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Rush Limbaugh gets married, and Elton John is the wedding singer [poll] [updated]

Elton-rush-web Rush Limbaugh got married on Saturday night to Kathryn Rogers in Palm Beach, Fla., complete with 400 guests, no media, a high-flying shout-out from the folks at Gawker and music by Elton John.

Among the folks trading the worlds of politics and political commentary for the Ponce de Leon ballroom at the Breakers hotel: Karl Rove, Sean Hannity, Rudy Giuliani, Fred Thompson, James Carville and Mary Matalin.

Elton has been slammed by some over saying yes to Rush's offer -- the civil-partnered gay man who reportedly kept the hotel staff hopping is said to have hauled in a million bucks for his night's work at Limbaugh's fourth such celebration of nuptials. But before you clutch your pearls in shock ...

... over the whole affair, recall that John recently played in Morocco. He's also shared a stage with and is a friend of Eminem, a rapper not exactly campaigning loudly for gay rights. Perhaps conservative and liberal streams can indeed cross without creating a rip in the space-time continuum -- though further complicating the issue is the fact that the bride is a descendant of President John Adams, who was neither a Democrat nor a Republican, but a Federalist (not that that party helped one-term Adams much, what with Vice President Thomas Jefferson nipping at his heels and all).

~~ Seriously, though -- has anyone checked today to see if south Florida's still showing up in the usual spot on the GPS? ~~

[Updated at 4:09 p.m., June 7, 2010: An earlier version of this post referred to the singer twice as "married"; in fact, he and David Furnish are in a civil partnership. Elton in 2008 spoke out in favor of same-sex civil partnerships or unions rather than same-sex marriage.]

According to Zev Chafets, author of a new book about the radio host, Limbaugh "regards homosexuality as, most probably, biologically determined, and while he opposes gay marriage as culturally subversive, he has no problem with gay civil unions -- which is the stance of President Obama and Hillary Clinton. He drinks adult beverages, smokes cigars, and is not exactly a shining example of family values."

That last bit suggests a good time would've been had by all at the reception.

Limbaugh and Rogers, who met in 2004 at a charity golf tournament, had been dating for about three years. What, nobody's yelling about a guy who's 59 marrying a woman who's 33? At least John picked someone -- David Furnish -- only 15 years his junior.

Oh, wait -- it's South Florida, and Limbaugh's a little bit rich. Never mind.

Good luck to the newlyweds. 

-- Christie D'Zurilla

Photos: Elton John, left, and Rush Limbaugh. Credits: Andy Kropa / Getty Images, left; Associated Press, right.

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Condolences to the bride.

Disgraceful. Absolutely disgraceful. Obviously Elton John has no integrity left.

Kind of surprising, considering all the musical talent available. However, I don't really see why opposing political views should keep people from associating in cordial ways.

He got paid $1 million for singing. He's a singer. He got paid. Did he need to check out the politics of everyone attending in order to sing? No. Maybe Elton is not as stuck in liberal nonsense-land as many hoped.

The administration recently asked its' supporters to ratchet down the partisan criticism. I guess most didn't get the memo.

I have no problem w/Elton going for a million-dollar paycheck, for just a few hours work (including prep). The real question is why Rush, the self-proclaimed "Leader of the Opposition" wouldn't have a more family-values friendly headliner at the wedding.

Given that he is increasingly being upstaged by Glenn Beck among some of the hard-core right as the new "Leader of the Opposition", and given that with 4 marriages, this can't play very well among evangelicals, a big chunk of that "opposition".

it seems to me that he's entering a new phase. His audience (supposedly 20 million at its peak a few years ago) will probably continue to dwindle, slowly, as Beck, Palin, etc take the lead. I doubt Rush will be invited to speak at the 2012 GOP convention, but it wouldn't surprise me if Beck and other bomb-throwers do get invited.

