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New Adam Lambert music video premieres: 'If I Had You'

Adam Lambert's newest music video has premiered on his official website, and we offer it above for your viewing convenience.

Adam-lambert-wango-tango-we Imagine what it might look like if the "Twilight" gang threw a party, and the casts of "Lost Boys" and "The Patriot" showed up.

After going shopping with Rihanna and Adam Ant

But in a good way!

Hey, we're no experts -- all we know is, it's still early, and the tune has us in the mood to dance. While we're dancing, maybe you'll share your expert (and profanity-free) opinions in comments.

-- Christie D'Zurilla

Photo: Adam Lambert performs during KIIS-FM's Wango Tango concert May 15, 2010, at Staples Center in L.A. Credit: Allen J. Schaben / Los Angeles Times. 

Video credit: adamofficial.com / VH1

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Love this video. Love Adam!

Love it! Full of fun. Can I join the party?

Hey, L.A. Times, no worries because no one's an EXPERT when it comes to music. It you FEEL the music you're listening to, then all is great. Let's forget about all the snobbery of some supposed critics who would want the whole planet to listen to only one genre of music, theirs. This is a great, fun song with a strong message and Adam Lambert's video of it is totally awesome. Bodes well for a glammed up summer. We all need some fun in our lives and Adam brings it.

It's fun. That works.

Loved the video, so fun, if u haven't bought the FYE album, it's great buy it!!!

Gosh, I wish I had been there. I literally can feel the good energy, and the love and harmony. The spirit of love and peace is still alive. Adam's song is terrific, I love it, and I always enjoy watching his videos. I notice a lot of LA talented artist friends of his in the vid too.

I saw the video last night and ended up humming it last night. Now you post it and it's back in my head again! I find myself singing over and over "well I got my boots got the right amount of leather and I'm doing me up with a black colored liner". Lol!! I'm getting odd looks from people around me.

Ps, I would love to go to that party!

This video came on VH1 this morning, and then of course I had to replay it twice. I can not think of a better way to start the morning and to start my energy! Great vid! The part where it's a closeup of Adam's face singing, his eyes closed and then BOOM he opens them --> *dead*

IIHY vid is just a bit under 160,000 views ALREADY... gee, you think the radio stations could give the song a few spins now? Here's hoping!

love the song and the video--adam is a stunning visual performance artist!! the song's message is very uplifting:)

When is the video going to be on TV? It's on the top 20 countdown but that is Saturdays. VH1.com posted it on line at noon yesterday.

Love, as in LOVE the video. It has me smiling and dancing and wishing that I was there. And hoping that I'll get an invite to their next party in the forest (:. Love his voice, love his joy, love all the colours in the video, love all the happy dancing people. Makes me feel happy and silly and free.

I love you my magical wizard and I'd follow you anywhere..woods,rabbit holes ,Glamnation concerts 6 times.

Hey all -- Christie D'Zurilla here from the blog.

I just have to say, I *love* it when Adam Lambert fans show up here. Seriously. You guys are the best -- glammies always brighten my day.

Thanks for visiting!!


10/10 rating for me!

You were right about the 80s influence: so fun and irreverent!

Adam is one talented and sexy performer. The video is amazing, and so fun. Some of these radio stations need to GET WITH IT, and play this awesome song already.

I love the video...I want to party with THOSE people. They are way more my type of folks than anyone I've seen in a music video in a long time!

LOL back atcha Christie! *muah*

I adore the vid, not that I'm the least bit objective when it comes to the dude, but to me it's just pure fun and a super catchy song. And how did he manage to fit so much pretty in one video? Magick!

This video and song are so much fun. I went to Adam's concert in Vancouver and it was such a happy, loving experience. Everyone danced and sang and just had a great time. It provides an escape from the sometimes cruel world, to a place of happiness and beauty. Let your reserves down and enjoy this wonderful video.

Gosh, can't believe I was late for the partee. Lost my sparkly Unicorn somewhere between "NeverEnding Story" and "The Lost Boys", but most likely it just strutted off to "Neverland". Anyway, off to get the right 'mount of leather, my stripper heels - meet you back over at Oz's place (or just the Griffith Observatory parking lot). LOL :-) Luved it!

Thank you for supporting Adam Lambert. He is one of a kind ,a recious gem,national treasure and too good of a human being, Its like he is not human but an alien from gods kingdom who some how wonderd off on our planet to give us the glimmer of what we suppose to be like to one another. LOVE,PEACE AND HAPPINESS. THATS IT.

IIHY video is tons of fun and packed full of surprises! It will take LOTS of viewing to see everyone/everything. Sure to be a monster summer hit and shows Adam's creativity and playfullness. Go to VH1 and vote for IIHY. I just came back from seeing GlamNation tour 7 out of 8 times and it was a super exciting show each time. Adam's entire cast of band and dancers are amazing and so talented... go see it now... if, that is, you can get a ticket! Adam is THE BEST!

Great energy and a hot video! Nice job, Adam!

Love it. So fun and makes me wanna dance. Adam is amazing.

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