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Adam Brody to Kristen Stewart: If you don't like the fame, there's the door


Adam Brody
, no stranger to successful teen franchises, has a message for Kristen Stewart and other actors accused of hating the fame game: Quit.

Appearing on Diablo Cody's new internet talk show "Red Band Trailer" (the screenwriter actually holds celeb chats in an Airstream trailer), the duo broached the perilous lives of celebs, paparazzi and all.

"Do you enjoy being famous, or do you wish that you could just be an actor apart from all that, a la Kristen Stewart?" Cody asked.

"It's only gotten worse, I'm sure, being a celebrity. At the same time, I don't have a lot of patience for people who moan about it too much. Because there are many things you could do," Brody said, calling back to Cody's reference to Stewart.

"It's like, quit ... you don't need to be an actor, so it's like if it's that much of a problem ... there's the door."

Cody and Brody could be alluding to previous comments from Stewart regarding fan obsession and the oppressive nature of being famous.

We'll let you guys decide who has a better point in the comments section below.

Other gems from the sit-down include Brody settling the age-old debate -- Red Lobster or Olive Garden?

"I don't have a lot of experience with Red Lobster, but I trust the pasta over fish," he said.

-- Matt Donnelly

Photos: Kristen Stewart and Adam Brody. Credits: Matt Sayles / Associated Press, left; Los Angeles Times

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Come on, this guy never had a 10th of Kristen's success. He probably wishes he did however.

Hahahahahaha.... Who is Adam Brody???

Since it is such a pain for Stewart to be famous if she is being honest about how much she hates it. The simple solution is to quit. ...SOON. Great to have someone speak up and say the obvious.

Kristen Stewart was lucky to be picked for a movie that was going to be a hit whether they picked her or not. Knowing who Adam Brody is has nothing to do with this. Adam is an actor how loves what he does. He is followed like all the other actors out there! I agree that if you don't like what you do for a living just stop doing it and find something you do love.

If you Stewart fans were really fans, you'd know that they were co-stars. He's worked with her before, so I'm sure he's qualified to speak on that front.

Also, you guys should actually watch the clip. Cody brings up Kristen and he laughs a little and she brings it up again. He said "If it's THAT much of a problem, then there's the door."

She makes it sound like it's that much of a problem. There are plenty of actors/celebrities who are very private (Johnny Depp, Joaquin Phoenix, Beck, etc). You don't hear a word of what's going on in their lives. She should take some notes from them if it bothers her that much, or grow a spine and fight the paps back. Jamie Lee Curtis, anyone?

They both stared In The Land of Women together, hmm issues on set?

People need to stop freaking out. Its clear if you watch the interview that he didn't mean anything malicious, and Cody mentioned Kristin Stewart, not him.


Having your ovaries removed and quitting acting? Not quite the same things. Adam seems like a great guy who is also very funny. It doesn't appear he was trying to insult her, just expressing an opinion which he has a right to, and apparently it wasn't just about her.. What's funny is that the fans who give Kristen the attention she so bitterly complains about are the ones defending her.

Another thing: to all of you saying 'Who is Adam Brody, what does he know?' - even if he hasn't risen to Kristen's level of fame, he still has a better understanding of what actors go through than any of you. I also don't see Brangelina or anyone else on that level complaining about it as much as she does.

Adam Brody is speaking the truth. Being an actor goes hand in hand with paparazzi stalkings and if you cant handle the heat, stay out of the kitchen. Plus, Adam didnt even bring up Kirsten so he's not referring directly to her.. he's referring to all of the actors who hate fame.

I think the day that Adam Brody has 1/1000th the fame, celebrity,and attention that Kristen Stewart has, that's the day he will be entitled to say this.