Rumor has it that he wants to concentrate on fathering a child (he has none), then raising him (surely he wants a boy) to be his heir someday.
Somewhere, Michael Steele is just smiling right now.

Well the only thing that can be said is...

Money, money, money
Always sunny
In a rich man's world

Elton's sold his integrity
For a real big pile of money
It's a rich man's world


Interesting to see where all the hate, bigotry, and discrimination exists: on the Left!

At least Elton and Rush are above such childish carping.


I for one think it's great that Rush Limbaugh has finally acknowledged his closeted homosexuality, and had come out in support of legally recognized gay Civil Unions. Let's hope that this, his FOURTH marriage, lasts half - as - long as most gay marriages !

I'd have-ta say "Cool!" In this day and age of how and where we get our money, a cool million is nothing to sneeze at. Regardless of the two opposing political parties, what does this really boil down to--Bucks baby! Funny how we pretend there is a world of integrity out there. But I have to admit, there's a lot I would do for a million; equally there is a lot I wouldn't do as well--million or not. Maybe this is just the spell Limbaugh needs to have a successful marriage. A spell cast from a gay pop icon!

At first, I was thinking...wwwwwwwwwwwhaaaat the HECK??????????? But afer reading here
that RUSH figures that being :Gay"
is biologically built in....then it might turn out to be good PR move, all the way around.If Rush or Kathryn loves the guy's MUSIC....well...it's THEIR wedding and nobody else's BUSINESS!!!!!

Isn't it ironic that Conservatives seem more tolerant than some of the Liberals who tout tolerance. Happy Wedding day! Nothing but Love.

Rush took the dip for the 4th time. It appears the wealthy
are allowed to marry their daughters. Its a cultural thing

Let's blame Obama for this too Dittoheads.


Fifteen years ago I listened to Rush religiously. While he is still good politically - and plugged-in to a heck of a lot of "sources" - his personal life leaves much to be desired. The picture of him in the tabloid being bussed by some gay guy really made me wonder who he is. A million for Elton to play at his wedding/reception? That is screwy. Marrying a woman a little more than half his age? That's screwy too. Rush is entitled to do anything he wants with his millions. And I have the right to change my tastes in political talk radio - to Hugh Hewitt.

If the morbidly obese oxycontin junkie keeps to schedule divorce papers should be filed by 2012.

Elton John is now officially the Roy Cohn of Pop.

Um, Healthnuts? Woody Allen married his daughter. Rush is marrying a grown woman.

How funny is it that people actually think Elton John did a "bad" thing? I was wondering what Rush was thinking, but then it occurred to me, his bride may be a fan of Elton John.

Some washed-up hick like Lee Greenwood or Wayne Newton might have been appropriate, but Sir Elton John?

So sorry for your loss, Ms. Rogers. Sex with Rush is demeaning. Just ask children in the DR.

Russ has three former wives, no known children. Marrige for political purposes. Closet Gay?

Don't be so surprised. Morals? Values? Please, this is entertainment. Those things don't exist.

Elton John sold out years ago. All musicians have to sell out at one time or another to become International Superstars.

Every musician has had to do a photo shoot for a lame teeny-bopper magazine or had to perform a show for a cause they didn't care for. It's called show business and the business part keeps the music industry afloat.

Elton will take the money he made and take his Husband on a nice vacation.

I ain't sayin' (his wife) she's a golddigga'...Oxycotin-druggie takes wife #4...well in 6 months to a year she'll be cleaning out half his bank account...cheers!

Elton John and Paul McCartney need to catch the next boat back to England. "Kept the hotel staff hopping", eh? Is John WORTH a million-dollar-night-gig? Is ANYONE worth that much? Probably a bunch of gossip, but it gets me how these blokes from England come over here and kiss Yankee ass through their lyrics to make it big in the States, then turn around and have an attitude. BRIT GO HOME!

Some of you folks should listen to Rush. He is one of the last voices for values in this country of ours. Progressives know no bounds. We are about to feel the sting of having no bounds.

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