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Paris Hilton on her New York childhood and staying relevant [video]

From social fixture to sex-tape star to overexposed heiress -- is there any fruit left on the Paris Hilton tree?

Mtv-paris-hilton-webNothing less than the Big Apple, apparently, as Hilton was featured Monday on the Wall Street Journal's video feature "Walkabout," a roving tour of New York City with reporter Lee Hawkins.

The pair visited the Waldorf Astoria, the crown jewel in the Hilton Hotel empire, where Paris and sister Nicky grew up, as well as Central Park and toy store FAO Schwarz.

Though we know virtually everything about the mini-mogul, it's refreshing to see Paris discuss something she's actually an authority on: her humble beginnings as a princess living in a swanky Manhattan hotel.

All roads lead to business, however, as Hawkins broached the staying power Paris displays in her branding and licensing. Check out her thoughts on the bulletproof market for fragrance and how little she claims to need the paparazzi, in the clip above.

-- Matt Donnelly

Photo: Paris Hilton attends the 2010 MTV Movie Awards in Los Angeles. Credit: Danny Moloshok / Reuters

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"staying" relevant!? Please remind me when this colossal waste of space, this bombastic brat, this jewel-encrusted cultural VOID was ever "relevant."

relevant? this vapid waste of blonde tresses says she's relevant?...how many men has she slept with to stay relevant?...


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