Rob Pattinson also complained of fame and paparazzi.
I agree with Kristen and Rob.

he's right, k.stew is always moaning and groaning over ever person snapping her pic, she chose this career, she needs to deal wit the good and the bad, she should be grateful that fans are inspired by her and want to be like her, but she's always COMPLAINING. it's like, "just quit, you don't seem to enjoy it, so quit," i've never even heared her say anything good about being an actress

Someone needs to get control of this board because many of te posters are ignoring this: "If you are under 13 years of age you may read this message board, but you may not participate."

I agree with Adam Brody. Kristen Stewart doesn't need to be an actress if all she's gonna do is complain. Yes fans can get annoying but she doesn't have to deal with them. With fame comes a lot of fans. She should've known that when she became an actress. I'm so tired of always hereing her complain. The easy solution for actors who think the fame is too much to handle is quit. No one wants th here them complain.

I watched both episodes of this show. It's not bad. But I think they should wait to bash people complaining about being a celebrity when they actually are celebrities. Even though I like both Brody and Cody.

Oh yeah -- WTF is with the Kyle Chandler BASHING?!

Adam Brody isn't even as famous as Lindsey Lohan, and that's saying something. He has never had people stalk and try to run him off a road. He doesn't have to go everywhere with a bodyguard. His career ended in television. Kristen has an obsessive fandom, shippers, and people who hate her for who she may or may not date. I wonder what Brody would say if that was him. Johnny Depp moved to Europe because he doesn't like the pap obsession in America. Brangelina move constantly because of it. Kristen and other people who hate the paps don't hate their jobs. They hate the legalized stalking that goes along with it. I'd be more worried for Kristen if she loved it. Brody is probably jealous because he's almost 32 and a has been. Kristen is about on the early Oscar trek, she's working with Francis Ford Coppola and Walter Salles on an iconic book, and she's getting $25 and a part of the gross for her next film. Brody is doing Scream 4 with the other hasbeens and neverwas 'stars'. Great actors and actresses that matter in Hollywood respect Kristen and want to work with her. Thankfully Brody is no one so she'll never work with him again. He's just another loser who uses Kristen Stewart or Robert Pattinson to get a sound bite.

I care how old Kristen is, she's been in the film business for almost ten years, so she should know better than to run around flipping the bird at photographers and grousing about her level of fame.

She didn't come by the name Little Miss Snarling Entitlement by accident, did she? That's the way she comes across, and she needs some PR lessons if she doesn't want this lousy reputation she's getting to haunt her forever. You never hear her Twilight co-stars complaining, do you? Suck it up and put on a happy face, Kristen, we're tired of your sour expression and ungrateful attitude. You're not hip, you're not cool, and outside of Twilight you can't sell tickets, either. Wise up.

maybe Cody is the one who's jealous, of a 19 year old.

Agree with Brody. Open the door and leave.
Sure the trials and tribs of being famous is a burden?

You lvoe acting, but not the fame?
Go into theatre. local. Community.
Act the good stuff...and no one'll know you.
'Course, you'll have to get a day job for awhile to eat and pay bills.
But that's easy, right?

Not even going to mention people starving and dying all over the world.
Oh...now I'm being a smart ass.

I don't think Adam is speaking directly to Kristen here, they worked together on "Land of the Women" so he's hardly going to offend a previous co-star right?
But yeah I agree with both sides, Adam doesn't have the same obsessive and crazy fans as those of the Twilight Saga though.

Diabo and Adam are right, and KStew's fans are one of the worst thing about her. If she didn't play Bella in Twilight they wouldn't even know who she was. They didn't buy tickets for The Runaways, did they? They worship her because they want to be her, but she's a lousy role model with her smoking, drinking, drugs and stuck up attitude. When the Twilight films are over and Pattinson has dropped her, she and her awkward blinking and stuttering will fade into obscurity, where no one will hound her for a photograph again.

he got it 100% right. to all of you defending kristin stewart, stop! she doesn't like you defending her, or liking her. in fact, she hates it. stop, because your embarrassing yourself.

Brody shows ignorance and lack of professionalism in his comments. He has no idea what it's like to be at the level of celebrity that Kristen is coping with. He was rude.

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