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Adam Brody to Kristen Stewart: If you don't like the fame, there's the door


Adam Brody
, no stranger to successful teen franchises, has a message for Kristen Stewart and other actors accused of hating the fame game: Quit.

Appearing on Diablo Cody's new internet talk show "Red Band Trailer" (the screenwriter actually holds celeb chats in an Airstream trailer), the duo broached the perilous lives of celebs, paparazzi and all.

"Do you enjoy being famous, or do you wish that you could just be an actor apart from all that, a la Kristen Stewart?" Cody asked.

"It's only gotten worse, I'm sure, being a celebrity. At the same time, I don't have a lot of patience for people who moan about it too much. Because there are many things you could do," Brody said, calling back to Cody's reference to Stewart.

"It's like, quit ... you don't need to be an actor, so it's like if it's that much of a problem ... there's the door."

Cody and Brody could be alluding to previous comments from Stewart regarding fan obsession and the oppressive nature of being famous.

We'll let you guys decide who has a better point in the comments section below.

Other gems from the sit-down include Brody settling the age-old debate -- Red Lobster or Olive Garden?

"I don't have a lot of experience with Red Lobster, but I trust the pasta over fish," he said.

-- Matt Donnelly

Photos: Kristen Stewart and Adam Brody. Credits: Matt Sayles / Associated Press, left; Los Angeles Times

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I agree with him, she's not obliged to be an actress, she chose this job, she has to accpet the rules of it.
She's happy to get a lot of money thanks to Twilight, so she could be able to support the paparazzi!

Brody Who?

I'm pretty sure he has never had to deal with the obsessive level of attention and constant dogging by the papparazzi that Kristen has had. On top of which, they appear to be different personality types, so he cannot know what the real impact of all this is on her psyche. He also showed little class in judging one of his peers, not to mention former co-stars, so harshly.

He didn't even specifically address her, but I see his point. Those of you saying he's not as "famous" so he doesn't "understand".... Kristen's two male costars have to deal with a lot more insanity than she does and they handle it with much more grace and class.

Marisol is spot on! Kristen appreciates her fans and the opportunities that fame gives her, she has stated this MANY times! It's the pappz that stalk her every move that she doesn't like. And it's not just 2 or 3 paparazzi, more like 20. Watch any Kristen/pap video and you'll see why. They hoard around her like vultures! It is extremely sad.

Fame can be a tricky animal...some child actors take it well, some poorly...I agree with Adam...if Kristen has problems with fame, maybe she should race for obscurity ASAP. Celebrities can't pick and choose their favorite paparazzi, just become wiser about whom to communicate with. And even if you achieve some fame in the past, reminders of that are still somewhere in cyberspace, so I wouldn't discount Brody's opinions.

Apparently Brody is clearly jealous of Kristen's success LOL!

She was 17 when she began filming a small budget film which was an indie film based on a book. A book which the public was completely clueless about its popularity although Good Morning America had a big show about it when Breaking Dawn was being launched. But still, people were clueless. Go figure.

Now, at the age of 17 and making what she believed to be a small indie cult type film, what makes Brody or anyone for that matter believe that it would be a Hollywood blockbuster except for the fans of the books who knew the story was a good one?

He whole life changed in one swoop. It was immediate and overnight and UNEXPECTED. Her career was not groomed for fame. It was groomed to be an ACTRESS. Clearly Brody groomed his career for fame and acting was just a tool.

Kristen is an "artist". Artist never do work for fame. They do it for the love of the art. I'm sure she could have received even more money than what she's getting for doing these movies too like the Potter kids. Her movies have grossed over 10 times the cost of the budgets which makes them the most successful movies ever made. Avatar, Lord of the RIngs, Potter ....none of these movies made 10 times their budgets. This is extraordinary and unprecedented. No franchise has been this successful. EVER. And she's done it.

But it doesn't give paparazzi the right to accost her by surrounding her car while she's putting gas in her car. A 17 year old female being surrounded by 20 or so strange men filming her and yelling at her some of the most outlandish sexually charged comments is horrendous and scary. NO FEMALE HAS TO TOLERATE THIS?!

Brody's misogynistic comments against Kriste is trifling at best. How dare he?! Who does he think he is to tell a female, a young female that she should tolerate being chased through airports by strange men yelling filthy things at her while allowing them to jam cameras in her face taking pictures?

Kristen has been accosted by paparazzi. Her family and friends as well who have nothing to do with what she does for a living. NO ACTOR SHOULD HAVE TO TOLERATE THIS.

Clearly his jealousy of Kristen is apparent. He's not in the news and this was a way to get in the news by looking foolish. What was his last movie? Who knows. He's jealous of Kristen's fame unwanted or not. They starred in the same move, he was supposed to be "one of the hot men in Hollywood" and he can't get a headline. Until now.

Hey Brody, go and get a real job. Do something constructive with yourself and stop hating on a young females success. She doesn't have to tolerate the harassment which comes with the fame. She doesn't have problem being famous it's the harassment on her person that she doesn't like and she shouldn't have to like.

But she doesnt want to quit, she wants to be an actress, it's what she loves to do- she is allowed to hate the paparazzi and all that stuff because it is not normal. she just wants to do her job.

dude who are you?? seriously, who are you to talk about fame and who are YOU to talk about Kristen?? you don't know anything about her, Kristen loves her jobe, she just dislike fame, you should know better since you have worked with her in the past..

what a moron!

