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PREACH IT! Gee, something tells us we're approaching a Michael Jackson milestone


In case you’ve somehow been buried alive and missed this: The anniversary of Michael Jackson’s death is coming up. The hype has already begun in earnest, with the announcement of a video game that will let players moonwalk alongside the self-proclaimed King of Pop. The late hitmaker also was inducted into the Apollo Legends Hall of Fame, and the Jackson family is apparently allowing mortals to approach unto Olympus Michael’s grave to leave their burnt offerings pay their respects.

Math -- cruel, cruel math -- indicates that we still have 10 days until the precise anniversary of the Gloved One’s death. That leaves 10 days for the drama to build to well-nigh hysterical proportions. Radar is doing its part by running a conspiracy piece about how MJ was supposedly murdered for his music catalog or something. (Which is totally silly. Come on. Everybody knows Michael Jackson died because his mom made him sad.)

And we here at MOG are, of course, participating in this sad anniversary in as classy a way as we can manage. We’ll keep you updated on all things MJ as the hoopla progresses.

-- Leslie Gornstein

Photo: OK, so it's not exactly the "This Is It" tour, but -- backup dancers for the late Michael Jackson perform as part of a presentation for the Michael Jackson video game during a media briefing ahead of the E3 event in Los Angeles on June 14, 2010.  Credit: Mario Anzuoni / Reuters.

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there is a total lack of calss in your article Miss Gornstein, and if you really want to call yourself a journalist, at leats get your facts straight, Michael jackson NEVER self-proclaimed himself a King, because unless "you’ve somehow been buried alive and missed this": Elizaveth taylor was the first to call him King of pop, soul and rock'n Roll, he NEVER self proclaimed himself, great artist dont do taht, tehy dont need to, they are way to humble ro call themselves names, and this only increases their greatness. RIP, genius. You will live forever through your art, and no matter how the media tries to destroy you, your name will still be known in a hundred years from now, just like Beethoven, socrates, Bach..etc. With everthing that has been thrown at you alive, you have proved you can evercome anything, because no dirt can tarnish your incredible genius and amazing human being.I still dont understand how can the american media still be so willing to destroy you even in your death, have you been from any other country you would have gotten the respect you deserved. But hey mj, small minds discuss people, great minds discuss ideas. You were a great mind and more then taht, you didnt just discuss ideas, you realised them, you lived them, you innovated.
here is a qute i think describes you very well:

~Here’s to the crazy ones. The misfits. The rebels. The troublemakers. The round pegs in the square holes. The ones who see things differently. They’re not fond of rules. And they have no respect for the status quo. You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them. About the only thing you can’t do is ignore them. Because they change things. They push the human race forward. And while some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius. Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.

Canada loves Michael jackson the king of entertainment. RIP.

Wow, and why are you a journalist again? Oh wait, maybe not. Moving on to the next article.


Yuck! Sorry I clicked on this tripe! Good bye.

I think you should've written the article.This was as well put as you can get.Thank You! Thank You, Michael for everything you have given us.You are always in our hearts.

Where is a report button when you need one? Euff! What the hell is this? I wish to be around to see how the writer's first death anniversary would be like!

@Anna -- Christie D'Zurilla here from the blog. No need to worry about hitting a "report" button. We're quite aware of the existence of the post, given that we published it.


This should be good..I saw a clip in MJ Special..June 25th too...gotta watch this one..TV Guide

Divindra knows what shes talkin about...keep it real He was a private person and didn't think himself a King is right.

Ok no no no your a jerk for writing this,

Michael is gone and you ridicule him... jerk.

You help propel the stereo type of a jerk

why do you insist on being jerk

ps. Michaels mother was a saint.
Unlike you jerk

Hello smug one.

What's with all the links? Not 'popping' enough to include the info in this piece properly? Thought Christie told me that you don't get much traffic from using MJ's name?

I think you'll be laughing through the other side of your mouth when you read Charles Thompson's new article for The Huffington Post on Michael Jackson.

It will show you what real writing is about and might cure you of some of your superior airs.

Oh yeh, I forgot that you won't be printing this until you're threatened with exposure of your sly manipulations of the comments again.

Let me see, I think you said that you'll now let the comments go live now even though you are not legally required to do so?

I so agree with you. We are living amidst insanity. I am finding many MJ fans to be crazed, delusional people. And nothing can stop them from chanting MJ...it is as if they've been hypnotized...literally "living out" the role of the army marching behind MJ in his History self-glorification video (whatever it is called). I recently "witnessed" an MJ vs Elvis you tube video where MJs are ganging together and ripping Elvis to shreds. I told them Elvis is a legend and he can't be "brought down" that way, even with the piranha type behavior they are exhibiting. It's truly awful. We are living in the throngs of the most grotesque egomania I've ever seen. I say if this is MJ's legacy...an army of egomaniacs carrying his torch...let it please die out quickly.

