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Michael Jackson's children will go to a private school

Michael Jackson's children Paris and Prince Michael at the Grammys Michael Jackson's children, who've been home-schooled to date, will head to an unidentified private school in September, Katherine Jackson told the Daily Mail.  

According to their grandma, Prince Michael, Paris and Blanket -- 13, 12 and 8, respectively -- have schoolwork daily as well as karate and swimming. 

"I've tried to follow the way Michael was raising them," she said. "But they don't have friends. ... They have private lessons at home. They'll be going to a private school in September for the first time."

Katherine Jackson's attorney told the Associated Press that the kids also enjoy playing around with beginner filmmaking -- as seen online in videos allegedly hacked from a family computer and leaked in May.

-- Christie D'Zurilla

Photo: Michael Jackson's children Paris, left, and Prince Michael Jackson II accept a lifetime achievement award on behalf of their father at the Grammy Awards in Los Angeles on Jan. 31, 2010. Matt Sayles / Associated Press. 

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Snotty little kids surrounded by bodyguards as if they are royalty. The joke is on the fans, they are not Michael Jackosn biological children. They are the son of a fat nurse and an equally fat doctor.

wow!! are you really serious for that comment, so disrespectful...

...and why do we care?!?!?

Jesus Loves, Jesus Saves, Jesus Protects, and Most of All Jesus Blesses Hallelujah to the Lamb of God and the Lion of Judah Amen Praises to King Jesus Alleluia Amen.

Well at least Katherine Jackson knows how to mother...too bad that the family fued is a saga not without drama...and this news hitting the stands about AEG - I think Gone Too Soon feels the same..wait to see on June 25th

don't be stupid lisa, they RAE michael's children, he said he used his sperm and from all the stories we've heard NO ONE has said these kids are snotty so why judge them like this?

I wish them well, and for the life of me, I can't understand why any sane person would have anything nasty to say about them.

why or why does the LA Times reprint a UK tabloid article? They are known as the most cruel and untruthful media. They are the ones that started all the innuendo and hate for Michael in the first place and they continue to this day. They try to clothe it now in a story about the kids but it is a dig at Michael - that he created a life where the children had no friends.

Even if any of this is true (who knows, those UK tabloids just make up most of their stories), over 1 million children are home schooled in the U.S. alone - are you and those worthless tabloids insinuating that all these children are friendless? Home schooled children are generally far advanced academically, well-socialized and have lots of friends through their activities.

So my question remains - when will the mainstream media stop cutting and pasting these tabloid articles?

clarification of my comment above - even if the part is true that one or more of the children will attend a school in the fall, no way did Mrs. Jackson say that her grandchildren have no friends.

R.I.P MJ UR MISSED AND LOVED BUT NEVER FORGOTTEN <3. Thoes are mj's kids ok. they need protection cuz they are so famous and so out there because there father just pasased. they need protection cuz people will be after them for money etc. I love mj and his family so much and im glad to see that they are doing ok. i pray for mj and his family every day. Haters can go to hell. Haters just hate them selfs so much that they have to hate some inocent,sweet,sexy,honest,giving,caring man (MJ)

Wow I LOVE MJ he's so sweet i always call him dady. His children need 2 b proud God chose him 2 b n their lives. He didn't come in this world 2 stay 4ever but 2 fulfill his purpose and change others 4 the good of it all. I LOVE PRINCE PARIS AND BLANKET,U R ALL VERY SPECIAL AND SHOULD B PROUD OF YOUR DAD(: Skool isnt easy but just pray through it. I BEG U not 2 listen 2 wut the world has 2 say about ur dady. U know him they don't so no matter wut kids r gunna say dont turn back and disrespect YOUR FATHER 4 HE DOES NOT DESERVE IT DONT HATE THOSE PPL EITHER. I wish u guys cood go 2 my skool. I'M N flORIDA THOUGH. I'M A YR OLDER THAN PRINCE MY BDAY IZ FEB 9,96. Soon u'll find ur purpose, then share IT bcuz u r bright and have a bright future infront of u love always ur sister n God's eyes Applebee(:

I hope Michael Jacksons' kids get all the love they deserve despite what people think of him...TV Guide Network will show a movie about his life on June 25th

Seriously, WHY send them to a private school where they will get mocked because of their father? They're better off being homeschooled.


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