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Report: Rachel Bilson, Hayden Christensen take an engagement break


Call it an unconventional step in wedding planning -- Rachel Bilson and her fiance Hayden Christensen are temporarily breaking their engagement, reports Us Weekly.

Showing up for THQ's Take No Prisoners video game event Wednesday, Bilson was visibly missing her engagement ring. When asked by an Us reporter if she and Christensen were making headway with their nuptial plans, the actress responded, "No, no plans."  

The magazine cites a source as saying the pair are "taking about a month off" to decide if they'll remain a couple.

Bilson and Christensen met on the 2007 set of "Jumper," and got engaged in 2008.

Do you think a break is healthy? Should they stay together? Tell us in comments.

-- Matt Donnelly

Photo: Hayden Christensen and Rachel Bilson at the 2005 Teen Choice Awards. Credit: Ethan Miller / Getty Images

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Oy. If you're going to take a break from an engagement to see if you're going to stay together as a couple, you may as well sever the relationship completely. It irritates me how celebrity couples don't take marriage seriously. An engagement is a serious commitment that leads up to a total life-changing commitment. To just throw that around is ridiculous. It's obvious, in this situation, that they are not serious--maybe they're just bored.

they should stay together because they love each other if they didn't then they would've just ended it without thinking

Well, now she's back on the market. Apparently, she likes Canadians...

I honestly think that it was pretty obvious a break was coming between then two. It is a little bit of a shock though because I thought Rachel was really quite serious about it all. But nevertheless, maybe it is actually a good thing. I mean she's so... generic and he's a little quirky. If she's refering to him as a human dictionary and she can't understand his vocab, what's the point?

who are they? and why do they matter?...they look like folks with no talent whatsoever

This does not surprise me at all considering her history with fellow co star Adam Brody, they too were very serious and she called it off. I believe she has commitment issues and I had a feeling this would happen so I am not shocked at all. I don't think they'll get married. She'll end up meeting a new co star and 'falling in love' with him. She is very much repeating Angelina Jolie. I DO love Rachel Bilson but she is obviously having trouble making up her mind.

Been a long time coming.She not serious about being with him. She need to let him go.Its not going to work. She not what she want in a guy. she use him to get attention that's all.If she wanted a break she would have done it in april when she no wedding plans. He also said it last year. she should broke it off last year.Its always be other guys when someone wants a break.It haad been over since last month not two weeks go when she to cannes without him. And when he went to ny alone in may.They are not getting back together no matter how it about them revisit their relationship. When you take that ring off as many times she have. you know that its over. Its called a broken engagement. who goes to a broken engagaement anyway.it over.

GOOD! she's got boring ever since she's been with him. old rachel we want you back!! hayden is painfully dull.

oh please bilson has no talent she thinks she knows how to dress. all she does is grocery shop. she drug h.c. down . finally he has movies coming out. hes the one that said 2wks. ago in brazil.he loved her and wanted to get married. hayden move on better women out there shes only a little girl playing i wish i could act.

no, adam brody and rachel bilson should get back together!

Yessss........Now she can get back to Adam Brody i love seth/summer


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