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Vienna Girardi celebrates her independence from Jake Pavelka in Vegas

Vienna Girardi at LAVOAfter meeting the alleged love of your life on a reality show about meeting the love of your life in, like, 18 episodes -- what would you do the weekend before an ugly news special aired about your shocking breakup?

Party in Las Vegas, naturally.

"The Bachelor's" defunct fiancée Vienna Girardi showed up to hot spot Tao Beach on Saturday, just a few weeks before she'll host Hypnotiq's Single and Fabulous bash at the venue July 17.

Clearly, her former beloved Jake Pavelka was nowhere to be found, but she managed to rub elbows with other famous folks later at nightspot Lavo. Girardi sat VIP next to a booth containing "Glee" star Mark Salling.

Over at Tao's restaurant, former Victoria's Secret beauty Marisa Miller held court with a group of girlfriends, while "Entourage" actor Rex Lee danced to the sounds of DJ Paul Van Dyk.

-- Matt Donnelly

Photo: Vienna Girardi parties at Las Vegas' Lavo.

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after watching the interview clearly jake had CLASS this woman has NONE this woman is only looking out for herself jake was merely a stepping stone one word to her KARMA

Nobody wants their dirty laundry aired publicly - especially on national television. Great tabloid stuff - but classless, just the same. At least Jake is TRYING to take the high road.

If Vienna is seriously looking for a mate, she needs to realize just how many men she has potentially scared off by embarrassing Jake the way she has. No man wants a woman who would betray, disrespect and embarrass them the way she has.

Though I fully understand her anger and desire to burn him, you just can't do that to people. It WILL bite her in the ass . . . someday, somehow.

it so obv jake was just acting the entrie time hes going to be an ACTOR after he left piloting that he "loved" so much to be an actor hello?? hes fake he stopped being "himself" turned into this agresive rude and uncaring man towards her. Props to Vienna for leaving him he doesnt deserve you. hes a liar

I saw the interview. They both lack class, but Jake is clearly the slime ball oportunist. He is so arrogant, smug,narcissistic, and obviously a HUGE media whore. He is so superficial and fake it's not funny. She is no saint, but he is the real piece of work. He also showed his rage and anger last night and the way he can be controlling when he told Vienna to shut up on a few occassions. I always had the feeling that he was a fake and phony, and last night I could really see it. He is so slimy and fake. I can't imagine any woman wanting to be with such a fake, controlling, superficial, angry, egomaniac.

Jim, My thoughts exactly...and it means even more coming from a man.


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