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PREACH IT! Comic book + David Beckham = new category: Gratuitous Geekcake

June 9, 2010 |  2:35 pm
BECKHAM2-web We’re not sure exactly who the audience is for this here new comic book about the life of David Beckham, but given the hot-n-sexy art, we’re not sure we care, either.

Page 04 The comic is part of a celebrity-themed series from publisher Bluewater Productions. For $3.99 you can, as comic writer Pete Rogers put it in a statement, “go down memory lane” and learn about Beckham’s life in soccer. It promises to be just as fawning interesting as past issues in the series, which has also explored the lives of Lady Gaga, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Swift. (From the Pattinson comic: “Rob’s mum saw potential in her son’s carved features -- his chiseled jawline and unique bone structure tempered with a thick mop of chestnut hair and [the] sultry gaze of green-pooled eyes.”)

The series is not to be confused with Female Force, that other Bluewater project that features lady celebrities such as Ellen DeGeneres and Barbara Walters. However, if the general style of the Bluewater comics is any indication, look for a history of Beckham that goes back. Way back. Here’s a quote from the DeGeneres Female Force column: “Even as a baby, her icy blue eyes were stunning!”

We can’t wait to see how Bluewater writers describe Beckham’s abs. And, er, other assets.

-- Leslie Gornstein

Image credits: Bluewater Productions

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