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Vienna Girardi says she dumped Jake Pavelka over, ahem, intimacy issues [poll]

Vienna-and-jake There are always at least two sides to a breakup -- and what better way to air those differing opinions than with dueling gossip magazine cover stories!

According to Vienna Girardi, her side of the split with Jake Pavelka, if we're properly interpreting the coded language, is that "The Bachelor" allegedly wouldn't put out.


She says in the next issue of Star magazine that her ex-fiance's excuses for not being "intimate" with her included fasting, not being in the mood, wanting to save it for marriage and, ultimately, not wanting to do it with someone he fought with all the time.

Now, Jake's coming out with allegations that there were "trust issues," according to a peek at the next People magazine.

"In the end, what I've learned is, it doesn't matter if you love somebody ," he says. "[T]hat doesn't fill 95 percent of the relationship."

That opinion is slightly different from the one expressed in his March 15 cover story interview for the mag -- yes, the cover that had the big, bold yellow type asserting, "I didn't make a mistake!"

Enjoy this little trip down memory lane: "The tabloids have really veered everybody in ...

... the wrong direction," Jake said at the time. "Not everybody may agree with my decision, but I know who in my heart is best for me. I can't wait for everybody to see the Vienna that I fell in love with."

Then again, who really expects wisdom from a guy who says he "can't imagine what in life could top something like 'Dancing With the Stars.'"

-- Christie D'Zurilla

Photo: Vienna Girardi and Jake Pavelka arrive at the premiere of "The Back-up Plan" in Los Angeles on April 21, 2010. Credit: Matt Sayles / Associated Press

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Who cares about any of this?! Losers, that is the answer! Get a life!

I think Jake is gay, and he just want to be a star ..

I think Jake is gay

Vienna was never right for Jake. He wanted someone who was fun, but he didn't realize that fun isn't necessarily mature enough for marriage.

Wait a minute. A few days ago we were told to respect
your privacy. Oh I get it...the eagle has landed and the rag mag stories are hot off the press!

Mixed message decoded.

Assuming these 2 are not complete phonies . . .I can honestly see both sides of the story. I can see where Vienna would be totally insecure with a man like Jake - to the point of suffocating him. I can also see what a cold person Jake could be. I have personally been in 2 relationships with men who ARE that cold - so I believe her side too.

Jake lost a true gem when he let Tenley go - but then again - I think he's too immature for a real relationship and she is probably better off.

If these too are not acting that means Jake simply got got his world rocked by Vienna and her sexuality, which only proves he isn't able to separate love and lust.

Only a loser would read the article and the comments made by others pertaining to the article, make a comment himself - then call those would did the same losers.

hahahahahaha - what a moron!
And yes, I am assuming you are male RealityChecker.
Get a a life.

basically it appeared she was too immature for him, as for itimacy it is not a "sign" of commitment or love...without it she knew she was losing power..(some girls appreciate being chaste before marriage), though we all agrre her sex appeal seemed to win him over, men seem to really go for feeling sexy ad appreciated by a woman , but when a woman becomes clingy, jealous and hasn;t enough of her own being to sustain her without entertainment from the ouitside world, the man will tire of immaturity

Gee, who could have seen that coming?

Jake's an ass and in my opinion always has ONLY been in love with JAKE.

Am I the only one who thinks he's Gay - and she's just stupid.

LOL - This was a farce from the beginning. What idiot could ever believe that the odds would be good of meeting the love of your life on a televison show. Hello!!!!
Jake is annoying in his self-righteous arrogance and Vienna was exactly what she appeared to be on the show. They deserved each other.

I think Vienna is a freak and Jake couldn't do the dew like she liked it....lol. So, Vienna got her need fulfilled by other guys.

Jake's family's reaction when they met Vienna it really told the whole story then. They acted accepting in the end but deep inside their first reactions were correct. Vienna is a brat and not a nice person. Jake was warned by others about her. He went for the sexy, and the dirty naughty girl and that is what he ended up with. I think he is overall a nice guy and hopefully will learn from this and stay true to who he is. Vienna is not the girl for him and never was. She is looking for fame so I hope the tabloids will drop her and that will be the end of seeing her! Jake, all America saw her for who she was, manipulating and conniving. Too bad he lost the chance with the Tenley.

This is either fake & Jake is just an attention whore, or he's lying to get out of the relationship and still look like a white knight. Vienna was obsessed wtih Jake and they seemed very happy on Twitter all the way until Mid June... then what? Suddenly their relationship was in shambles for months? Nothing adds up--lies and phonies. I wish the bachelor would hire people with solid careers, who are only looking for love and not fame.

Jake picked the youngest, most immature and unformed young woman. How much of an equal could she be? I found her boring and I'm sure Jake did too, after awhile.

I don't think Jake knows his own heart, and I agree with another poster who said Jake confuses sex with love.

you have to trust that person that your with you have to feel that person out first you cannot marry them right away you have to go with your gut feeling about that person

I think that Jake is a control freak and he is completely wrong, I never like Vienna before, but now after listening to Jake and how stupid and ignorant he was I totally think she is telling the truth! HE IS A WHOLE MACHO MAN! LOL what a moron!

Are you all kidding me? I said it right from the beginning. Jake is totally an abusive guy. I believe Vienna was telling the world the truth on that one. Jake deserves nothing, and believe me, that he what he will end up with. Nothing. Vienna on the other hand deserve a break here. She said it herself. She wanted a simple life... and Jake wanted fame. Go Vienna. I am wishing you the very best.

How honest can Vienna be when at one point, she said she wanted to go back to Florida, but Jake refused and at the other point she said that she didn't want to go back because when she left, her whole town turned their back on her? She wants a simple life, but word is she is planning on posing for playboy because she wants to do something for herself. Her stories just don't add up. I've argued with someone like her before and did almost exactly what Jake did...sat in amazement and silence cause nothing I said would ever matter or sink in...

Anyone who talks about their sex life with the world to watch, is missing something called "CLASS". Vienna is trashy and vulgar. Just because someone doesn't want to have sex with another person doesn't mean they are gay! They just aren't into you as a person! Wake up little girl and smell the coffee, YOU ARE DUMB AS A DOOR NAIL!


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