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Amanda Bynes' brief retirement ends with a tweet

Amanda-bynes Amanda Bynes has apparently come out of the retirement from acting she announced on Twitter on June 19. And yes, this groups her with unretirees Jay-Z and Joaquin Phoenix, only on steroids when it comes to the turnaround time.

Note to the 56% of voters (as this post went live) in our nonscientific online poll who predicted she'd be back -- good job! We have no prize for you, but we presume you'll bask in the glow of your accuracy for at least a week or so, or until @chicky retires again, whichever comes first.

Bynes' pithy tweet "I'm unretired" was launched into the Interwebs' ether Friday night, followed minutes later by a link to the trailer for her movie "Easy A," which hits theaters Sept. 17.

Oh, look at that, we just promoted "Easy A." Funny how that happens.

-- Christie D'Zurilla

Photo: Amanda Bynes in the 2007 comedy "Sydney White." Credit: Gene Page / Universal Pictures

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The Ministry follows Twitter like a lonely fella follows a gal in tight jeans.

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i have a two word tweet for sweet amanda, "please quit!" her retirement must have been an outcry for attention. all the attention in the world isn't going to change her career, she still can't act.

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