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Corey Feldman covers Michael Jackson's 'Billie Jean' [video]

Corey Feldman has taken his tributes to Michael Jackson to the next level -- performing a song and dance homage to the deceased icon.

On Sunday in Astoria, Ore., Feldman and his band the Truth Movement performed a cover of "Billie Jean," with the actor decked out in full Jackson regalia. 

Feldman offered spot-on moves (see the clip above; song starts at about the 1:20 mark) and rolled the official music video for the track behind him.

In Oregon celebrating the 25th anniversary of "The Goonies," Feldman was later joined on stage by one of his costars in the cult film, Sean Astin, who cranked out another cover -- Cyndi Lauper's "Goonies 'R' Good Enough."

-- Matt Donnelly

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Corey Feldman sings???? who knew?...how frightening?...LaToya hurry and intervene quick...

If your going to imitate the king of pop, show him some respect and learn how to moon walk first before you do it half ass.

Moves are not on point at all. If someone wants to cover an MJ song, especially Billie Jean, you must take the time to learn the dance moves. It was a good try though.

I will do any thing for this man because I love him so much i can not do this with out him I have fealing's for him to tell him what I felt I was born on the 12th of january 12/1/ 1979 when my mum was haveing me when I was a baby I never did not meet him not long I ago and i miss him and that was my love some one he is so special to me and i need his own help right now i never was like this all my own life since my mum was out thear inspecting me when she gave birth to me since michael jackson was alive I have some thing to tell him so quckly i will do any thing for him i all wayes go to church to pray for this man you wear on my own mind and I was thinking all about him every time lots of love your'e best friend Anne-marie

so this is what I should have said to my own michael jackson we all love him so much what he has said what he want us to do to be so proud of him to shear this with all most every one I will do any thing I never forget that day to speek up behalf of this person this is what i have said to my own self this is not easy for for me to post a I wont give up the more I think all about himcomment to see what he has to say all about me


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