procedure, given the star's age -- Botox is widely used to temporarily eliminate wrinkles -- but her publicist says the injection wasn't a vanity move.

"She's had Botox for some jaw pain she's experiencing," the rep said in a statement.

People points out that Botox is occasionally used in the treatment of TMJ. Charice will play a fellow student and competition for Lea Michele's Rachel Berry. 

-- Matt Donnelly 

Photo: Charice in New York in October 2008. Credit: Donna Ward / Abaca Press/ MCT.

We've got plenty of 'Glee'; don't forget to schedule your visit to our Office of Celebrity Health and Wellness.

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What jaw pain? This is just damage control. So this is what an artist's rep does - damage control! Charice's face is wide like full moon so she wanted it narrower. She admitted this with matching pictures in dailies like philstar and websites like pepph. She said she had 4 injections so she could stand side by side with Rachel Berry. She's so vain! Can't blame her - she's ugly. But she's just 18 - so ill-advised.

Ok first she said it was to look fresh for tv. second they said it was to narrow her face now it is for TMJ.

Her team better get their facts straight before she starts on glee. It is only going to get worse.

I still hope her stint on glee is short.

Let's all get off our 'moral high ground' for a minute and realize that botox is commonplace in Hollywood, and a fast-growing trend among American teens. And secondly, 'Glee' is a cool show and all, but let's not naively put it up as a beacon of righteousness. Beyond the modus operandi of the age-old "underdog" story, it's really the same 'Hollywood' formula -- TOKEN characters surrounded by 'eye candy' and a good dose of sex. Right. I said it. Glee is Ugly Betty 2.0, where all the characters are fairly good-looking, and Betty is the show's sympathetic backdrop. And beyond the "feel-good" story, let's make this clear: It's all business. FOX and Warner Bros. (Charice's recording company) are affiliates. In addition, the agency that works with Glee guest, Josh Grobin, also works with Charice. Furthermore, Charice is an emerging artist with a global audience. At the end of the day, this is a business transaction, and less to do with moral pretenses.

THE ROAD TO HELL IS PAVED WITH GOOD INTENTIONS. Charice, though young, impressionable and naive, was merely another victim of of the vulture culture that preys on fame and attention. It's media sensationalism at work, for better or for worse. People will talk and throw their opinions for a few days and 'experts' and 'expert-wannabees' will weigh-in with the PROS and CONS before the whole issue runs out of steam. Once the smoke clears, it will be lamented as a silly issue by the 'regurgitating herd'.

Sensationalized story period. Just because it says so in one atricle or two doesn't mean it has its facts straight. Of course the rest of the news magazines/sites wouldn't want to be left behind so they jump in on the story. The Media doesn't care if they hurt this girl or her career. Do they have a conscience? Hell no!! And of course the haters waste no time at all in damaging this girl's image, it's the perfect opportunity! Charice's intention of getting a facial to make her look a little fresh & less tired & to treat a few growing pimples(due to late night shows and lack of sleep) was quickly overshadowed by the Botox procedure for her Jaw muscle pain.

If you were the media, which would be a more sensational story?
Charice getting facial to look fresh for Glee? or Charice getting Botox in preparation for Glee? You decide.

Her talent will save her... same as tattoos for a 16 Justin Beiber and 17 Miley Cyrus this is just a publicity stunt of SCAMS (Secular Corporate American Music System) to get more people to watch and look for her when this show begins. What’s with the media present and taping the whole procedure and how else could Ryan Murphy, in a short period of time have re-written her episodes to include messages of this nature: "to rewrite Charice's episode(s) to contain the message: It's important to love and embrace one's naturally round face as it is." S2-E1 of Glee will be off the charts and once people hear this innocent insanely talented girl, they will embrace her and love her as she should be... now y'all go back and post at Lohans sentencing...


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