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Generations mix and match at 'The Karate Kid' premiere in Westwood


The new "Karate Kid" got to meet the original "Karate Kid" Monday on the red carpet Monday at the Mann Village Theater in Westwood.

Karate kid promo Ralph Macchio was 22 when he leveled the infamous "crane kick" at his All Valley Karate Championship foe in the 1984 incarnation of the story; current star Jaden Smith turns 12 in a month, and his 2010-issue character will be kickin' it in China.

Macchio's now 48, but is still the actor whom age forgot. Heck, Jaden's dad, Will Smith, is only 43. Further bridging the back-to-the-1980s vibe, Jaden rocked a Michael Jackson-style jacket. 

Also on the red carpet: the rest of the Smith family, including mom Jada Pinkett Smith, brother Trey, and sister Willow; Jackie Chan, whose Mr. Han is the 2010 equivalent of the late Pat Morita's Mr. Miyagi; Ciara; Taraji P. Henson; Quincy Jones; Quinton Aaron; James Caviezel; Arsenio Hall and more -- even original bad guys Tony O'Dell and William Zabka. Click on the photo above to launch a gallery of arrivals pictures.

"The Karate Kid" 2010 opens in theaters Friday.

-- Christie D'Zurilla

Top photo: All together on the red carpet at "The Karate Kid" premiere in Westwood on June 7, 2010, are, from left, Ralph Macchio, producers Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith and cast members Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan. Credit: Robyn Beck / AFP / Getty Images.

Second photo: Arsenio Hall and his son, Arsenio Jr., arrive at "The Karate Kid" premiere. Credit: Mike Nelson / EPA.

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Should we spoil the ending?...Naw! we already know the ending to the Karate Kid...you're better off watching Kung Fu Panda again and again...

You know, no one likes to be called "half brother" or "half sister" - they're not half someone's sibling - they just have a different parent. Only ignorant people use that term, especially to describe someone else's situation whom they do not know.

viewing pictures of actors and singers attending the event. Ciara is gorgeous, but should of warn tight pants and left the rest for the imagination. Kids are viewing these pictures. However, you did make my day.

@tb -- Christie D'Zurilla here from the blog. Good point, and I nuked the "half" reference. Can I blame the morning hour? Nah ... just a bad call.


I don't find anything offensive about the term "half-brother" or sister. Different strokes for different folks. Ms. D'Zurilla you have nothing to apologize for; I'm sure you know you can't please everyone, especially those nit-pickers. My 8-year old and I can't wait to see the movie this weekend, (sorry Petros Papadakis); maybe we'll take his half-sister as well. But first, we are going to watch the original. I never saw it, always meant to, as a friend always raved about it.

wow time really flies.

Who cares...I can't believe Jackie Chan would lower himself to do a movie with The Prince's kid. Barfing out loud.

I agree, no need to apologize for using "half". It clarifies things, really, since Jada is not Trey's mom.

Oops, sorry, I meant to say "biological" mom!


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