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Judge issues bench warrant for Lindsay Lohan; new bail on the way!

Lilo-wave-web After reviewing a report Tuesday based on data from Lindsay Lohan's court-ordered alcohol-monitoring ankle bracelet, Judge Marsha Revel has issued a new bench warrant for the actress' arrest, L.A. Now reports

That $100,000 bail that had been posted to keep Lohan out of jail until a July 6 probation hearing, as long as she followed the judge's rules? Forfeited. New bail is set at $200,000. And voila, like magic, a bail bondsman has just pulled up to the Beverly Hills courthouse, TMZ reports.

On Twitter shortly after 4 p.m. Tuesday, Lohan said, "I did not violate anything ... at all."

In court, the judge didn't get specific about how Lohan had violated the May 24 court order, which included sporting the SCRAM gizmo.

-- Christie D'Zurilla

Photo: Lindsay Lohan at the MTV Movie Awards on Saturday. Credit: Chris Pizzello / Associated Press

There's been so much on LiLo lately we can't possibly fit it all in this post. If you want to catch up, first read our comprehensive timeline leading up to her May 24 court appearance, then click here for the stories since then.

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How about hitting the milk-aholic with a 10million dollar bail...maybe that'll keep her locked up, que no?

Time for the courts to do the same favor they did for Robert Downey, Jr. Put her in jail and let her realize what it means to finally hit "the bottom."

It's time to put her jail.

...Theeeaaat's a shame.

Who cares? She's a complete mess and looks puffed up and way older than whatever age she is, 25? She's a pig. But she's like a train wreck; we just have to look.

This girl looks like she's a washed up actress in her 50's.

That's it. Put the girl in jail for a couple of months and see if that will do the trick. No judge is going to put up with this little basket case. She seems hopeless.

God. She isnt even remotely attractive anymore is she? She looks like a tired junky washed up skank. And that is such a shame. She was a cute freckled faced little thing and now she looks like she is pushing 40. I figure she will be the next "SHOCK!" death among this set of CrawlyWood elite.

Folks, plse be kind when commenting on Ms. Lohan. She is a human being like us & susceptible to temptation. We all make mistakes! Lindsay just makes many, many more mistakes than the rest of us.

Lilo needs to co-star in a feature with Ron "The Hedgehog" Jeremy. That's the only gig she can get these days.

She, like millions of people is sick. Her sickness: drug addiction. In my younger days I abused alcohol and almost died in not one but two auto crashes. I have been dry for over 30 years.
I hope she overcomes her addiction.

This judge is clearly trying to help her. Better that they lock her up so she really has a chance to contemplate change and, with some luck, she will avert an early demise and fulfill on the promise of her early career.
I wish her luck and the judge that and some thanks as well.

my advice:
Lindsay move to Poland. Our judge won't chase you for alcohol consumption even if you drink much more than you could metabolized. Whenever or whatever you drink you will always welcome and what's more important still free. Friends? Don't worry 'bout friend (celebryfriend), you'll get a brand news, a lot of'em! So now, you have an option. Think 'bout it! Cheers

Why are my tax dollars being wasted on this D-List Alcoholic/drug addict?

Hopefully after a year in prison she'll have cleaned up and be able to restart her career five years down the road. It won't be an easy trip, but she's crossed the line and run out of chances.

The Beverly Hills courthouse obviously isn't where one should go to learn how to better ones ways, unless meting out disproportionate punishments and emitting censorious gas from the bench is anybody's idea of a good thing.

Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Marsha Revel must think she's auditioning for another Judge Judy show. Oh wait she is. Here's the pitch... semi-familiar actors plead their sins before Judge Marsha wearing electric shock dog collars that detect bad acting. As Judge Marsha dramatically gestures and threatens to tear up their SAG cards, studio audience members hiss and chant making thumbs down motions...

Gosh that had to be the ugliest wore out cleavage I have seen outside of whales beached on a CA beach. Now that is one women that NEEDS to wear a BURKA!

since when is she a actress..look at her picture,,,she looks terrible and aged and looks like some old hooker on hollywood blvd...of course, she will always be bailed out by family, friends who probably are like her..party animals to the end,.

For someone young as spring, this drugged out alcoholic looks old as dirt.
Put this out of control, spoiled brat behind bars where she belongs..Leave her there so long she is forced to sober up. Stop shielding the rich!

If throwing the book at Lohan doesn't turn her into a censorious old shrew like the judge, nothing will.

Based on this photo, it is hard to believe she is only 24 years old.

Seems the court is simply another of her codependents at this point.
She really does look haggered.

Just put her in jail already. Clearly the bracelets and probation are not working. If another person exhibited this behavior, they would be fined and jailed. I don't understand why the judge is giving her special treatment. Lohan is nothing special. Time for a tougher judge.


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