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Sounds as if Elton John had an OK time at Rush Limbaugh's wedding

With all the speculation about why Elton John performed at Rush Limbaugh's wedding Saturday night, it was interesting to come across Mediaite reporting obervations from an actual guest, Megyn Kelly of Fox News.

"Tolerance and respect were on display at the wedding," Kelly said, pointing out that the hosts on "The View" didn't behave the same way Monday morning when they kaffeeklatsched about John's decision.

Among other things, "The View" gals made the point that John is married, which in fact he is not, as the Ministry learned a bit too late. Others who've not listened to Limbaugh may have also learned a bit too late that the guy's never pretended to be a member of the Christian right.

"This is a problem that we're experiencing through society right now, is people only want to be with 'like,' " Elisabeth Hasselbeck said. " 'OK, so, you think like me, you hang with me; you don't think like me, you don't hang with me' -- that's an issue -- why is that such a bad thing?"

Joy Behar was quick to explain to Hasselbeck that the only reason John performed for Limbaugh, and for $1 million, was because the singer, like so many others she notices anymore, is greedy.

Wedding-guest Kelly's observations: "Elton John actually had nothing but nice things to say about Rush Limbaugh and the happy couple, and said he's all about tearing down walls and building bridges." He even invited the newlyweds to join him and David Furnish at their home, she said.

Irony: Limbaugh, who's had cochlear implants since 2001, has said he can't really "hear" any music he didn't experience before he became deaf. One can hope Elton played some of those classics, out of respect for the groom.

(Click here to weigh in on the Ministry's poll asking whether it was cool or uncool for Elton to play at Rush's wedding.)

-- Christie D'Zurilla

Video credit: via Mediaite.

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What's the big deal? Seems like the left is all ruffled over this. It's a free country isn't it? Conservatives can enjoy music too, can't they? Is entertainment reserved only for leftist birds of a feather? Elton John is "greedy?" I'm sure Joy insists on her big fat paycheck to spew her silliness, why shouldn't Elton John be paid to play his music for Rush? Just because people have differences in opinion over policy, lifestyle, whatever, doesn't mean that they can't enjoy the same music, movies, entertainment. Let them have a good time and give Elton and Rush a break.

Conservatives only enjoy really awful music by Britney, Justin T. & B., Jessica Simpson, Rascal Flatts, Ted Nugent, those really bad country acts such as Toby Keith, Reba, Alabama, Lee Greenwood, etc. and don't forget Miley, etc....but I don't thinks it's greed because after all EJ has performed with Eminem (who offensive lyrics can strike a nerve with some people)...EJ is just an independent thinker...open to all sides of the debate and a believer in freedom of speech no matter I guess how intolerant it or someone can be...As much as I despise Rush's politics and rantings, EJ is entitled to perform for whoever he wants...just as long he doesn't get Dixie Chicked

Kaffeklatsched? Oh god how pretentious and useless a word this is! Christie please refrain from ever using this word again!

@Douglas Leftwich -- Christie D'Zurilla here from the blog. Please sleep soundly knowing I used that word with tongue *firmly* jammed in cheek.



First off, Rush Limbaugh asked Elton John to play at his wedding. Secondly, to think that Elton is greedy is absolutely ridiculous...all that money goes directly to the EJAF; Elton's AID Foundation. To call Elton greedy when he's one of only 3 or 4 musical artists today that will perform for FREE to help a charitable cause. Joy should be ashamed of herself and she should do a little bit more research before opening her big mouth. And this comes from someone that actually likes her.

Elton John has repeatedly said that he doesn't believe in gay marriage. He has been quoted DOZENS of times saying that he believes in Civil Unions for gays with equal rights and marriage for heterosexual couples.

Rush Limbaugh and Elton John are like minded on this subject and what is sad is that they are both far more open minded than those hags (sans Hassleback) on the VIEW.

The View is a daily display of the personal vitriol and madness driven by a lack of facts and poorly thought out opinions. They are about as pathetic a bunch of old dried out hag pipes as I have seen.

Maybe instead of the knee jerk hate and disgust, if they would actually gather some facts before spewing opine as though it is true, someone would actually give some currency to the BS they spew everyday. Now that Elton has betrayed the liberal machine....he's just a GREEDY CAPITALIST PIG!

It's good to know that Elton John and Rush Limbaugh are able to treat each other with decency and respect for each others beliefs while the harpies at the View tear them both down for betraying their absurd propoganda machine.

Everytime I see an advertisement for the View, I throw up a little in my mouth, and a hair turns grey on my head.

Good gracious....why in the world is this even an issue? Conservatives all over the country still go see movies that star people who are left wing activists. So why can't Elton perform for a conservative?

This whole debate is ridiculous.

The View? (spits)...... should be called The Spew!

"...people only want to be with 'like,' " Elisabeth Hasselbeck said.
Yeah. Funny, that, Mrs. Hasselbeck. We gay people aren't too thrilled to be around folks who hate us and want to deny us civil rights. Go figure.

Rush Limbaugh is a recovering drug addict who has made a fortune by spewing out hate for women, gays and minority individuals. Forget left or right labels or whether you support his views or hate him. Elton John is an entertainer and it it insane to think that his conduct is not an endorsement of Limbaugh. Part of the problem is making the assumption that because of John being gay he is in anyways supportive of gays. But it is delusional to think that many people on both sides will be repulsed by both Limbaugh and John.


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