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New Adam Lambert music video premieres: 'If I Had You'

Adam Lambert's newest music video has premiered on his official website, and we offer it above for your viewing convenience.

Adam-lambert-wango-tango-we Imagine what it might look like if the "Twilight" gang threw a party, and the casts of "Lost Boys" and "The Patriot" showed up.

After going shopping with Rihanna and Adam Ant

But in a good way!

Hey, we're no experts -- all we know is, it's still early, and the tune has us in the mood to dance. While we're dancing, maybe you'll share your expert (and profanity-free) opinions in comments.

-- Christie D'Zurilla

Photo: Adam Lambert performs during KIIS-FM's Wango Tango concert May 15, 2010, at Staples Center in L.A. Credit: Allen J. Schaben / Los Angeles Times. 

Video credit: adamofficial.com / VH1

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I have to say that I LOVE that Adam included so many of his talented artist friends in his video. Everyone from Cheeks to Cassidy Haley, Rahab to Allison Iraheta. It's an awesome video.

The video was fabulous and oh, so Adam and his friends. They helped make the party in the woods in full costume REAL, well, not in a Cincinnati or DesMoines kind of way,
but certainly in an LA kind of way. Adam's voice, his moves, and his personality shine through, along with the joy he seems to take in performing. I love it and might go out and buy a convertible for the summer just so I can cruise around with IIHY blaring.

When If I Had You comes on the radio (which is not as often as we all would like) We turn it up, squeeee and get up and dance so I know what your talking aobut! Now with this video, I WANNA PARTY WITH ADAM! DAMN!!!! He really did capture it all, didnt he? I love it!!

You have to be a pretty hard core fan to think this video was any good.

all the 80's cliches almost blinded me. Please someone send out a memo that the 80's ain't coming back and to stop trying to bring it back.

And mascara doesn't look good on men. it just doesn't.

HOT, HOT, HOT!!!!!!!!! Pure joy and exceptional talent!!

Someone commented that the 80s aren't coming back...but nobody thought the 50's, 60's, 70's or 90's would resurge again and they all have. Everything recyles including mini-skirts and bell-bottoms. Heck, I wouldn't be surprised to see flowered shirts with french cuffs make a comeback (oh didn't Brad Pitt wear those in Oceans). Have we all become so serious that we don't have time to be just joyous or carefree or exuberant. I say: lucky are those that can still enjoy life because its much too short as it is.

What a spectacular video-I just played it 8 times. Adam is glorious and I can hardly wait till he and Orianthi come to the Puyallup Fair in September.!!!And I am 65 years young..


@Sandy -- Christie D'Zurilla here from the blog.

The Puyallup Fair! Dang, girlfriend! That was such fun when I was in junior high and high school (late 70s, early 80s) ... I was a smart kid, and a bit naive, and we thought those colored feathers they had for sale, with the long leather string attached to a clip, were just about the coolest hair accessories we'd ever seen.


Thx for the fun memory.


Love the video....love Adam!!!! I enjoy the "glam" performances, but mostly because Adam sees himself in this genre. I want him to feel successful in whatever arena he chooses to present himself. But for me personally, I love the stripped down Adam with just the voice and incredible warmth and personality. As you grow older, you realize that to be loved for the "real you" is priceless. Adam will get there, but he has many years and many experiences to go through first. He is a jewel and I am so thankful I have had the opportunity to witness the birth of a superstar and more importantly.....a super person. Love you, Adam...

Adam is sooooo amazing. I always feel his joy!! KISS FM here in Ottawa loves Adam and plays all three of his singles often!!

I'm seeing him in Toronto this Saturday night......yippee!! Can't wait. and....this video.....beyond amazing!!

OK He won me on this one. What an imagination put together with a pretty cool song. I like it.

This video just makes me smile. Joyous, campy fun. Great song, too.

Adam, big fan of yours on Idol, and while you may be over the top, you got the chops bud. AND, you seem like a genuinely nice guy. Don't change :)

Love that each time you look at it you seem something, someone different--Allison?, Kesha? Cheeks?, etc. Great visuals, upbeat--we need this more than another downer like Lady GAGA's newest video or an excuse for Katy Perry to bare herself in her latest video . Just fun and glitzy. Add Adam Lambert and what more do you need?

.Oh How I Love HIM<3333:D

.I Love This Video All Around But My Fave Parts Would Have To Be 2:50 To 3:02 And The End:)))

.He Is Just So Amazing<3

Wow, hot video from Adam Lambert, the Boy George wannabe! But more sexier...God I got to go and take a cold shower!

i like this video and song. although when describing adam's attire, the author forgot to mention the 'tina turner from mad max' portion. really good video and song.

I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT! It is vibrant, magical, and non-stop fun that makes me want to dance and hug and love everyone. It's wonderful to listen to such a positive summertime anthem! ! It is so different from most of the misogynous, sexist and often racist hip-hop dribble that clogs the airwaves.
Welcome to the summer-of-love, take-two!

This is GREAT! Such a happy tune. So play it already radio stations. Quit denying us some great summer fun.

Great song, fun video. Adam knows exactly what he's doing.

oh wow. that was fantastic. love it and all the good energy! makes me wanna get up and dance. =)

Adam is <33333

Adam Lambert is the best! End of Story!

Awesome Party Animal with an other-worldly voice. Love Adam Lambert. He's just starting on his journey and he's a superstar. Makes you wanna dance. With oil spills and economic muck covering the Internet/TV/Radio, Adam's video and music are much-needed escapes from harsh realities. Thank you for the pick-me-up, Adam!

CDZ from the Ministry: "we thought those colored feathers they had for sale, with the long leather string attached to a clip, were just about the coolest hair accessories we'd ever seen."

LMAO! Those were just really pretty accessories with a, er, nicely sturdy clip! LOL funtimez.

I LOVE this video!!!! The strobe and CG effects are even more spectacular if you watch it in the dark!

It's even more awesome when you see it on TV! It's vh1's Gung Ho Video on their Jumpstart morning video shows and been showing at least once per hour. MTV also is showing it on their morning video rotation!


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