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Report: Details set in Tiger Woods-Elin Nordegren divorce

Tiger Woods divorce settlement reportedly set. A divorced Tiger Woods would have to keep any new girlfriends away from his children, and a divorced Elin Nordegren would have to keep her mouth shut about anything to do with his old girlfriends, according to a report published by the Sun.

The British tabloid, quoting an unnamed friend of Elin's, says the golf star's wife is ready to file for divorce in a Florida court in the next seven days.

Other details, according to the tab: She'd keep the Windermere house and properties in Sweden; he'd get a Jupiter Island, Fla., property and an apartment in L.A. Physical custody of the kids would be hers, but they'd have joint legal custody.

Total tab for Tiger? About $750 million, the Sun says -- and Elin would surrender the cash if she decided to talk.

Even if Tiger dies first. 

So all eyes will be on the Orlando County Court in the days to come. Nothing like a looming holiday weekend to bring out the big guns, eh? Then again, it was the news on a holiday weekend that landed Tiger here in the first place.

-- Christie D'Zurilla

Photo: Tiger Woods talks to members of the media before the AT&T National tournament in Pennsylvania on June 29, 2010. Credit: Steven M. Falk / Philadelphia Inquirer / MCT

It's been a crazy ride since Tiger Woods crashed into that tree back in November -- it's astonishing the things we forgot we remembered, so hit that link and browse if you've forgotten too. 

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This divorce settlement amount is fair since it is for a complete package for both, Elin and the children and it went up because Tiger is demanding from Elin a lifetime of silence. The settlement may include cash, trust funds for the children, real estate, properties and other considerations. Tiger is the one who caused irreparable damage to the marriage and the dissolution of the family unit with his adulterous, reckless and irresponsible behavior. Tiger, reportedly, had unprotected sex with multiple promiscuous partners, potentially exposing Elin to life threatening conditions such as STD, HIV, hepatitis, herpes, uterine cancer, etc. Some of these conditions can be dormant and could take years to show up. Tiger Woods humiliated his family in front of the world causing them enough hurt, pain and suffering that will scar them for the rest of their lives! Tiger Woods used his wife and children to earn millions projecting a false image of integrity as a devoted husband and family man, while living a sordid life in private. I applaud Elin for her courage, dignity and poise during this horrid ordeal and wish her and her children all the best!!!

For both of their sakes and their children I'll be so glad when all of this is behind them and I'm really sorry that they couldn't make it work. Your mentioned comment that Tiger used his wife to make money, either you're on crack or you've been living under a rock for quite a number of years. This man had money and lots of it long before he met Elin. Just reading the article you wrote, you would bad mouth Tiger under any circumstances. I pray when this is all said and done they will both be ok and children will be fine. As for you find somethning positive to write about if you can or know how.

Christie D'Zurilla here from the blog. We don't publish comments with profanity or over-the-top vulgarity.

If your comment isn't going live, that's probably why.


That is terrible divorce amount....I know,,,all rich men have an affair with the women outside home,,,even they wouldn't like,,,but they were chasing by the women outside home,,,the wrong is also depends on the women...not all men are fout...most of women are fout....because they would get alot of moeny by the men with easy way...the women would have enjoy and prettige life if they can get eyes of the marriage men,,till they don't need work hard for living...but they don't care or the married man has own family yet...the men can't refuse when they are seeing the women who would show them their silicon boops,,their sexy style...when the banane stand up..the men forget evrything...that is the weak point of the men...the rest is that women would like earn money with easy men..the wife at home trust their men..but why Elin is to greedy.?she she demands $750 miliion..does she worth this amount.?she must concious that Tiger woods had been very hard working,since he was teenage,,,,untill now,,,he spent most of his time at the golf field,,because his job..doesn't matter with raining,and always very hot weather,,under the son shine,,,,nonstop...he would keep his winning as the world famous golfer,,,he is golfer Icon,,,he goes to the golf field not for fun,,but very hard work...after caught he has an affair,,,his wife forced him to let intervieuw on the tV,,he did also,,,and Elin chanteer him that she would take 2 kids and goes back to his native land,,she knew the weak point of Tiger W,because he is a good father and would miss his kids forever,,with this ay,,,Elin demands his $750Million,and after divorce,,he may not bring his future girl friends to his home..around his kids,,,but he is divorce man..why she demands...needs he bring his future girl friends at only in hotel.???he has also a right to have his own new life...he is also a humans being...always work very hard to pay everything for his family....she is too selfish,,,,she is not prettiest woman,she is never work since she married with Tiger wood..during 5 years,,now she demands $750 million,,but she needs als look at the mirrow how she looks like.??she her teeth,,,and her false lips..her nose...that is terrible,,,she has little bit blond hair,,but the half is from painting,,that is not amazin case..there are much more beautyful then her,,,,she is really never worth of $750 million..one point,,,I understood why he was an affar with other women,,because his wife is very cold and selfish person,,and never loves him with her heart,,Elin loves only his $$$$$....Iam very pity with Tiger Woods,,he is a good person,who works too hard ...always has a,bition to get win,,,even he has alot of problem,,but still strong to handle it and try focus to play the golf as his income,,Elin has no brain.now she is happy,,she punish Tiger wood with very sadis way...May God Bless Tiger Woods...continue playing the golf and don't ever marry anyone more,,and always cautious with the women...Take care and always strong to handle this situation..NEVER GIVE UP,,, after the raining comes the sunshine.....

