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Cemetery will let Michael Jackson fans visit on anniversary of his death [poll]


Want to pay your respects to Michael Jackson come June 25, the first anniversary of his death? The gates of Forest Lawn in Glendale may in fact be open to fans, according to our sister blog L.A. Now, with plans expected to be finalized this week.

That'd mean fans should be able to access the grounds, mind you -- not go up to the Great Mausoleum, where the King of Pop's body is at rest. "Basically, they will be viewing it from a distance," said Glendale Police Sgt. Tom Lorenz. (Details are still being discussed -- check L.A. Now for more.)

Lorenz also said the Jackson family is working with Forest Lawn on "some kind of commemoration."

-- Christie D'Zurilla

Photo: Michael Jackson fan April Smith, left, takes a photo of flowers and mementos outside the mausoleum housing the crypt of Michael Jackson at Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Glendale on May 14, 2010. Credit: Reed Saxon / Associated Press.

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i think it is great that fans can pay their respects on the first anniversary of michaels death thanks to the jackson family for that iam a huge fan of michael and i will remember him privately at my home will be praying for him that day were ever he is hope that he is at peace....its all for love mj love u much myrna ur adoring friend...

mj does not need millions fans, he just needs a few loyal and awesome fans. love him so.

mj is simply the best. there are two version of mj, one the real mj, and two the media version of him. we beleive the real mj, he was a gift from God, and the Media was out to frame him, and they did a good job.

nope. he is not dead. :)

Yes with friends and family playing his music all day watching videos and remembering and knowing his genius was cut too short and how certain people ruined his life with lies.

Great that they will allow the visitation of fans for the anniversary of MJs death. It might help to make it more real for some perhaps. It's a real shame they could not have layed Michael to rest in a more public place for his fans to visit whenever they wanted to. Although Neverland held some very bad memories for Michael, he did love it there at one stage and what I have seen of it, it is a very beautiful and serene place to be. Wouldnt it be great if he was layed to rest there so that not only the fans could visit but you could walk the grounds that Michael once enjoyed. Even an interview there with Jermane said that you can feel Michaels presents every where there. I would sincerely love to be there to, but living in New Zealand makes that difficult to do but I will privately morn in my own suroundings on the 25th of June...Love always Michael.

I would like to add also that Michael loved his fans a great deal, he ived for them and I believe that he would have loved a more public resting place so that he would never again feel so alone.
Love always and forever Michael.

Yes, will remember him with friends and family. If I lived close by, I would visit Forest Lawn. In All honesty, I have remembered him every day, since June 25th 2009. every single day. I know he is in a good place. I'd pray for his children. and will pray with all my heart. He was a gift from God. Although his life was too short, he gave more to this world and contributed to humanity more than having the life time and contribution of a million human being combined. If this earth stays intact for a million year, he will be remembered that long. I love you MJ. God Bless your children. I know he is blessing you.

No, since the man isn't dead :-).

I will be watching videos of Michael.

I have a MJ calendar hanging at work and so many of my co-workers have stopped to tell me how much their kids and grandkids love MJ. It was truley moving when each worker approached me expressing how their kids each admire Michael Jackson, his dance, his music. The one child was even dressed as MJ for halloween. so cute with her sequin glove, MJ hat and sunglasses. On June 25th, In memory of MJ they will all receive a MJ tee-shirt. Michael touched the hearts of all ages, so he will never be forgotten. Fans all around the world will mourn him. Forever in our hearts. RIP Mchael. so sad.

my hunch is that Joe Jackson will be charging for tickets for all visitors...(I just wouldn't put it past him...really)..

Yes I think we his fans should be able to visit. It is sad they could not have made some sort of monument as a tribute. Fans would be happy and I think understanding if families of the others buried there. That is the difficult dilemma is they put him with other families and I would feel awful having so many fans walk thru if if I wanted to have a quiet moment with my loved one- who could have very well passed away the same day. I just read on MJ's site TV Guide is doing a special called Gone Too Soon, June 25 - and it interviews people, like his nanny, that discuss him as a person. I also read there are some facts never before released but not in a damaging way to MJ. I guess we will see.

iam glad that michael jackson fans get to go to the cemetery on june 25. iam a fan to and iam not being able to go but iam a big fan of his i will pray for him i hope that there will something on t v for the fans that can't go to calif or play his music videos to remember his time on one of those music channel.

I have being praying for him in the privacy of my home. The 25th I will visit a church to pray for him in God's home. I will also pray for wisdom to forgive those who tormented him in this life. For those who falsely condemned him may God forgive you and fill your hearts with love so hopefully you all will see through Michael's loving eyes.

God bless those who love Mike. God forgive those who detest him.

Michael, I will always love you. I will always be thankful for living at the same time you did. My grandchildren will not have that gift from God. For that, I am sadden.

I just called Forest Lawn- Glendale to receive more information about letting his fans pay their respects on the first anniversay of Michaels death. I was informed that the public is being mislead. I was told, that Yes, people can access the grounds to pay their respects for loved ones. . . . ("It will be like any other day") and that nothing special is being planned/arranged for Michael. I pray this isn't true. . . . I would LOVE to go! And bring along some children who want to pay their respects and LOVE him too.

Wow! its about time they let all his fans to see him on his anniverssary, & thanks to his family....Michael will always be remember by all of us, & we Love & miss him so much....Im sorry i cannot be there to see him as im too many miles away from him but i will pray for him & think of him in my own home here in New Zealand...He will be blessed by everyone visiting him & shower him with his beautiful sun-flowers around his tomb...God Bless you Michael & see you this friday on the 25th June 2010...xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Your fan from New Zealand.....Mwah


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