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Criminal record keeps Chris Brown out of Britain [poll]


Britain hears you knocking, Chris Brown, but you can't come in.

The R&B singer has been denied a visa to enter the country, Reuters reports, resulting in cancellation of his European tour, which was to have started Wednesday in Scotland. The reason? That 2009 assault on Rihanna that Breezy fans insist the world needs to get over. 

Apparently, Britain's Home Office didn't get the message, saying in a statement Tuesday: "We reserve the right to refuse entry to the UK to anyone guilty of a serious criminal offence. Public safety is one of our primary concerns. Each application to enter the UK is considered on its individual merits."

Seems Britain has higher standards than, say, France.

Brown, who's on five years' probation after pleading guilty to the assault, tweeted ...

... an apology to fans, says E! Online, which also reports that the message has since been deleted.

-- Christie D'Zurilla

Photo: Chris Brown, left, sitting next to attorney Mark Geragos, listens as the judge reads his progress report at the Criminal Courts Building in Los Angeles on Nov. 19, 2009. Credit: Gina Ferazzi / Los Angeles Times

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that's a bunch of bull!!!! i dont condone domestic violence, but come on. He's a performer...a musician. They're doin him soooooo dirty*. Sorry CB, the U.S. still loves and forgives u

that's a bunch of bull!!!! i dont condone domestic violence, but come on. He's a performer...a musician. They're doin him soooooo dirty*. Sorry CB, the U.S. still loves and forgives u

This is the first truly good news I've read in a week.

Dayyyammm that’s funny! Downer: Now they will have to refund the ticket price to those three fans.

I can't believe the UK is behaving as if they are only populated with perfect people. As if no one has committed a crime worse than CB's...C'mon already... THe UK is filled with much more filth................Chris Brown is too talented for the idiots who made a decision to deny him a work visa....The UK is filled with their own litter of people who've committed crimes far worse than what CB did.... They don't deserve to see such talent anyway! Something is terribly wrong with this world and it's NOT Chris Brown.

Nola, you just DID condone domestic violence.

I bet you say "no offense" right after you insult people, too.

The point of Brown's sentence -- domestic violence counseling and probation -- was to reform him. That's why he had to take a whole year of domestic violence counseling -- so that he could learn to change himself from an abuser to a non-abuser.

He's been behaving himself, he hasn't been talk,ing nonsense or playing a victim role in public. Those classes look like they're working.

If I were the British government, I would let him in as long as he recorded a PSA for the BBC telling all the British domestic abusers out there that they CAN break the cycle of violence if they get counseling and put their hearts into it.

He's been acting like a role model for responsibility and change and he should be used as an example for all the Brits out there who badly need to change themselves.

Elle -- do you condone throwing human beings in the trash and not giving them even the slightest chance of changing or any reward for doing so?

Entry into the US is also conditional on not having a criminal record. If Brown were British, and trying to get into America, it's likely he wouldn't be allowed.

Wow, it really is possible to protect your border!

Dude! There are consequences for beating up on women. In Europe, they take the words adult, grown up and civilized ... seriously.

SANDEEPB - It wasn't everyone in the UK that made the decision, how about you don't insult an entire nation of people? Moron.

I am sooo tried of our black family being so unforgiveable. It's not right to stop anyone from making money the right way. I love RE RE also but she still performing so it on right that CB perform. Let stand together people. Together will stand strong. Look at the Blacks Mans and how media take them down. No other mens are judge this way. They are destroying our mens and our races. It's enough fans in the world for everybody and fans have more then artist. It's enough our our black family suffening from lack of work. Think about it's not on CB they stop from working. PLease let our family work. Let Love Everyone.

Talk about racism!

AMY - I don't feel you're a moron so don't call me one. My opinion is as good as yours. Live and let LEARN. We all make mistakes and what counts is learning from it. Chris Brown had an isolated incident at a young age and is doing right by his wrong and the UK is being very ignorant by not accepting that he's doing exceptionally well according to the judge. I'm a positive person that only respects those who really earn it!

The UK authorities are stupid. Chris Brown was given no jail sentence, so a US judge decided he's free to go wherever he wants. That should be good enough for the UK. Since it's apparently not "dangerous" to allow Chris to walk free in the US, it's pretty weird to think the UK isn't safe when he's around. He's an artist and he wants to do his legal work. So just let him.

I am so disgusted with England at this point. They rather have nake whores performing than have a young Man like Chris Brown which have done so many good thing for his country and abroad to not allow him not to perform is ridiculous. The History of the English is one where they were the biggest in the slave trade to which we care not to remember. Live in Love and forgiveness Mother England. Allow Chris Brown to perform and show the world England gives people second chances.

Good for England!.....Chris Brown is street trash...if you saw him on the show "punked", he was about to batter someone else. Throwing up his fists like he's some bad ass. He's nothing but street trash.

Good for England for taking out the trash. I'm hoping we'll never see that loser again.


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