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Carrie Underwood's wedding to fill a ritzy Georgia hotel this weekend

Carrie Underwood and fiance Mike Fisher kiss at the CMT Awards. Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher are getting married Saturday, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports, and to do it they're taking over an entire Ritz-Carlton hotel.

The wedding party began arriving Thursday, AJC sources say. Carey Williams, editor of the Herald Journal in wee Greensboro, Ga. -- population 3,000 and home of the Ritz-Carlton Lodge, Reynolds Plantation -- tells Radar Online that the singer "has blocked off all 251 rooms at the hotel," and will arrive Friday by helicopter.

These are the kinds of fun things people can do when they're pulling in eight figures a year, like Underwood has been doing. The "American Idol" winner's wedding tab is estimated at a half-million bucks.

"It’s going to be a good-size wedding with plenty of good food and an open bar," hockey star Fisher had said to Life & Style, which first had the announcement of the date. "But nothing too overblown."

The mag said he was in charge of planning the honeymoon.

-- Christie D'Zurilla

Photo: Mike Fisher kisses Carrie Underwood after she wins an award at the 2010 CMT Music Awards in Nashville on June 9. Credit: Jason Merritt / Getty Images

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Carrie Underwood engaged to hockey player Mike Fisher

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Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher are going to have a great marriage and a happy life together. I been a fan of Carrie Underwood since season 4 of american idol.

congrats to you both i hope you have a very happy life together carrie you are a great singer i love your voice i cant count how many times i voted for you you rock maybe someday we will meet if you come to the hodag country festival in rhinelander wisconsin .

how ecxited for them...sweet

Why do we obsess on these figures. Oh, that's right - because some of them like Carrie Underwood like to sell themselves and design a humble label for themselves (for profit) that might have fit years ago - immediately post Idol win - but the savvy broadcast journalism grad is a quick study. And certainly is not one bit HUMBLE or "simple" any more.

From humble country girl to full out Diva. I am repelled by this image. Kind of. Or could it be low minded envy. Oh, no - repelled. Carrie and Mike - country's newest Diva of diva's and new hubby, for sure. I didn't need to read this story - about anyone. Really. Sheez, Underwood.

I'm really happy for them! They're such a beautiful couple, and I wish them both nothing but happiness and success in this lifetime commitment they will embark on.

Love them to death! I can't wait to see the pictures from the wedding. Supposively, Carrie will have a BREATH-TAKING dress. Sounds like it will be a gorgeous event. :)

Oh my gosh, Carrie Underwood will be an absolutely stunning bride and of course Mike Fisher will be one handsome groom. What a great looking couple. If they blocked off all the rooms at the Ritz for the weekend, I can tell you first hand that it will cost more than a half million dollars. It is said that they will be footing the bill for food and non-alcoholic beverages for the weekend, except at the wedding.... they pay for EVERYTHING. Oh I am sure it will be in the seven figures. They work hard and can afford it and I say good for them. Congratulations and may God bless this couple on their future journey. PS.... Hey Tony Romo... eat your heart out! Carrie you are sooooo much better off with a compassionate man like Mike.

Love long and prosper!!same last name.

Carrie is my favorite Country Singer and she has earned what she has due to her Talent. To be able to win the Awards she has you must have to be the best in your career field. Best wishes to both of them.

So happy for them! President Bush and Clinton have both stayed at that Presidential house on that resort, and that is where Carrie and Mike will spend their first night married. Very cool. The resort is gorgeous and right on a lake. Great choice.

Carrie will be Princess Lea in one day! (ie, Carrie Fisher) lol.

thanks carrie.....for passing me up for him there is no god! just joking have a blast mike im so jealous

God Bless you both. Keep your faith & you will prosper many times over. Loave ya Carrie you deerve the best & you got him.

LOVE her plastic surgery since Idol.. Can I HAVE THE NAME of her plastic surgeon.... seems to be the same as the Pickle girl.

I wish all the best to Carrie and Mike. She is so talented and always a lady. I want them to be happy and hope she keeps singing. Love her music. Happy Wedding Day Carrie and Mike

She isn't that humble at all. I've seen the ugly side of Carrie and its a side no one wants to see.

First she hardly knows this guy. Admits all her past relationships lasted no more than 4 months because spending time together made her bored. She has had little time with mike, u think if she does, boredom isnt going to set in again. He hates the attention, hates they cant go anywhere, hates touring with her, some compatibility. She said herself she isnt good at commitment, what do u think marriage is? She also said if they spent alot of time together they would probably hurt each other. Good thing he's gone 8 months a year in canada. What a wierd marriage

People are starving in the world and these two hire private jets to fly their guests in, take over an entire hotel, have guests who already booked rooms have their reservations cancelled, she flys in in a helicopter at what cost? I realize she has money but do u really need to blow a million dollars on a wedding especially one that probably wont last unless they keep away from each other? Well fans, here is where your money is going buying her stuff. Hope u are happy about it. Keep buying her stuff so u can pay for the house they are now building in canada.

Come on people, she meet in in 10/08, first date was 2/09. He was in canada until May with hockey, she was in nashville working on her Play On album, so she flew to canada a few times to see him, they might have seen each other a few more times in june-july but august he was back in canada for nhl camp and preseason, then in 12/09 he pops the question? What is she thinking.I guess if u want to me married to someone u hardly see, she picked the right guy. She is too independent to be married at this time. Enjoy your career, keep dating, your messing up your life carrie

Carrie is business smart but not common sense smart. Her dating habits are horrible. Look at the guys, all so very different from each other. Now shes marrying a hockey player? Who HUNTS and KILLS animals? When she met him she wasnt impressed, she should have kept it that way. I think carrie likes the attention. Everyone she knows is married so I guess she figures she should be too. I believe once she matures a little shes gonna realize what a mistake this is. He seems hen pecked to me. Hope he is ready for her to wear the pants in the family. Its clear she will.

Carrie deserves the best because she is the best! I've met her and she is humble and the sweetest person you will ever meet. Congrats, Carrie and Mike. Hope you have the best day ever!!!

Just another no talent Diva milking the american public's teat

less than year of being engaged and now a "shot-gun" wedding? Really, so much for the American Idol. For a true southern, Hollywood has taken over her head, but like all trends, what goes up must come down. Should have done it the right way!

im happy for carrie she is one of my favorite country singers.

I think Mike is to good for her. She seems like a control freak and expects to get her way. I think she is phony and conceited.

Stop hating on her! Atleast she was nice enough to pay for the rooms for her guests. How many wedding have you been to where the bride paid for your room and board. Other rich entertainers make their guest pay for plain tickets OVERSEAS as well as room and board.

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