I suggest that anyone who is uncertain what to think of Michael Jackson, simply watch his video on You Tube. Michael Jackson - History On Film Volume II. If this is not an egomaniac, what is?????? I have heard MJ fans defend this, even insisting that MJ is humble. No humble man could allow anything like this to be created. It is grotesque. Why is there not more outrage? And MJ fans find this normal??? That a man would present himself to the world this way... He says it was for fun? What is fun about it? Tell me something fun about seeing a man depicted in greatness in place of the Statue of Liberty. I am sitting here in shock as it plays. I don't know the facts behind who "created" it. Even if he was not the producer...it is sick that he would allow something like this to be made.

Christie D'Zurilla here from the blog with a reminder that we don't publish comments that contain profanity, even if you put asterisks or dashes or whatever in the words to obscure them.

We also don't publish slurs.

If your comment is not live, it's probably for one or both of those reasons.


I have no idea who Leslie Gornstein is, but talking about being "classy" is ridiculous. You people just cannot stop mocking this man. He's gone. have some respect for God's sake, at least for his children. If you can't do that, then just keep quiet.

Wow, this is really sad. I don't know what your objective is here to make silly remarks at Michael Jackson. Its his death, you should END it. Moron.

Soooo sad! I agree, I think Sam should have writen this article. The fact is, that a human being who never hurt anyone, gave 45 yrs of his life to entertain you, and gave over 300,000,000 $ of his walth to charity around the world has died and I'm not gonna talk about his genious because you wouldn't get that. but just out of respect for that, you should shut your mouth and let the man rest in piece.
In compariosn to what he has sone, all you do in this article is be ignorant and ridiculous.
If this is your work, it's unfortunate, because through it, you add no benefit to the world, your words don't bring about a sense of awareness, hope, love or comfort to people, and all you do is feed off of the fame and legacy of another person. in the medical literature, the name for this definition is " parasite"!!! that's you! you live in this community and only take, with out giving back.

I love you MJ. very true Sam, CANADA LOVES MICHAEL. so does the rest of the world (with exception of some ignorant blind americans)

I think that all u reporters,journalists and SPECIALLY the ppl of TMZ should just GROW UP already! It's approaching the man's one year anniversary, have some RESPECT. If u have nothing good to say dont say it. Its that simple! U guys r so mean, it's just plain to see u contributed to his death! God doesnt like ugly... what goes around comes around! At least u can respect his children and family during this time.

The disrespect in the article is palpable. Nothing new here. Tabloid journalists have always used Michael Jackson's name in an effort to create some buzz about themselves. Shameless. If only they would bother finding out who the real Michael Jackson was BEFORE writing such drivel the world would be a much better, intelligent place.

FYI, Eja...Michael Jackson WAS humble, spirtitual, considerate, generous, kind, thoughtful and personally unassuming. He was also in SHOW BUSINESS!!!!! He was a pure genious in terms of creating spectacle and interest around himself. He was a huge fan of and drew inspiration from Walt Disney, P.T. Barnum (as in Barnum & Bailey's Circus), Charlie Chaplin etc. Try finding out about someone before jumping in and criticizing.

"He studied the greats and became greater. He raised the bar and then broke the bar." - Berry Gordy

A little sensitivity & class please?

stick it where you can only hear it


love you Michael
fan-proclaimed KING OF POP

I am sick to death of being labelled crazed and disalusional just because I like Michael Jackson. Millions of fans around the world cant ALL be crazy that is something poeople who say this should think about. Some of us are professional people who have looked behind the lies for many years. America and people like above who write this way should be ashamed of themselves not only for the vilication of a wonderful man probably the best thing to come out of America, but for the legacy for his children. Heal the World - not with articles like this you wont!. Can someone please explain to me what Michael Jackson did that was so wrong? So wrong that he has to still be laughed at, scoffed at, ridiculed even in death. Innocent and unique - he was. Why not save your slanderous comments for some of the most evil, murderous, people in this world.

This is a totally disrespectful article to someone who no longer is here with us, to his family, his children and to his millions of fans around the world.

Michael Jackson was a great humanitarian, the consummate entertainer who set the bars so high, It's unlikely most of us will see someone of his caliber in our lifetime. He is a history maker, barrier breaker, someone who dedicated his life to bringing excellence and professionalism to pop entertainment.

With so many positive things that one can write about Michael Jackson, it is sad to see that the most Leslie Gornstein could come up with was this piece of garbage aimed at ridiculing Michael and his fans.

Michael was a kind, compassionate, loving and very giving person who never spoke ill of another human being,. He left us, his true fans, with a legacy of LOVE and compassion. Do your research and you'll see all the good things MJ fans are doing all over the world in the name of L.O.V.E, and to keep his legacy alive.

Leslie Gornstein, I wish you had in your heart just a speck of the love, kindness and compassion MJ had in his, If you did, you could be making some really good contributions to this planet instead of wasting your time being cynical and hateful.

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