I don't think Adam is being mean or jealous or harsh. I think he sees what the media is presenting, and then made a judgement on it. Many people have. But what the media has portrayed and what Kristen actually says is often not one and the same. Kristen has a pre at this point of being a sulky teen emo star, so the media latches onto that image and runs with it, even if taking quotes out of context is necessary. Her rape comment was completely taken out of context, but if that's all Adam hears for instance? He'll assume she's being a punk. I like Adam, I just think he odesn't understand the level of fame Kristen is experiencing with a fanatical fanbase that either worships or hates her, and a media that profits from projecting her in a certain light, where she looks sullen and cranky and "over it."

I'm sorry Brody, but you are nowhere near as famous as Kristen and the rest of Twilight cast...I have never seen Paparazzi follow you EVERYWHERE you go like they do with Kristen and try watching a video of them filming her and listen to the nasty things they say to her...so until you know exactly what its like you should just shut the hell up!

You know there are actors in this business that are not famewhores, and do it just for the enjoyment of acting. Its a shame really since he has worked with her before to say something like this to her. Imagine how difficult it must be for her to know the majority of people hate her just because she can't speak well in public, or smile for the paps when they insult her all the time just to get a reaction, or all those hate blogs. In my opinion Adam said that because he wants what Stewart has so he could get his career going, wanting your name in lights, adoration from fans only while everybody else wants so see you go down. Money and fame isnt everything ask Owen Wilson, Linsday Lohan, ect. I will not name anymore cause it didn't feel good to single them out. I'm just saying don't be quick to judge if u haven't been in Stewart's shoes. I'm not here to insult Adam just wanted to voice this out if he really did say that

Brody is a moron for this comment. They only used Kstew's name in the first place because she is such a hot media topic and other bloggers jump on anything related to her. Her fame is huge right now, and obviously some actors are jealous. Stewart does not complain about being a celebrity or fame. She answers honestly about her certain aspects and paparazzi and doesn't sugarcoat it. The media likes to label her with this image and reinforces it by asking her the same questions over and over. She won't lie and I love her for it, and I agree with the other commenter that she should just refuse to answer it anymore. Brody is small-minded and petty with this and makes himself look like a douche.

well Brody...you never been in her shoes...and you never will...and Kristen doesn't moan about it...the only thing she doesn't like of beeing famouse is the lack of privacy and beeing harassed by the the pappaz

Christie D'Zurilla here from the blog -- please pick a name and stick to it, folks. Multiple comments under different names from the same source will be deleted. Multiple comments under the SAME name from the same source will be published.

Unless, of course, those comments include profanity, profane acronyms, or links -- those fail.


Please. Whining about having fans? Where do you think all that money comes from? Like Taylor Lautner stating he doesn't want it to be about his body: FOOL! It's ONLY about your body! Certainly you don't think it's your talent? ANY celebrity who whines about the oppresiveness of fame, take it downt he road. If it's that big an issue for you, return all the cash you made and disappear into the background.

adam:kristen likes acting thats what she does..if she doesnt want to quit she doesnt have to just becasue she doesnt like one consequence of acting.....im pretty sure a lot of people love doing things but theres one little thing or person that you dont like but u still do it because u like to.............

Who is Adam Brody????

he just want to have 5 minutes of fame

What does he Know about fame?

dude.... both kristen stewart and robert pattinson get so hounded and bombarded by papparazzi like alomost daily, so why wouldn't they be concerned???!!! being famous is one thing, but they're trying to lead normal lives and they can't even go out on a date without the paps literally running after them to take their pictures.

Cody and Brody can take their stuck up comments and go somewhere.

I think Adam Brody is a great actor. Actually he was in "In the Land of Woman" . Rent it, you won't be disappointed. Also.. for you Kristen Stewart lovers she was in that as well.
I cringe everytime Kristen is interviewed. Geez... she is not that good on the acting front either. She just has a lot to learn, and any advice coming her way.. well, she should take it. She has a beautiful face undoubtedly.. but she is in the industry, so being "shy and horribly awkward" will not cut it in the long run.

REPEATED for those who apparently missed it the first time:

Christie D'Zurilla here from the blog -- please pick a name and stick to it, folks. Multiple comments under different names from the same source will be deleted. Multiple comments under the SAME name from the same source will be published.

Unless, of course, those comments include profanity, profane acronyms, or links -- those fail.


Well, Christie, you seem like a nice gal. I feel like I am going thru the security gate at LAX. Geez...

@Kimbo! -- Christie D'Zurilla here from the blog.

Trust me, if you were on my side of the Internet and saw the *dozens* of sock-puppeted comments that are being submitted on this post, and the dozens of comments I'm not able to post because they're loaded with profanity, you'd understand. I'm assuming readers don't want to see 10 comments under 10 different screen names that are actually from the same person making the same point from the same computer.

Only about half of the comments submitted on this post have been publishable, so I'm trying to reach out to folks who might be wondering why theirs didn't make it. And also to hint to some of the sock puppets that they're wasting their time.

Maybe I care too much -- but please don't take it personally! :)


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