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Danish concert-goers walk out on Whitney Houston; critics slam the show


Too bad for Whitney Houston that Denmark did let her in the country: According to the Copenhagen Post, a couple hundred fans walked out of a concert Friday when Houston's voice didn't deliver as promised, and at least one reviewer gave her zero stars for her effort.

Reviewers from Denmark's major media outlets all "blasted" the show, according to the Post, which noted that fans also booed while Houston spoke about the late Michael Jackson.

"She looked and sounded like a person who doesn’t have many years left to live," the zero-stars ...
... critic for the Berlingske Tidende newspaper said in his review (which we're pretty sure we've linked to here, but hey, we don't speak Danish -- Google Translate is our friend). "At the end of the show she looked like she was ready to explode."

One thing we do know for sure: The paper's "Whitney Flopper i Forum" photo gallery is jam-packed with less-than-flattering pics of the diva onstage.

"Flopper i Forum" -- really, who needs that translated?

-- Christie D'Zurilla

Photo: Whitney Houston performs in Stuttgart, Germany, on May 22, 2010. Credit: Uwe Anspach / EPA.

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So..the danish fans booed during her speech about Michael Jackson. Do they not like him? Was the speech that bad?

This is cruel. People are jerks.

Denmark loves MJ

It has NOTHING to do with Michael Jackson. The editors/authors of these articles use Michael Jackson's name because they know if will get a lot of hits on the search engines and lead more people to their lame articles.

Here's the bigger question: What the heck were they doing BUYING tickets to a Houston concert??

Poor Whitney. I feel like she's being dragged through the mud. And why would the fans boo her when she spoke about MJ?

That's how I got here

stupid crap. i don't care, mj is the best and so is whitney. negetive crap. waste our time.

Too back this writer didn't check the veracity of this article or read some of the blogs or perhaps their scruples would have averted them pasting and spreading somebody else's inaccuracies. A music journalist who was in the audience discredited all that was said above. Shame on you L.A.TIMES you are no different to all the turdytabloids out there spewing lies.

lol. That small mention of Michael Jackson in the article. I guess they used MJ's name to get hits. really!
We love you Michael! Forever in our hearts!

gotta wonder what type of papers those guys were writing for because it looks like a set-up to me

where's my friend's comment that was sent in 20 mins before mine? the one that challenged the veracity of the Danish article and why the LA Times would print it?

I'll try again seeing you did not post my last comment or the one by fifithompson asking why?
There was a music journalist in the audience of the concert who discredited everything the writer you are quoting said. I asked why is the LA Times pasting inaccuracies, like the tabloids do?

thank you for the proof we needed that comments are being manipulated for your needs..... we have saved all comments made and will be bringing them to the attention of the appropriate authorities

My heaart aches for Whitney. Don't boo her, that is so mean. She is in a struggle, just pray for her total deliverence. She loves her fans inspite of their response and keeps trying to please. She needs to feel the LOVE!

@fifithompson @Gavin Saunders -- Christie D'Zurilla here from the blog.

I held your comments until I had time to reply thoughtfully. Because you cite no specific sources for your information, all I can do is cite the ones I used, as I did in the post above.

The Copenhagen Post, the source of this information (click on the second link in the post), is an English-language paper/website published in Denmark; it is that country's most visited website for Danish news in English. The Copenhagen Post article specifically cites comments translated from two local reviewers. Though this post makes a joke about its author not speaking Danish, the information cited is from an English-language publication.

Regarding comments not being published -- please read this website's terms of service, which you agree to when you submit a comment. You'll see I have turned your submissions live now, though there is no legal obligation to do so.

Thanks for reading and commenting.


Poor Whitney, I guess "The Voice" isn't "The Voice" anymore.

People start criticizing media...good sign !!!
MJ started it all...


I was there and it was amazing. Why do they talk about the goers and do not mention the people who were dancing and clapping and having a lot of fun?
What's the sense of using sources if you do not check if what your sources say is true? Come on....it's so obvious that one tabloid is being used as a source and all the tabloids in the world and using that source. Pathetic.

I'm just wondering what Whitney said about MJ? If she started bad-mouthing him, of course I can understand. Denmark loves MJ.

I just read the article in Berlingske Tidende that this article links to, and the reason the fans booed when she started talking about Michael Jackson, was apparently that she barely sang and just rambled on about random things, in this case Michael, when the fans had enough and just wanted her to "get going with the music"

Please stop using Michael Jackson's name to draw people to your lame articles! Because that is how I got here.

@Angie and others -- Christie D'Zurilla here from the blog. Regarding Michael Jackson's name appearing in the story, it's included only because it was reported in one of the reviews as something that actually *happened* at the concert.

We don't control the search engines that bring folks to us, unfortunately, and Michael Jackson's name in a story that isn't 100% about him has never, to my knowledge, brought us very many readers.

Trust me, it's not a page-view strategy. :)

You might, however, be interested in this Michael Jackson story of ours from Tuesday:
Cemetery will let Michael Jackson fans visit on anniversary of his death [poll]



love u forever my heavenly king michael jackson!no trash will reduce my love for u,i'm forever in awe of u!

Just to confirm, it has nothing to do with Michael Jackson. The fans were booing her vocal performance during the concert and then she got annoyed because they wouldn't stop. Eventually the boos ran into her speech about Michael Jackson and she lost it.

Apparently her vocals were dreadful. I feel sorry for her.

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