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Danish concert-goers walk out on Whitney Houston; critics slam the show


Too bad for Whitney Houston that Denmark did let her in the country: According to the Copenhagen Post, a couple hundred fans walked out of a concert Friday when Houston's voice didn't deliver as promised, and at least one reviewer gave her zero stars for her effort.

Reviewers from Denmark's major media outlets all "blasted" the show, according to the Post, which noted that fans also booed while Houston spoke about the late Michael Jackson.

"She looked and sounded like a person who doesn’t have many years left to live," the zero-stars ...
... critic for the Berlingske Tidende newspaper said in his review (which we're pretty sure we've linked to here, but hey, we don't speak Danish -- Google Translate is our friend). "At the end of the show she looked like she was ready to explode."

One thing we do know for sure: The paper's "Whitney Flopper i Forum" photo gallery is jam-packed with less-than-flattering pics of the diva onstage.

"Flopper i Forum" -- really, who needs that translated?

-- Christie D'Zurilla

Photo: Whitney Houston performs in Stuttgart, Germany, on May 22, 2010. Credit: Uwe Anspach / EPA.

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Hard to believe, she was so popular in Europe,I guess she is her last 15 min of fame.

and here we have another article using MJ's name just to get people to take interest in this article.

Go Whitney! I could only dream to have her come to Vancouver or at least somewhere in USA so I could get a ticket to see her.
She's my new favorite artist :)
How could people boo her??

Thanks for your response Ms. D'Zurilla however you know, I know and just about everyone else paying attention to the media's ways know this piece was lazy journalism. I expect more from the Times.

As for citing the 3 pages of terms of service, I am certain not one blogger would bother to contribute comment if they felt it would not be added and we are very appreciative that you have turned the blogs 'live' even though, as you have informed us, there is no legal obligation to do so.

If possible, would you please be so kind to fix the misspelling of the word 'back' which ought to be 'bad' as this gives a misleading initial tone to my missive; thanking you in advance.

@Gavin Saunders -- Christie D'Zurilla here from the blog. Sorry about the misspelling -- unfortunately our lawyer won't let me edit others' comments. But folks reading down to your most recent comment will know what you meant.



What Whiney has done in the last fifteen or less years of her life with drugs is what SHE has done to herself. Being that she has inflicted this upon herself and she knows what she sounds like as well as her mother does and Clive why is she asking so much for her tickets? No one is being cruel to Whitney, just telling the truth after spending $200 plus for a ticket, they have the right to complain. Whitney has done this to herself. The voice seems to be gone, gone gone. She forgot to listen to the people who cared about her...

the media is cruel...this is a completely negative story...not an objective review of her concert...they are trying to drag Whitney through the mud...but, shes a Christian-so she will triumph...Be strong Whitney and God Bless You!

Friends don't believe such stupid news they are using the name of MJ. No one can decrease his love in our heart. We can see that his fan base is growing every day it's wonderful isn't it?. Don't waste your time with thinking about continues tabloids and trashes about MJ.
Every body gone bad....
They don't care about us..........

Ms. Houston needs to give up the singing - she destroyed her pipes with the crack and marlboros. Hopefully she invested her $ wisely. She should hook up with Tyler Perry for some acting gigs.

Performers owe it to their fans to "keep their chops." With ticket prices in the stratosphere, anything less than great should not be seen by the public. Ever.

Michael Jackson died trying to give HIS fans a great show. That is proof of a true performer. Anyone willing to die for their art? That is the person who deserves the title "a true star." Sadly it took drugs to take him to his G-spot.

Christie D'Zurilla here from the blog.

We don't publish comments that include profanity, even if you put dashes or other symbols into the cuss words.

If your comment's not published, that's probably why.


Wow you know i'm reading some of these comments and some of you guys are really trippin what ever happened to people supporting one another,yeah your entiled to your say but has your mother ever told u if you didnt have something nice to say then dont say it at all for 1 ok she cleaning up her life she been on rock botton, on skid row she's been crazy, from hell and back u probly couldnt even have a single thought about what her life has been she wouldnt be here, if god thought other wise so hello she not done yet and sure is not dead like somebody said as for mj r.i.p if you were true fans you should know that micheal would have hug her and said we fall down but we get up like donnie some of u guys are straight spoiled you havent even lived u got a ways to go, so until then worry bout u go back to moms house and grow uppppppppp, have a little faith in your heart like mj said start with the man in the mirror babes. we only live once u better make it good

....so, now that they have all finished gathering togather to string MJ up in his lifetime, now that they have gotten rid of him, they are on to the next african person to strip of all there dignity, and treat like garbage. whitney does not deserve this. it is stupid that they choose to take pictures like amatures to try and make her look at in there photos. they only end up looking like fools. i am so disapointed it hurts. whitney , i am rooting for you. you do your thing, they need to go and fix there own mental problums and leave you alone.

dane speaking here...

they booed when she started rambling inbetween songs, she ends up talking about MJ in this rambling and because shes not singing she gets booed at...

afterwords she points a finger to the door, says: if you dont like it, the doors there...!


ps. MJ was a creepy guy but as we all know famous ppl dont go to jail more than is just enuff to give them some fame...

had Paris Hilton not been so rich she would have had to stay in prison for driving drunk... even though she broke down crying

i dnt care wat they say about her im 13 and i listen to her music why wont people give her a chance to prove her self every body is not perfect so stop hatin

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