I don't believe the $750M amount.

Assuming he's keeping at least halfputs the total net assets (net of mortgages, loans, etc) at $1.5B. On a pre-tax basis that would have meant he earned $2.3 BILLION, and assumes he has never spend a dime.

A few financial maagzines have put his career earnings at close to $1B or his net worth at $600M. But that was before the stock markets and real estate markets went down the tubes and would still be $900M short.

The amount of the settlement, $750M, is staggering! I am not picking sides, just wondering out loud why he's paying out that much. Maybe we don't know the full story - could his relationship with his neighbor's daughter have been when she was a minor? Did his "appetite" for promiscuity cross more deviant lines than we've heard about? Does Elin know additional information about Dr. Galea? Hard to imagine that this dollar value is agreed upon just so Elin won't write a book or go on a TV show. Must be something else going on.

Definitely feel horrible for the kids! I'm sure they still love their Daddy and wish he was around more often.

I get it. He is Tiger Woods. He has a lot of money. He screwed up. 750 million? Are you kidding me? Who needs that much money? That is an insane amount for Elin to be receiving. I'd like to know how her lawyers came up with that number. Don't get me wrong, I think Elin is amazing and she deserves better and I'm glad she is getting out as sad as it it, but 750 million? Why not 200 million, 400 million. Think about that. I am compromising for 200 or 400 million. I get excited when the lottery is 100 million because that is a lot but 7 TIMES that?!?!?! I'll never understand. Best wishes to Elin and Tiger and their beautiful children.

This does not speak highly of Elin she wasn't with Tiger thru when he made himself big. I feel sorry of there kids they will have to know what there father did and now how much there mother took from there father. There is no winning for any one now. But God Bless the children and now maybe this story can be put to sleep

First of all Forbes magazine is calling this sotry totally false. But even if true, it's disgraceful. To think that somehow Elin is justified in getting close to a billion is ludicrous beyond belief. People need a reality check thinking that this would ever be a fair deal.

What a crock. Elin deserves child support and some alimony....but she does not deserve 750 million and she ought to be ashamed of herself for thinking she does. Sshame on the judicial system for allowing this ridiculous amount. She married Tiger...great. She slept with Tiger...great. she was not one of the greatest golfer in this century and should not think that shes entitled to this much money for two kids and a couple years of marriage. Wonder whats wrong with greedy America - heres another example.

750mill is a lot to settle a divorce like there's. I'm very sure that amount isn't accurate. 100mill minimum would be more correct plus child suport. It would do tiger good to relief some of the pressure he has been under. Everyone has done something that they are ashamed of. TIGER PLEASE GET BACK ON THE COURSE WIT A FREE MIND AND WIN!!

You know what? The more I read of this dreary tale, the less I care. While tens of millions of people around the world are hungry, cold and fearful because of the myriad afflictions, cruelties and vanities that plague the human condition, I'm supposed to care about Woods and the terms of his divorce? I don't know who's to blame in this debacle, but I'm inclined to heave a sigh for Wood's former wife, and their kids. But the serial accounts of the sorrows of stars, a big deal in our media circus, seem to me increasingly almost an insult to mankind, given the state of the nation, and the world. Let me get personal: the muckrakers and bloggers whose careers are dedicated to full-time pursuit of this drivel are going to have some tough existential times in their twilight years, when they realize how utterly frivolous and inconsequential their lives were, and how utterly wasted all that time was. I love to watch golf. It's a marvelous game, lovely to behold. But I don't want to know what these gifted athletes do off the fairways and greens, unless it's something that helps some of those folks in pain at every point of the compass. Either you're part of the solution, or you're part of the problem. It's a simple choice, and probably the hardest one to make in life.

Had to comment @Mark......we don't know details of the why's....at this point that never matters.........Tiger could have left the marriage prior to his cheating ways...and before continuing making more children with Elin.......He put her life at risk....in addition to emotional damage to her......Elin has to obey a parenting plan and share her kids w/their father whose ability to control desires are very weak. Tiger put a target on Sam's and Charlie's childhood. Have you watched them being followed and the questions that are hollered at them? He got off with his life and hopefully the sense to get the help he needs.


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