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Gary Coleman reportedly divorced at time of death; Shannon Price's authority in question

Gary Coleman divorced

Gary Coleman was legally divorced from Shannon Price at the time of his death, according to numerous reports Wednesday.

The actor, who died of brain hemorrhage complications Friday, wed Price in 2007 when she was 22 years old. "Entertainment Tonight" says it has obtained documents showing the marriage was dissolved in 2008 under the names John and Jane Doe.

Considering that Coleman went on life support after falling at his home and undergoing surgery, the divorce raises the question: Did Price have the authority to pull the plug?

"We had no indication that the information Shannon gave us was false," a rep for Utah Valley Regional Medical Center, where Coleman was treated, told "ET." "She portrayed herself as his wife." 

Coleman's former attorney Randy Kester confirmed to People magazine that "they've been divorced since August 12, 2008. At the time of Gary's death, they were not married. I have no knowledge if they were ever remarried."

Remarriage would entitle her to such authority in medical decisions. An agent for the couple, Shielia Erickson, told People she was waiting for word from Price on the matter.

While the medial center is investigating the issue further, Coleman's family is naturally curious.

"It's too early for us to comment on this. Of course we're concerned, but we need to find out more information," Coleman's mother, Sue, told the magazine.

Funeral arrangements have begun, and Erickson maintains that Price's concern is to follow Coleman's wishes to the letter.

"We’re looking at Gary's wishes in the will and also what the family wants," Erickson said, calling it Price's "only goal."

-- Matt Donnelly

Photo: Gary Coleman. Credit: Kevin Winter / Getty Images

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reminds me of the south park episode best friends forever where Eric Cartman manages to take Kenny off of life support despite having no real legal authority to do so.

I think there's a good chance that she was common-law married to Coleman under Utah law. The typical requirements are living together and holding yourself out to others as husband and wife. It might be argued by Coleman's estate that they were not common-law married but I don't think in the end there will be any liability found against Price or the Hospital.

Dennis Hopper accomplished a hundred thousand times more than this dude; why are we still hearing about Gary Coleman and not another peep about Dennis Hopper? Who cares if he was divorced at the time of death? Let it go. Don't do another Michael Jackson gig with this guy, please, we beg you. The bias exhibited by the lame stream media is a just a little too much to take these days.

The majority of people in the world don't even know who Dennis Hopper was! So you can take your hating a** somewhere. GC was 10xs more popular than him,if you wanna read about Hopper go google him! Get a life moron,no one care if you died!

Oh, don't worry, @Banderman.

I'm sure that Hopper's widow will be in the news soon, with whatever she tries to pull as regards his estate.

I doubt she's going to sit idly by and not try to get her claws into it.

Maybe because no one wants to hear about Dennis Hopper. He was old and lived a long life.


I'm surprised too that there hasn't been as much mention of Dennis Hopper's death (I didn't hear/read anything until Tuesday) but at least a part of the reason Coleman i getting more attention... akin to the "Michael Jackson gig" Banderman is referring to... is that his was a sudden, unexpected death under strange circumstances at an earl age... unlike Hopper, who has been sick and at death's door for months (honestly, when I heard that he'd passed away, I'd forgotten that he hadn't passed away already). Very similar to Farrah Fawcett... there'd just been a documentary about her "final days" on primetime TV and there was basically a deathwatch for her the morning of the day she died. Of course a sudden, shocking death is going to garner more attention.

This girl needs to be investigated. Her interview with TMZ was a joke. She shows absolutely no emotion. If you are divorced, you should have no say when to pull the plug. This is crazy. I hope Utah investigates. Please Hollywood, do not give her a reality show. I'm sure she is seeking fame.

lol @ Banderman. Ummm a lil racist there sir?


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