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Jerry Ferrara, aka Turtle, is game for an 'Entourage' movie'

At the end of last season on "Entourage," Turtle had his heart broken when his on-screen (and then, real-life) girlfriend Jamie Lynn Sigler dumped him.

During Season 7, Turtle's not going to just mope around, actor Jerry Ferrara told us Wednesday at the kickoff event for the new season at the Studios at Paramount.

"This year for the character is all about business," Ferrara said. "He starts his own business -- a limo company. Beautiful women driving the limos. It's actually a great idea. I'm gonna do it in real life!"

As for the rumors there might be an "Entourage" movie coming after the show's conclusion, Ferrara says he's just as in the dark as we are. But he'd be game to act in a film.

"It's a little early to tell. I hear the same thing," he said. "And the minute I heard it, I told everyone, 'I'm in.' I'll do this forever."

-- Amy Kaufman


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I'm sure Turtle is heart-broken. Not!

Smart boy - he knows which side of the bread gets buttered. An "Entourage" movie would not be a hit, though.

Of course Ferrara would, "Do this forever". He has no talent, what else could he do?

I'd leave it the Movie idea alone, i think it being a TV show is what makes it a must-see, 30 minutes of hot women, cars and a flossy gaudy lifestyle is enough for fans to watch. An hour or two of it would just be overkill

Look at his IMDB, of course he'd do a movie.

A movie would be great, as for Jerry not having talent,chunkdog, I'm sure you've got loads, thats why he's on a series and youre probably still living at home w/ Mommy working at Burger King.


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